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West Palm Beach, FL
Divine Jewelry Design ™ by DIVINE VENUS™

Love Notes

From @jodi_2448

This handcrafted necklace is gorgeous! Exactly as described and pictured. I love it. Very quick shipping and cute wrapping. Will definitely return to this Poshers closet 😊

Nov 16

From @laursie

Love! Great seller!

Oct 23

From @lindacorns59

This is my 2nd one love my first just in case something happens to this one ! Love it never take off!

Oct 23

From @marlonp71

It's great but too small. I guess I needed a 7.5. If you send me a sweet deal I'll order a larger one.

Oct 07

From @williammgraham

It’s perfect. Thank you so much.

Sep 30

From @makenabrown05

You’re amazing thank you

Sep 27

From @lyne13


Sep 23

From @desiray45

I love my necklace

Sep 18

From @brownskinwm

Beautiful pieces thank you!

Sep 14

From @gwenleggett0907

Beautiful and one of a kind. Thank you

Sep 02

From @smgoudie

Received today and it is beautiful!

Aug 23

From @catladymusic2

Very nice, as described.

Aug 20

From @theatticofours

Lovly peace...thank you, stay healthy.

Aug 18

From @nikiwebberface

I love it!!! Going to wear it all the time. Thank you!

Aug 17

From @theatticofours

Love it. Thank you. Stay healthy.

Aug 12

From @fearorlove

This is so adorable! Super quick shipping. A+ seller! Thank you!

Aug 01

From @kngsldy49


Jul 31

From @lady_maylay

I love the necklace itself...just thought it would be more pink..seems like a pearl color but beautiful

Jul 29

From @danascloset888

Love them! 😊

Jul 28

From @kartoshka_shop

Item as described. Thank you!

Jul 23

From @ackmak

Love it! Thank you

Jun 28

From @unicorntaco87

Very pretty, thank you!

Jun 26

From @mashelly22

Love it💕💖

Jun 23

From @purplesky21

Very very pretty. Nice quality. I Love 💕 it! Thank you for wrapping so carefully and shipping so fast!!! Stay well. Stay safe.💜

Jun 19

From @postalgirl828

I love it!! Thank you!!

Jun 06

From @jaclynfinale

The necklace is beautiful, thank you so much!

May 29

From @kkaaof

Gorgeous. Love it 🥰 thank you 😊🌺

May 29

From @kkaaof

Love it 💕 thank you 😊🌺

May 29

From @conniebeatrice1

Lovely nechlace. Thank you. My great granddaughter will love it

May 23

From @howington44

The necklace is awesome. I love it. It is the perfect gift that I am giving to a dear loved one. 😊

May 21

From @stephie122

Very very pretty and so dainty. 🥰🥰

May 21

From @stephie122

I love this bracelet. The stones are the perfect size along with the fit!Considering looking for another one for my daughter. Thx so much💜

May 21

From @1tammylh

Beautiful!🥰 Ty😊

May 15

From @ladymissv

Simply gorgeous! Thank you so much! I will wear then in good health! 🕉

May 13

From @the_pink_zebra

Love it!!💖💖

May 07

From @debracalaway

This is so pretty. THANK YOU SO MUCH. ❤😘 Debra

May 04

From @debracalaway

This is so pretty so is the other pendent. Thank you so very much .Thank you for everything !!! ❤ Debra

May 04

From @elwandafields68

He going to love it thank you so much

May 03

From @pennyc123

Beautiful. Thank you 😊

May 02

From @gypsybo8


Apr 28

From @mbeiter

absolutely beautiful!

Apr 28

From @cecej9440

Thank you so much! I love it! Lightweight and not tight around my wrist.

Apr 26

From @irenechernandez

Beautiful thank you so much

Mar 29

From @angstr0612

It's gorgeous, Thank you very much :)

Mar 13

From @wildmtnhny

The necklace is just as described - ty!

Mar 10

From @mashelly22


Mar 04

From @kimicee22

Super cute

Feb 06

From @xtragoround

Thank you so much for taking the time to make it longer for me. I really appreciate it. It's so beautiful. Loom forward to doing more business with you. Thank you again Ashley

Feb 03

From @halieneuhaus

Thanks for the quick shipping!

Jan 31

From @judy_v96

They’re so beautiful! Very happy with my purchase!

Jan 24

From @katquijada

It’s beautiful 😻 thank you !!

Jan 22

From @amontele


Jan 12

From @rondashipp

Love it, thanks

Jan 11

From @amyannecampbell

Very cute

Jan 07

From @alexmoiii

Absolutely love!!! Even better in person. Thank you so much!

Jan 07

From @heeneyzoo

I did not have my glasses on! Very cute! Thank you!

Dec 27

From @kianub

This is so perfect...thank u

Dec 22

From @msmarty1128

I Love my new Necklace with the moon Shaped Rose Quartz tree of life, have kept it on my neck against my skin since I received it, really Beautiful Intricate copper wire wrapping! Superb product @divinevenus. Be well, Namaste

Dec 17

From @lpicardi1986

Thank you!

Dec 17

From @msmarty1128

The wire wrapping was done very well. Like that I can feel the stones back surface where there is no wire. The Rose Quartz had some type of sealer put on it, I’m assuming because the surface of the stone

Dec 08

From @tsalagims13

I Love it!

Nov 28

From @jessiehardman

It’s beautiful!! Thank you sm

Nov 26

From @sunflowers11

Thanks so much !!

Nov 23

From @missbirdy123

Sorry, I forgot to go back and accept the order. The necklace is lovely.

Nov 23

From @heather027569

It’s so pretty!!!

Nov 05

From @sjamies88


Nov 03

From @pa00

Very fast shipping and such a cute necklace !! Thank you !!

Oct 26

From @lindacorns59

Just what i was looking for in stainles steel i brought from you before with the clear Crystal thankyou and its beautiful!!

Oct 20

From @townsendpro

Love my Owl Necklace. Thank you!

Sep 22

From @katweeners

Perfect and dainty!

Sep 10

From @eam1414

Better than I expected. Thank you!

Sep 09

From @calviniawilliam

Just beautiful will buy again soon

Sep 05

From @gypsy1007

Love it to the moon 🌙 and back!! Thanks for adding the moon 🌙 for me. That’s exemplary customer service!!🌙💖🌙

Sep 04

From @gypsy1007

Very pretty and absolutely love the turquoise necklace!

Sep 03

From @arose59

Thank you it's beautiful thank you.

Aug 26

From @nursejoy

Thank you so much!

Aug 24

From @smendonc

My mom will love them!

Aug 09

From @missang1

Delicate and beautiful; I love it!! Thank you.

Aug 01

From @shannona2c

THANK YOU for this stunning necklace. It's so beautiful and fits on my neck perfectly. I can't wait to wear this and show it off!!!

Jul 24

From @lawandabailey

Love earrings ‼️😃Thanks

Jul 03

From @rabiha92

I looveeee it!!! Thankyou

Jun 26

From @chloecast

Thanks :)

Jun 20

From @denisemeng

Love it!!

Jun 15

From @mrsmartinez2626

Absolutely stunning 😍 Thank you!!

Jun 15

From @monicawells79

I love it!😊

Jun 06

From @elunceford099

This is beautiful! Thank you😍💗

May 26

From @roychas20

Beautiful piece- as described/pictured- great seller!

May 12

From @littlefynest4ua

🥰🥰🥰happy 🤝happy 👏🏻thank

May 03

From @autumn011500

These necklaces are beautiful and I think I will get a lot of use out of them! 💗

Apr 29

From @autumn011500

This necklace is stunning! It’s even more beautiful in person and is the perfect size for what I needed! I will definitely be buying from you again! 💗

Apr 13

From @chloecast

Thanks for the fast shipping! So cute!

Apr 03

From @marleeangel

These are so beautiful & so dainty && absolutely perfect!!! I have not takn the gold tone one off since I got it. Thank you so much ❤❤❤❤❤

Mar 31

From @amandabennet700

Oh my goodness! This is just so beautiful i have no words to describe the perfectionism of the stones and the craftsmanship. I LOVE this necklace so much...please know ill be back for many more! Amazing and beautiful! Thank you SO much! Xoxo

Mar 31

From @madisenrhoades


Mar 17

From @suesdresser

The bracelet is it! Fast shipping.

Mar 13

From @la_gemini

Thank you much!!!

Mar 13

From @poshwithus

I love it 🥰 exactly what I wanted, thanks for the adding the extra length it’s perfect! I also loved the packing I love with the little baggy it came in! Recommended seller! Happy Poshing😍💕🎁💕🎁💕🎁💕🎁💕🎁👏🎁💕

Mar 11

From @grenohue16

Wrapped so pretty, thank you.

Feb 29

From @aidangavin

I received it today and it is beautiful! Thanks so much👍🏼

Feb 25

From @agrusita

Thank you so much so beautifuls

Feb 21