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Herve Leger Dresses

beautifulbuys@shayj143 Hi honey! Thank so much for the likes! Do you have any questions or are interested in a bundle? Would love to bundle & discount for youu!
beautifulbuys@damoses21 Hi honey! Thank so much for the like! Do you have any questions or are interested in a bundle? Would love to bundle & discount for youu!
missbehavingYou're welcome for the likes... I like both dresses, but I wear a different size. I was just liking your beautiful dresses. But thanks!
beautifulbuys@missbehaving you're the sweetest! Thanks hun!!
zoedandreaIf so I'll send you pics just tell me where to send
morgan415@zoedandrea I have a tan vince leather blazer lol ☺️ It's my favorite brand! Any other items you would possibly trade that retail for around the same value as this? My email is mharris41591 at gmail if you want to send some pictures :)
lula44is the line down the front on this just the lighting? I've been looking for a not-super-revealing Herve (the one I have is really low cut so I need one that's not so low cut like this) and this one is so pretty!
morgan415@lula44 yea it's the lighting and this dress was bought from my friend who folded them so there was a crease. I can take more pics of the dress when I get home and show you how it looks :) I store them laying flat like suggested and these are old pics!
tonitoni143@peruviangirl sorry i don't trade
beautifulmystryLove Herge Leger. If you can, look for some of his vintage stuff from the 70s, especially the shoes... I bet they would be to your taste!! I own a pair that aren't even that spectacular compared to some of his other stuff, and they are like my most prized possession!! ;)
jenna1228@fccandles interested? Make me an offer! 😄
jenna1228@sophiecarmel thanks for the like! Let me know if you are interested or have any questions :)
chanelshaba@rawrcatmeow still haven't gotten it 😔 and I lost your number.
rawrcatmeowOkay number is 760-519-3879. Text me your address and I'll send it tomorrow
tgreene227If u ever consider trading lmk!
chanelshaba@tgreene227 I don't plan on ever trading out my HL dresses, they cost way too much.
lil_g@liimegreeen My friend @uptownfashion04 has several around that price.
liimegreeenThank you for telling me!! I actually just bought one but I will follow your friend incase I need any more in the future 😘
aalons1NP, hot dress! If I can save up enough it might be mine!
christinamattiThank you @aalons1! You got it! I am willing to negotiate so let me know if you have any questions when you are ready to purchase! I will be glad to answer any inquiries you may have!
lindsaykayx0@jstollak if it helps just for reference I'm SUPER tiny 5'3 103lbs with a 23 inch waist I'm usually an xxs in like bebe and most dresses . I have a few xxs Herves but most are xs. I tried on the xxs in this dress and it fit but was so tight I could barley breathe so I went with the xs
chuchala99I think what you wear really does need to reflect what your own personal style is. -Rachel Zoe ⭐️Congrats on your Classic Chic HP 👏👏🎉
kyliebriennA girl must be two things: Classy and Fabulous! –Coco Chanel ~ Congrats on your Host Pick last night! Time to celebrate! Xo
fashionl0ve@krysmonique yes off of the Herve ledger dress. The bottom two photos are of the actual dress you'd be ordering. The top is the designers dress.
asandra@rs415 Hi lovely, please let me know if you'd like to trade :)
rs415@asandra I wouldn't mind if I didn't have all your shoes ☺️! Except your pink Bianca's, I have those in nude and black! Maybe next time, thanks😘
beautifulbuysTrade for my herve?
eyoshida610@beautifulbuys - hi I don do trades at all and this one is NWT so it wouldn't make sense. Thanks.
uptownfashion04@sjclermont this is the lowest
uptownfashion04@sjclermont I can take $25 off the current price if you can buy now. Let me know if you are interested
katieasu@morgan415 - omg. I just realized that I copied the models pose without meaning to!!!!
morgan415Hahahaha OMG
unique_and_chic@smashleigh hey Hun, still interested at all? 😊
unique_and_chic@jodiastacey been off poshmark for a while, but thanks so much for liking! Interested at all? 😊
sgully@chelseabyington for your navy HL dress? Awesome!!! Let me know when your ready and we can list for $3 to pay for shipping?
sonja_aka@shanda31 that's an awesome find for you, my dress along with several others read China with an authentic serial number. Enjoy
daw12021996Hey I love your closet a lot and I just wanted to let you know that I'm possibly closing my closet so to clean it out I'm giving really big discounts on bundles. Please let me know if you are interested in anything!
beautifulbuysTrade for my herve
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