❗2 COLORS!❗ Gorgeous Multicolor Everest Earrings

Stunning! Also available in shades of green and black!
Seller Discount: 10% off 3+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
mollydolly@defran1985 there's this
May 05 07:49PM
mollydolly@defran1985 look at the last picture I just added the other color )
May 05 07:50PM
defran1985@mollydolly can I have both? And I'll give one to my mom for her bday Saturday (but I'll borrow them) lol
May 05 07:52PM
mollydolly@defran1985 sure thing! They're adorable and one of my faves!! Bundling now! 😀
May 05 07:53PM
defran1985@mollydolly so both of this earrings, the white necklace, the gunmetal neon statement necklace, and the hot pink cardigan. 5 items
May 05 07:53PM
pat2014I want these in both colors r they in stock if not when
Jul 11 11:58AM
mollydolly@pat2014 they're not here yet but when they are ill let u know :)
Jul 11 12:36PM
mollydolly@pat2014 it's here!
Jul 29 01:39PM
Aug 06 09:37PM
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Sep 01 09:44PM
mollydolly@pegster67 I have the green in these and love it
Sep 17 07:25AM
pegster67@mollydolly Ok, I think these in place of the clear necklace on the left. These would go with the black top also? Then I can't look anymore. Lol. Getting a headache. Jewelry buy 2 get 1 free and bundle discount?
Sep 17 07:53AM
mollydolly@pegster67 haha oh gosh! Too much to look at right!
Sep 17 07:56AM
mollydolly@pegster67 which color in this
Sep 17 07:57AM
pegster67@mollydolly The green I think? Would go with lots.
Sep 17 07:57AM
mollydolly@pegster67 definitely! Ok ill rebundle now!
Sep 17 07:58AM
pegster67@mollydolly Thank you so much!!
Sep 17 07:59AM
irishmv26can i see the actual pic of the red navy dress and can you give me the measurements
Feb 02 10:04PM
mollydolly@irishmv26 which dress? Pls comment on it
Feb 02 10:08PM
mollydolly@heatherpicks I have theee
Jun 05 06:56AM

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