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What are Poshmark Giveaways?

You can win prizes when you participate in The Love or List Challenge, Make a Deal Days, and more. For each event, you will be automatically entered into a giveaway when you take a specific action on Poshmark.

Winners are chosen and processed over the course of a few hours and are added to the winner's list once available. All prizes will be fulfilled, but some winners may not be displayed.

us Giveaways

Make a Deal Days 7/27-7/28 Love or List Challenge 7/24-7/25 Buyer Sweeps 7/21-7/24 Love or List Challenge 7/21-7/22 Make a Deal Days 7/20-7/21 Love or List Challenge 7/17-7/18 Buyer Sweeps 7/14-7/17 Love or List Challenge 7/14-7/15 Make a Deal Days 7/13-7/14 Love or List Challenge 7/10-7/11 Buyer Sweeps 7/7-7/10 Summer Listing Event 7/6-7/7 Love or List Challenge 7/3-7/4 Buyer Sweeps 6/30-7/3 Make a Deal Days 6/30-7/1 Questions? Check out our Support Center for FAQs and quick answers.