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Jumpsuits & Rompers

chareymongoIs this a US 14 or UK 14?
chareymongoIs there an express shipping option? I would need it by friday
christinea17@iyc4 do you also think I can see more pics?
iyc4@christinea17 hi there the price is negotiable and i added 2 more pics of the bows and ruffles... uber cute romper!
rumba13Would you take $40?
rumba13Hi! Still interested in this....40?
crystal1982The length seems ok with heels, but I usually wear a size 12 in pants, my hips and thighs are thicker-lol Do u think the pants will be too tight around my thighs and butt? I want it to flow nicely not be skin tight at the top of the legs
breethomasAre you still selling this?
shelly592Is this a true size small?
playcat3@shelly592 I'm not sure if it's "true size S" but I can give you some measurements when I get home. โ˜บ๏ธ
tbent841@imoriginalha @carissalee hi ladies I checked ur closet out and don't see anything at the moment.. Will keep it eye out for any new posts u make to see if something I'm interested becomes available.. Thx ๐Ÿ˜Š
onehotmama22You have a cute closet I just don't know what's avail Nd what's not @tbabyyyyyyyyy
tbabyyyyyyyyyWhat are you interested in love?
godseygi13@savonnamama heck yeah u look hot as hell!! I'm a size 6 boobs and butt lol. I wish I could just try it on. Cause I would be heart broken
savonnamama@godseygi13 only place I would be concerned about its the waist. Other than that the from was spacious on me at that time ib was about a 5/6
siriarocks_@jeaninelorenzo yeah, tag me in one of your pictures to see what you're willing to trade
tsiyavongWhat kind of fabric is it?
bj2233bj@airamferrari, it's brand new, never been worn and I paid $50 from shopbop....I'll do $30 if you buy today.
misstishdmlWhat size clothes do you usually wear in a store like GAP or Banana? It will help me know if this will fit me (I'm a size 2, 5'5"). Thanks!
weejocelynn@misstishdml i'm typically a S or XS in both (2 regular or 4 petite), but the romper has an elastic waist so it's very forgiving on size. And i'm 5'5 as well :)
missez_I didnt see anything i needed and besides i wouldnt want to just trade these because ima have to pay shipping myself and these shoes will cost alot for shipping im willing to lower the price up to 45 ?? lmk
xxljpxx@marthita123 @eryana @tineish I opened the package to try it on.
cheerleadrhaleyIs it kelly green or forest green?
sassy211@cheerleadrhaley Hi sorry for the wait had to check... It's more of a Kelly Green
calliejackWhat size do u usually wear? It's really cute
chioma_abakporo@calliejack in dress size I wear 8 , 10, or 12. But this material is very stretchy . I think it's a nylon mix ...
lucy_nguyenn@classyfashon yes. but i think its best fit XS to S. its a little tight for me. I wear size S-M
classyfashon@lucy_nguyenn ty I got a butt I am sure would fit small
monet5050Can u come down in price the exact same one was going for $90 on posh
monet5050@ilonacannavo can u please answer me?
maliam3@kellyanna12 just the one that's listed right now. I do have more rompers that might list...just deciding.
kellyanna12@maliam3 I'll keep an eye out on your closet, would you please tag me if you list any?
hbxclusive@hotti3 Large is the only size left in stock.
hbxclusiveWe offer preorders via text 240-581-0911
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