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riley3343@alexoxo sorry just looking to sell but u do have a really cute closet! I could go lower if u were interested in buying😊
missyydee@amgrogan hi love ...kind of it's pretty low ... Is there a number you had in mind? Xx
pbjelly12Any lower on this @missyydee ?
nordigirl@sylviajalonso I can do $38 today if you would like?! :)
nordigirl@sylviajalonso still interested? I can work with you on price :)
blossomblossom@jaclynpspurk bananablossom@aim.com
xobowtiquexo@blossomblossom I know you said you were looking to sell, but please let me know if you are ever interested in trading!😊 I have never traded before 😊
aniteer@mmartinez226 Hi, I have received the item, if this item was "never used" it didn't come with the Henri bendel key ring at the end of the chain.
mmartinez226@aniteer I'm so sorry. I honestly never used the item. I did attach a Henri bendel charm to it and then took it off. I must have by accent took of the key ring.
halfbrit21@komoly those would be 260 at full price but I can do 225 for both.
komoly@halfbrit21 ok thank u i need to make more sales first 😔
blowoxy@glitzyland can't wait to get my new bag... Thanks
glitzyland@blowoxy thank you for your purchase. Your gonna love your new bag. Take care and have a great weekend.
dailyglamDo u still have this? Does it come with dust bag and box?
norashamoun@dailyglam yes I do and yes it does hun
oldsoulfashionWill you take 45 for it
oldsoulfashionIf you will consider 45 I will purchase! Thanks
hairbyrinyYou still have that bag on sale
chic_treats@hairbyriny no it's no longer available but thanks for your interest ; )
lrbennett12Thanks! It's soo cute!!
jennaveronica22@lrbennett12 all set! Shipped today, should arrive in 2 business days :) hope you love it and enjoy the rest of the weekend 😘
msatter16162@eluxuryshopper when will you be going to pick up the shoes?
msatter16162@eluxuryshopper please go to the post office to pick up the package. It has been at the post office for the last 5 days now. If you do not go pick it up by this weekend, I will report you as a fraud. If you do decide to return the package, please send me $7.75 through paypal.
wonder535hi! i love the alexis bittar bangle ... would you accept $34? I can pay right now thank you!!
nordigirl@wonder535 sorry, price is firm! Thnx :)
deebutterfliesYes it was delivered to my job but I was off. I just got them today. I like them but I'm not happy and disappointed that you didn't mention one of them was a little damage and the pictures clearly avoid this.
colleenmarie615@deebutterflies im sorry you arent happy. i dnt feel as though the pictures avoid anything though.. is there anything ud like me to do for u?
azulpacificaOh, they at just the cute packaging? Hehe thought it was all HB goodies 😀💖
azulpacificaAre just
suzewp@sophieclarem, thanks for your purchase !! I'm sure you'll love your new bangle. I can ship out tomorrow afternoon, evening the latest. Hope that's fast enough, I know with the holidays, timing is important. Many thanks again and Happy Holidays :))
suzewp@sophieclarem, hello. Wanted to let you know that I just dropped this in the mail. Enjoy it !!
aseigenhi terrob did everything go through ok?
terrob@aseigen Hi there I did not see your post, but yes it did and thanks. I have to wait until Dec. 04, to make sure Posh placed it in my account. Thanks again.😊
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