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Bundled!! Lucky Brand Khaki Shorts

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Bundled!! Lucky Brand Khaki Shorts

Lucky Brand khaki shorts. Worn once and realized too big. Great condition. Buttons and a drawstring.
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
Authentication: Free above $500
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emilyvan87@lwmccoy interested?
Apr 24 05:48PM
emilyvan87@monicab586 interested?
Apr 24 05:49PM
lwmccoyNo, sorry! Not my size... They are cute!
Apr 24 05:49PM
emilyvan87@caseyhuron interested?
Apr 25 06:37AM
emilyvan87@crb1000 let me know if interested I'm bundling for a discount :)
Apr 26 11:37AM
paris_jaidynI like the shirt
Apr 26 12:40PM
emilyvan87@paris_jaidyn so do I! It's from Target--I think it was like 15 dollars and it's a great shirt--goes well with almost anything
Apr 26 12:43PM
emilyvan87@breylynn interested?
Apr 26 08:33PM
cheerrachelVery cute
Apr 28 10:59AM
emilyvan87@cheerrachel thanks so much! Let me know if interested :)
Apr 28 11:00AM
jennifer___14What size are the shorts?
Apr 28 04:27PM
emilyvan87@jennifer___14 size 2
Apr 28 04:33PM
jennifer___14How about the shirt?
Apr 28 04:34PM
emilyvan87@jennifer___14 shirt isn't for sale sorry :) just used it for photo
Apr 28 04:37PM
jennifer___14Oh alright thanks anyways!
Apr 28 04:38PM
emilyvan87@babykrakenhug let me know if interested in bundling for a discount :)
May 01 07:34AM
eglennon87Do I have the shirt listed too?
May 08 01:04PM
erinvan123Actually I am interested in these shorts. But I'm your sister. Free? Haha j.k but seriously I want them emily
May 09 12:51PM
emilyvan87@erinvan123 no way :)
May 09 12:52PM
erinvan123If you dint have them sold by thr next time I see you tho I will buy them if they fit
May 09 01:10PM
emilyvan87@erinvan123 oh shut up. You know I won't make you buy them. Make mom send me a check and I'll send them loser.
May 09 01:12PM
erinvan123Ok great!! Thanks sista. I will send you a scrub top if you want haha
May 09 02:03PM
emilyvan87@jizzzzylove interested?
May 12 07:01AM
teenagedirtbag@emilyvan87 I usually wear a 27 or size 3/5 do you think these would fit?
May 14 08:01AM
emilyvan87@teenagedirtbag I think they would--I don't want to say they will for sure but I'm a 0/2 and they are big on me
May 14 08:04AM
teenagedirtbagHmm tough call. Ill consider it ☺ these are really cute
May 14 08:20AM
emilyvan87@teenagedirtbag just let me know! You could look at Lucky Brand reviews online--those usually help determine if things run big or small. I do that a lot. Thanks!
May 14 08:21AM
emilyvan87@tapjoy interested?
May 14 10:17AM
emilyvan87@love7770 let me know if interested in bundling for a discount :)
May 15 01:17PM
emilyvan87@kelly_gar interested?
May 16 08:11AM
emilyvan87@bouzah35 interested?
May 17 10:01AM
emilyvan87@jocelyn123is interested?
May 18 04:07AM
emilyvan87@jamiie_lynne interested in bundling for a discount :)
May 18 12:33PM
jaz0594Love it!!!
May 18 01:02PM
emilyvan87@jaz0594 thanks! Let me know if interested :)
May 18 01:05PM
emilyvan87@dallasself let me know if interested in bundling for a discount :)
May 18 01:52PM
emilyvan87@suzannehoff let me know if interested in bundling any items for a discount :)
May 19 04:50PM
michellefig18This is adorable ...?
May 19 05:56PM
emilyvan87@michellefig18 28 for the three things?
May 19 05:57PM
michellefig18Perfect !! Thanks
May 19 06:00PM
kelly_garNot now but I'm sharing your closet cuz I luv your style!!
Jun 20 07:03PM

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