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Zara Jackets & Coats

kylieghkarasAwesome, that helps a lot! I'm very interested so I will measure off tomorrow and hopefully make it work! So much outfit potential 😍
kmcowanThanks for liking @rumbledoll87 ! I'm here if you have any questions. 😊
janicegwCongratulations on your awesome Host Pick at tonight's Simply Stylish Party! Yeahhhhh!❤️🌹🎁
sakshi9984 Congrats on your Host Pick 
susan168@euphoria12 this is the lowest . This jacket original price $269
paddysCan you model the jacket?
jayne@elliemag im at work but i found the zara model picture. My lighting is off when i took my pictures so the color is more like the zara picture.
maryontel@jayne do you trade?
bbyxlucyGreat! I'll pay in Monday :)
jayne@bbyxlucy ok just comment to let me know and i will change the price
quicheiIs there a way you could model this?
julie48@quichei Hi! Since I'm in the process of moving, I took all my "Posh" clothes to my parents for safe keeping (and so they don't get lost in this massive mess of an apartment right now!) so I can't model it😁
wowenypon@bholiday These are sold out from Zara. I will tag you when I see them here in PM in your size. Thanks
bholidayThanks SOO much ❤️
kaylinmlThanks so much @coralwitch for your likes and shares! Much appreciated 💕
kaylinmlThanks @skylar1018 for the like! ❤️
kmcowanThanks for the like @therealsarahjoy ! I'm here if you have any questions. Hope you're having a great day! 😊
jieinin@laissezfaire sorry for the lighting. Uploaded a better pic :) its a dark brown looks more like brown with black mixed in
jieinin@laissezfaire second picture is the most true to form of thr actual color. Let me know I also offer bundle discounts as well :)
swissmistressCongratulations to you on a fantabulous Preppy Glam 👑HP👑!!!👏👏👏🎀🎉🎀🎉🎀🎉🎀🎉
stapler6202🎉Congratulations on your fabulous host pick!🎉
lalalanneTrade for my mk watch or frye boots? :)
ashl3ylam@lalalanne thanks for asking but I'm only looking to trade this for a different jacket
bbkin80@cassandra81 let me know if you have any questions
bbkin80@agaruz @amandamarino @alicaponett0 @clothingwarrior @elenadrupal @maryep23 @peace_sk @sdkweenofhearts @sarahstylespot @tocharis hi girls just wanted to let you know I'm doing a discount on this right now for $50 if any of you are interested let me know. Price is negotiable :)
ashleigh_chooAre there any signs of wear? Any defects?
jaaayneey@ashleigh_choo its basically brand new condition and no sign of wear.
jiji0818@cherrizworld aww thanks for the offer but I can only trade right now. If you're interested let me know! ☺️
cherrizworld@jiji0818 ok no problem!
treasure43@mchi hi I see that you have 2 likes in my closet with a total of $60. But if interested, I can bundle them for $45. Let me know.
salehpoursWould you be willing to do $65? I'll take it if yes! :)
munya@salehpours Sorry, my lowest on this item is $80.
bathtubginagain@soleiy thanks for the like! This is a great jacket! Someone actually tried to steal it from me once but I was having none of that nonsense! Lol;)
rosetommoYou are literally my fave store ever
lindsaydemo@dbjlfamily Isn't this gorgeous?!! Perfect for work!!
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