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Kate Spade Wallets

jonbalone@paulinel3 I am so sorry I just barely saw your message. I'm new to Poshmark I'm so sorry! I want to buy right now is $130 the lowest you will go?
kellygrl98@paulinel3 I LOVE this!! Would you consider going any lower on price?
moonchild711It's so pretty! Leather?
erinmurphy@moonchild711 yes, it's leather. And a GREAT DEAL!! Will bundle.
er12mend@letitia120 thanks for the like hun😊. Make me an offer that I can't resist😉
er12mend@mich_48 thanks for the like hun😊send me an offer, willing to negotiate😉
snoopyluver516I have $50 in posh credit could we do for $50? Let me know as I really adore this wallet ❤️
lbayless@snoopyluver516 I'm sorry but I can't go that low. $60 is already really low, it's in new condition
leik1704@teefow I'm selling a Kate Spade wallet if you're interested in a trade.
teefow@usatostyle hey did you mean to delete all the items in your closet? Not sure if that was an accident or intentional but I'm still interested in the coral J brand jeans if you're still selling them.
izericaaaa@lilamunga make me an offer :) I'm flexible. Also will be able to ship today!!!
ljwiechert@jesst1128 can you give any information about the size?
jesst1128@ljwiechert sure. The wristlet is approx 8 " long and approx 4" high.
lillyrechtcan u post pic of the front of the wallet
simonnesmith@lillyrecht You can see here front and back are the same excet for the black KATE SPADE label. Hope that helps.
tonie@sexymommy6915 if you read the feed I really didn't wanna sell it for that price... I even said "only for one day". Sorry
sexymommy6915That's ok. I just look at it as it's a year older so it has lost more value.
themosthappyDoes this fit an iPhone5s inside?
thaigm@themosthappy I have an iPhone4 and it fits and there's still room, so I would say yes it will fit an iphone5.
ellaferri@fab77 thanks for the like ❤️let me know if your interested price is negotiable! 😊
ellaferri@hansen92 @mrs_onit71 @alexa1987 Thank you for the likes! Let me know if your interested! Price is negotiable!
dallaskennaHi there☺️ thanks so much for following me💖🙆 you have such a nice closest! I'm saving up for a dance competition in NYC in Aug.🌃🗽🚗 and it would mean so much if you could share a couple of my listings😍😘 thanks so much! And sorry if I'm bugging you❌⭕️❌⭕️
mersey2013I'm sorry, found another I like better for a little less 😉😉
mft915Thanks @wasabigirl lmk of you have questions
wasabigirlThanks. Love the color, just don't have the means right now. I need to stop Poshing! 😜
melissatara@lisasbag did you want to purchase at $30? If so, I will change the price for you when you are ready.
lisasbagsorry I got one before you changed price ty
laurajenWhat's the lowest you'll take for this? I ❤ your closet, do you do partial trades? I'm waiting for funds for a sale to be deposited so I have $30.99 in funds... Would you consider $25? ( not trying to lowball you! Just really love this unique wallet!!!)
jwetti12Thank you! This is the lowest I'd like to go w/ this piece. It's in MINT condition. Never used. 😊
ebruinsmaWould this hold an iPhone in it too or is it too small?
karen1105@ebruinsma ... If the iPhone is not in a case it could slide in the inside pocket.
bevans91@hulagirl2013 Still available? Can I see better pictures please? :)
hulagirl2013@bevans91: Sure. Still available. Will post more pics in an hour. :)
jinposh@bvnyn hi Hun thanks for the like.
jinposh@bliss2shop hi Hun thanks for the like I'm open to offers
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