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Kate Spade Wallets

jonbalone@paulinel3 I am so sorry I just barely saw your message. I'm new to Poshmark I'm so sorry! I want to buy right now is $130 the lowest you will go?
kellygrl98@paulinel3 I LOVE this!! Would you consider going any lower on price?
moonchild711It's so pretty! Leather?
erinmurphy@moonchild711 yes, it's leather. And a GREAT DEAL!! Will bundle.
preppylovekdq@taraerdmann I know I have one very similar too! It's just smaller but They're definitely rough and tough lol.
cmt_2011Trade? I love these wallets!
snoopyluver516I have $50 in posh credit could we do for $50? Let me know as I really adore this wallet ❤️
lbayless@snoopyluver516 I'm sorry but I can't go that low. $60 is already really low, it's in new condition
jaycabAw ok I'm actually looking for orange. Thanks tho.
hankcollin2013@jaycab no problem :) good luck!
izericaaaa@lilamunga make me an offer :) I'm flexible. Also will be able to ship today!!!
leik1704@teefow I'm selling a Kate Spade wallet if you're interested in a trade.
teefow@usatostyle hey did you mean to delete all the items in your closet? Not sure if that was an accident or intentional but I'm still interested in the coral J brand jeans if you're still selling them.
lillyrechtcan u post pic of the front of the wallet
simonnesmith@lillyrecht You can see here front and back are the same excet for the black KATE SPADE label. Hope that helps.
tonie@sexymommy6915 if you read the feed I really didn't wanna sell it for that price... I even said "only for one day". Sorry
sexymommy6915That's ok. I just look at it as it's a year older so it has lost more value.
laurajen@laurajen Do you trade? Will you consider $20 for this ? What's the inside look like?
tinkerbelle123@jtran128 what is wrong with the left corner? I can't tell from the pic. Is t noticeable?
laurajen@laurajen would you take $15 for this?
dallaskennaHi there☺️ thanks so much for following me💖🙆 you have such a nice closest! I'm saving up for a dance competition in NYC in Aug.🌃🗽🚗 and it would mean so much if you could share a couple of my listings😍😘 thanks so much! And sorry if I'm bugging you❌⭕️❌⭕️
jpriceless@mersey2013 I can do $85 I will change the price for you,
mersey2013I'm sorry, found another I like better for a little less 😉😉
justkrisj@alicia1458 let me know when you're ready to purchase and I'll change the price
alicia1458Perfect perfect perfect!!! One more quick question! Any way you have the box it came in? It's fine if you don't :)
mft915Thanks @wasabigirl lmk of you have questions
wasabigirlThanks. Love the color, just don't have the means right now. I need to stop Poshing! 😜
jwetti12I've had this wallet tucked away for at least 5 years.
laurajenWhat's the lowest you'll take for this? I ❤ your closet, do you do partial trades? I'm waiting for funds for a sale to be deposited so I have $30.99 in funds... Would you consider $25? ( not trying to lowball you! Just really love this unique wallet!!!)
bevans91@hulagirl2013 Still available? Can I see better pictures please? :)
hulagirl2013@bevans91: Sure. Still available. Will post more pics in an hour. :)
jinposh@emr317 hi Hun I uploaded a photo so hopefully that help determine the size of the bag❤️❤️
jinposh@bvnyn hi Hun thanks for the like.
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