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Slouchy & Oversized Sweaters

amysukibooking@tmlath thank you for liking! Feel welcome to our closet and let us know if you have any questions! 😃🌻
amysukibooking@tookiebo Hi, rather than my "lowest," what would you like to pay for this sweater?
aharry777Hey hun💗 How much could you bundle all my likes for? Thanks!😊💋
krude@aharry777 i can do 85$ bundled on posh ! And 85pp with shipping
marsalee@arielandginah interested? I want to get rid of everything so I'm willing to negotiate :)
sarahlymn@ypyp2609 hi- sorry missed your comment somehow! They are from urban outfitters
sarahlymn@amburbrennan @dreafaery let me know if you ladies are interested! xx
illinoishawkeye@ho11y10 added a pic of the belt. It's not attached, so it's on the hanger. I wasn't sure what exactly you wanted to see.
ho11y10Thats perfect
lknevski@vallye when someone is interested I raise the price to "reserve" it, it's still 35
vallyeOkay I'll ask tonight
carrion@revivalvintage wool? 100% perfect- no moth holes - snags or pulls? Thanks really love the color and knit
revivalvintage@carrion gosh, so sorry I Missed your question. Yes, perfect condition. Yes wool. Please let me know if you're still interested. Thnx :)
jee89@fashiongirl23 looking to sell
jee89@itspinkis could I interest you? I can include a free scarf for you! 😄
ashleem45@kimmzz I'm sorry, I just want to sell through poshmark. 😔
kimmzzThats fine ill try to ask my mom if she can pay with her credit card.lol
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