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! JackieL


Sacramento, CA
Hey PFF, let’s get u dressed 2 impress💕

Love Notes

From @dianeolsen558

In very good condition!!!

Oct 25

From @anjkr

So pretty and nicely wrapped with a sticker.

Aug 11

From @morganscloset97

Thank you for wrapping the dress with care. It arrived in perfect condition and it is so beautiful! I can’t wait to wear it out ☺️

Jul 26

From @sheenaash

It is as beautiful as the picture! Very cute packaging. Only hiccup was the shipping time but that seemed like a Postal Service issue, not the seller.

Apr 12

From @kj4beachin

Simply fabulous!

Apr 01

From @sapon008

You were so amazing! Thank you so much!

Mar 10

From @chizoma_amadi

Perfect! Thank you

Jan 18

From @mheaco14

Thank you so much for the sweet note! Absolutely love the dress 💜

Jun 15

From @bombshellgirlie

Exceptionally fast shipping! Thank you so much, you saved this procrastinators butt!

Jun 14

From @cjdavis6

this is so cute thank you so much!!! arrived in perfect time😍

Jun 14

From @carrie_cowart

Thank you so much! And WOW you are so cool, I’m so glad I could help with your college fees!

Mar 23

From @cassieorcass

Thanks it’s beautiful! Good luck with everything!

Mar 07

From @lisa_monteiro

Lovely, thank you 😊!

Mar 04

From @anniehu1

Perfect, thank you!

Feb 13

From @chrisedarlin

Thank you! Love it and the note was so kind! Wish you all the best in your endeavors! I’ll be sure to check your closet again to see if I can find something and help you with your spring semester. :)

Jan 30

From @anon85b8e

I love them. Thank you and thank you for the sweet card. ❤️

Nov 10

From @stacky2

Thank you!!

Oct 15

From @barya

Very prompt shipping, jumper exactly as pictured and described. Wish you the best!

Oct 14

From @asmith2053

Absolutely perfect!! Exactly as described! Thank you!

Oct 11

From @kristine8225

Came super quick and it was the MOST beautiful sweater ever. Seller also left such a sweet note. Thank you. This piece will be in my closet forever!

Sep 17

From @foragervtg

Thank you for the gorgeous dress!!

Sep 15

From @rozia123

Thank you 🥰 I like this dress 😊😊😊😊

Sep 09

From @igiller

Beautiful item; arrived quickly.

Aug 27

From @bestbuys87

You are awesome Thank you thank you 😊

Aug 27

From @datamarsha

They are very nice I love them thank you

Aug 17

From @nishthedish1

Received really quick and as described! Came beautifully wrapped with ribbon even! A lovely personal Thank You card! Glad I could help in some small way! Stay safe and best wishes in your future!!

Jul 16

From @adorbs

Fast ship and lovely packaging- thank you so much

Jun 18

From @marinerfan1

TY!!! It is adorable!!!! Love love love it! I’m a butterfly nut! And thanks for getting it to me so quickly!!

May 31

From @risaisacat

Thank you so much!

May 10

From @lilfed898

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Your an amazing young lady very generous. I can’t thank you enough for the extra items you packed in the box. I recommend people to look at your closet I know I will definitely do business again with you. Be safe and God bless you are a special young lady.

May 04

From @little_bird_3

The dress is so beautiful and the card was really nice of you! Thank you so much!

May 03

From @paulaamos

Love them and the free pair was an added surprise thank you

Apr 01

From @kristina9s

I appreciated your note about college. Do you buy and sell as a way to get through school? Thanks, Kristina

Feb 13

From @mainer_racer

I love it! I can’t wait to wear it at a night competition 💕

Feb 10

From @gutierrezemilia

It is a beautiful sweater thanks 😊

Dec 30

From @thetilestyle

I really like this dress and the shipping was very fast. Thanks!

Dec 18

From @corin9114

Just absolutely beautiful!!!! I wish you the best in your studies!!!

Nov 28

From @lwood808

Best of luck to you in your education. Love my items, exactly as pictured.

Nov 20

From @shade102

Thank you!

Oct 22

From @laretrogirl

AMAZING! Thank you so much for the killer deal babe ❤️

Oct 22

From @lindzdet

Perfect, adorable ❤️

Oct 21

From @karaq7

Really appreciated the above and beyond with the package!

Oct 21

From @moxiemom3

Hi! I was so impressed with your personal touch and awesome postcard! I will continue to shop your I once was there myself ,paying for college. I wish you only Great Success moving forward! If your posh page and your self marketing are any indication...I would say you have a very “Bright Future”! 😊

Oct 10

From @kendalbv24

Love it so much! Thank you:) will purchase from you in the future !!

Sep 26

From @mnavarrete1382

Thank you so much ! 🙂

Jul 10

From @missremi

Fantastic! Can't wait to wear it somewhere.

Jun 08

From @rgreed05

I love it! It fits great and it is just as described. Thank you for a fabulous shopping experience!

Jun 01

From @kristycoconut

Love all of these pants! Thank you so much for the bundle!

May 30

From @emilylk94

Love the cute packaging and little cards, item wasshipped right away. Definitely recommend buying from this seller!

May 23

From @moram14

Great packaging 💙 product as is shown

May 21

From @baneslayer

Adorable and quick shipping!

May 13

From @cherie410

Such a lovely dress! Love it!

May 10

From @lovebella58

Thank you so much. It’s so cute 💜💕♥️🌹🌷🌺

Apr 29

From @sofiapastrano

You are such a sweetheart! I’m in love with this dress and the sweater is so me! Thank you beautiful <3333

Apr 27

From @grenflwrs

Wonderful 1st experience! Loved the gift wrapping and personalized letter 🙃

Apr 20

From @anone132d

Absolutely love this new addition to my closet. I am so excited for the weather to get nicer in Portland so I can wear it out. The packaging was adorable and I am so happy I was able to support your journey of business school!

Apr 14

From @nolan1503_2000

Omg the best workout pants ever! They came so cutely packaged and Smell fantastic!! What laundry soup do u use seriously!!

Apr 14

From @patticoke

Not only a PERFECT POSHER but also AWESOME person!! The colors are SO vibrant and I absolutely and totally LOVE LOVE it 🥰Thank you so much for your super sweet note!! I will definitely be following you‼️☺️

Apr 13

From @cindywendy

Loved the dress! Cant wait to wear it to my event this summer. Thank you for the sweet note. I will post pictures soon.

Apr 12

From @anon14da5

Thank you so much! I love the dress &&& your sweet note❤️❤️❤️

Apr 12

From @lsrussell625

I absolutely love this jumpsuit! It fits just right. I am so pleased with the fabric and that it is fully lined. Thank you for the quick delivery,special note and business card. I am so glad that I visited your closet!🛍💝

Apr 11

From @aridancer

Super prompt delivery and excellent condition, with a cute note in the packaging. This dress was perfect for the formal I was invited to. Thank you so much!

Apr 07

From @star228

I am THRILLED with this dress!! It's so pretty and shiny and colorful! I love that it looks sexy by itself with heels orI can wear my cropped leather or denim jacket and boots for a cute more covered up look! It looks brand new and the shipping was incredibly fast!!🤗💚💙💜🖤

Apr 07

From @amberball79

Love the dresses! They look awesome! Thank you!

Apr 05

From @waldripa

Love it!

Mar 30

From @moniqueone

It’s fabulous! Omg I’m going to look so awesome at the Derby Party in May. Thank you!!💛💛

Mar 26

From @svannagreen

Everything fits great! And thank you for my gifty!

Mar 23

From @msnellyberry

Love it thanks so much

Mar 18

From @palmspringsposh

Super fast shipping, cutest packaging ever and the dress is beautiful. Thank you!

Mar 17

From @jathehusky

Love these!

Mar 04

From @kmass1017

Thank you for the extra surprise! 💗💗💗

Mar 02

From @thatsolly

The items came packaged so cute! The tops I ordered are in great shape. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Feb 26

From @nat1vegoddess

So my reviews are usually only written and given to those who go above and beyond (Posh standards), but Jackie's closet for sure is at the top of my list for closets Id definitely revisit for the near future! Her responses were prompt. She's so kind and down to earth. She provides amazing deals! Shipped the item quickly. And packaged item was so gorgeous even my friend said it look like something like I bought from a legit store online. (Which is fair to say, she packaged better then half of the stores that dont even know how to package well haha!). Everything was amazing and I love my purchase! Thank you so much!

Feb 24

From @kendallmcc84

Super cute packaging, thank you!

Feb 22

From @sheaotoole

Came exactly as described and so cute! I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can wear them. Thank you so much!!🌺😊

Feb 22

From @pinkzin

Even though the rainbow skirt is a M, it still fit me perfect around the waist and is so pretty for my daughters bday party! The sexy blue one I’ll save for a date! Thank you all items came wrapped like perfect sushi! Good luck in school! Love the skirts!

Feb 22

From @nabrl1842

As described and nicely packaged!

Feb 22

From @stephxnischu

Careful and cute packaging! Thanks so much!

Feb 19

From @mzn14

I'm in love!!!! Dresses are exactly as described. Very beautiful packaging as well! Thank you so much girl ❤

Feb 09

From @aslongasidream

Beautiful dress, love it. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Feb 08

From @jnmdwilson

Beautiful packaging, gorgeous clothes!! 🥰🥰🥰

Feb 06

From @gritngrace428

Love, love, LOVE this dress!! ❤️❣️ thank you so much! Thanks for the super fast shipping too!

Feb 02

From @avbalen1

Thank you for taking the time to make my package so special! What a sweet surprise!

Jan 27

From @flutterby710

Lovely dress & packaging, thank you!

Jan 10

From @s_e_gruber

Second time buying from jacklag and will definitely purchase again. Lovely packaging and great products! ❤️

Jan 04

From @keynabarahona5

Love this dress! @jacklag is truly kind and puts effort into the packaging.

Dec 25

From @mmh03

Absolutely gorgeous, can’t wait to wear it!

Dec 16

From @sunny3292

Thank you so much! This dress is fabulous!!!

Dec 09

From @angelafoss

Thank you so much it’s very cute!!!

Nov 17

From @nursymel

Gorgeous! Thank you

Nov 06

From @yvettepsolis

Very cute! Thank you for shipping it so quick.

Nov 01

From @pcgrimm1

Beautiful top! Speedy shipping! Thanks!!!

Oct 30

From @raquelmcc

Thank you! It’s beautiful!

Oct 25

From @bringdata

Very quick transaction/delivery and the blouse is gorgeous and in perfect condition. Thanks!

Oct 23

From @amyp300

Gorgeous! Thank you 😊

Oct 23

From @sydney__grubb

It fits perfectly, thank you so so much!! Also thanks for the sweet note, best of wishes with the rest of college, you got this!!

Oct 21

From @lthomas12

This seller is phenomenal! Always quick to reply and I received the most pleasant Thank You card! Shop her closet!!! ❤️❤️

Oct 18

From @pmwmama

Very cute, fits perfect, awesome condition, and super fast delivery! Very satisfied!!!

Sep 28

From @marinapreston84

Arrived super fast and beautifully packaged. Item was better than described. I cannot wait to our this item w some boots and cute earrings!!!

Sep 24

From @babyba_91

Thank you! They're both great! I have to alter the waist a bit (small waist probs lol) but when they're ready, I'll tag you!

Sep 20