Martha Dresses - Vintage Martha gown sz 2

Vintage Martha gown sz 2

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Vintage Martha gown sz 2

Amazing vintage dress by the very exclusive Martha. Her dresses were mostly thousands of dollars and were only sold to the very elite! She was a fashion pioneer!! Most of her gowns were one of a kind!
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jaclyn1243@monteskids thanks for sharing!!!
Oct 09 07:57PM
jaclyn1243@stephp thanks for sharing!!
Oct 16 08:27PM
jaclyn1243@mallen11 thanks for sharing!!!
Oct 16 10:12PM
rdesigns85@searching4e @shill @moshulu @filledoux SO ADORABLE!!
Oct 25 09:18AM
searching4e@rdesigns85 super cute!!!
Oct 25 09:22AM
moshuluOh wow @rdesigns85 @searching4e !
Oct 25 01:30PM
rashoushWhat size?
Nov 28 08:31PM
jaclyn1243@rashoush 2
Nov 29 08:10AM
jaclyn1243@shopluvb thanks for sharing!
Dec 02 07:44AM
Jan 07 08:27PM
jaclyn1243@ashlaf thanks!!
Jan 07 08:39PM
ltgiebenrathOmg! If I ever can, I will definitely buy this dress!!! I know of at least one wedding I would wear this to plus a trip to Vegas; if it's still here by the end of February, when I get my student loan money, it's mine! :)
Jan 16 12:42AM
alisa21Wish I can afford this:( I'm just gonna share it
Jul 10 04:27AM
warriorgirl08OMG I'm obsessed!! Wish I could trade :((
Nov 13 09:59AM
mimahaWhat is the measurement around the bust?
Dec 02 01:51PM
jaclyn1243@mimaha hey! Not ignoring you, just a busy day... I'll get that for you tomorrow!! Thanks!!
Dec 02 08:28PM
mimahaThank you!
Dec 02 09:14PM
bmlb1286@jaclyn1243 this is GORGEOUS!
Dec 09 07:05PM
jaclyn1243@bmlb1286 thank you... Please don't remind me, it kills me to get rid of this
Dec 09 07:07PM
bmlb1286@bmlb1286 so tempted to get this for my bday (it's NYE). may have to make it my exam stress relief purchase. let me know if you're interested in a partial trade w/ the kate spade dress you liked :)
Dec 09 07:32PM
jaclyn1243I would seriously consider a partial trade... Let me know if you're in.... I'd have to mull it over... (Btw I'm 7 mos preggo.... So a 0 is a far distant dream for me... Ha) @bmlb1286 and happy early bday :)
Dec 09 07:35PM
bmlb1286@jaclyn1243 ahh congrats on the impending bundle of joy! Lucky for you the dress actually runs a little big (my main reason for having to part with it😔) what are the measurements for this dress?
Dec 10 12:46PM
jaclyn1243From armpit to armpit, laying flat and gently stretching it, I get 17" across, maybe a little more, but this is not for the busty person. @bmlb1286 I will tell you that the satin belt is slightly discolored in some spots (naturally, as it's aged... no stains or anything). so you may want to replace it, although I don't think it's so noticeable that you HAVE to replace it... Armpit to hem is about 27.5". @mimaha sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!
Dec 12 12:48PM
nhongnheoWould you trade?
Dec 13 09:32PM
jaclyn1243Hey! You have such a beautiful closet!! I'm struggling with parting with this dress though... If we didnt need the money right now, I probably wouldn't even have it listed. If I change my mind I'll def let you know!! Thanks for the offer! @nhongnheo
Dec 14 06:13AM
katscloset468😍😍😍😍😍 so audrey!!!!
Jan 09 01:16AM
roaringsheep@jaclyn1243 What is the hip, waist and length measurement of this please? 😊
Apr 02 07:22PM
mom2eandjI love this! What is the era she designed in? I've never heard of her, but want to learn more! My name is Martha, so I have a personal interest! :) are you interested in trading? I've never done it, but this dress definitely tempts me, even though I have no place to wear it! But, as they say, buy the dress, the occasion will come. Or something like that! :)
Apr 13 02:02AM
robsieEllo! Still available?
Jun 29 10:24PM
jaclyn1243@robsie yes it is
Jun 30 04:59AM
btchpuddingIs it blue or black?
Aug 28 06:34AM
jaclyn1243@btchpudding blue
Aug 28 06:50AM
roaringsheep@jaclyn1243 Can you please share dress measurements? I am typically a size 0 and trying to figure out if this will fit. Thanks!!!
Apr 09 09:50PM
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