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Zara Jackets & Coats

kyliebriennThere is nothing I love more than fabulous chic work attire and this exemplifies that beautifully! Congratulations on your Host Pick at last night’s PoshParty! Cheers to many sales and new followers! Thank you for sharing! Xo.
xxjillybean@lesliemason thanks for the like! If you're interested, price is negotiable :)
xxjillybean@katerinadema thanks for the like! If you're interested, price is negotiable and I'd be happy to bundle your likes for you :)
swissmistressCongratulations to you on a fantabulous Preppy Glam 👑HP👑!!!👏👏👏🎀🎉🎀🎉🎀🎉🎀🎉
stapler6202🎉Congratulations on your fabulous host pick!🎉
jiji0818@cherrizworld aww thanks for the offer but I can only trade right now. If you're interested let me know! ☺️
cherrizworld@jiji0818 ok no problem!
islegallagher@lusya333 what bag are u referring to? Tag me on your listing if you would like to talk about one of your items please. Thanks.
laurie14@islegallagher congrads on host pick 💋💋💋💋💋
trendkavid@megangiarmo interested? Prices negotiable and it offer great bundle deals :)
trendkavid@kkcano interested? prices are negotiable 💕 I also do great bundled
rowena007@amandamarino aww it's ok. Thanks for sharing! :)
rowena007@nurz hi! I'm deciding to sell this jacket. Lmk if you are still interested.
beautifulbuys@leticiagonzalez Hi love! Thanks so much for the like! Do you have any questions or are interested? Would love to bundle discount for you ☺️
beautifulbuys@mjbmama Hi honey! Thank so much for the likes! Do you have any questions or are interested in a bundle? Would love to bundle & discount for youu! 😊
bholidayReally nice sis👌
beanbag@bholiday thank you had this in my closet for too long had to list it so Someone can love it💞
candykemiCongratulations on the HP and I love your closet girl!
bbkin80@cassandra81 let me know if you have any questions
raniaabd@i_am_aya thanks for liking lmk if ur interested or have any questions
raniaabd@bombona thx for liking lmk if u have any questions 😊
quicheiIs there a way you could model this?
julie48@quichei Hi! Since I'm in the process of moving, I took all my "Posh" clothes to my parents for safe keeping (and so they don't get lost in this massive mess of an apartment right now!) so I can't model it😁
violetini@hbell hello, welcome to Violetini's closet, enjoy!
violetini@nvmenorma welcome to the wonderful world of Violetini where bundles are all 15% off, enjoy browsing!
rospoly@garliyogirls Hi Girl, thanks for the likes! Sorry but I'm not trading right now.
garliyogirls@rospoly it's ok I found out I have one similar🌹✨🎁😊
g_l0You are too sweet. Thank you for all the shares too, @randilyn! I ordered this for my mom since the small didn't fit her but she ended up not liking medium either. Figured I'd try to see if anyone else was interested before taking it back.
randilynno problem! & I do the same thing sometimes. if you have a month, might as well test the waters! it's a great jacket. xo
kyliebrienn@ball_mom Possible Host Pick selection for tonight's Fresh Fashion Posh Party?! I'll be in attendance! Xo
kyliebrienn@gigihrey hello! Thank you for the like and for shopping my closet ☺️ Can I answer any questions for you?
bsarbengHi I love the jacket can u please reduce it for me to buy. Let me your lowest. Plsssssss
betsymoqWhat is the color and fit ? I wear a 38d bra ,usually a M/L
storyofmydress@betsymoq - Hi! It is a tan color (pic 2 is best for color) and fits true to a size M in Zara. Happy to provide any measurements and or answer any more questions. xo. 😘
ashleigh_chooAre there any signs of wear? Any defects?
jaaayneey@ashleigh_choo its basically brand new condition and no sign of wear.
msdwb@sunkistchild Hi, it's 15.75" inches, from shoulder to shoulder.
sunkistchildThanks for measuring! I think it's too small 😕 Great jacket, great price!
kaydeee24@lisa22 would you trade? :)
lisa22@kaydeee24 Good morning! No, sorry no trading for me!
joeyon@linzadvin thank you hun...I'm 100lb so it might be too big on me
linzadvin@joeyon oh yeah, it would be too big on you. anytime!
ellieboutique@jessy717 Ok. Please tell me when you ready to buy so I can create another listing. :-)
jessy717Ok I'll let you know thanks
lstang@kaylinml what are measurements for WAISt and chest and shoulders?
kaylinml@lstang Hey there! Measurements are: Shoulder - 16 inches, Bust - 18 inches, Length - 22 inches, Sleeves Length - 24 inches, and Waist - 15.5 inches
sarajane@elenadrupal buy one get one FREE on all clothing♥
afaluuuThank you for the follow doll!! 😁💕
alexislovebee@vinsam thank you so much babe! You sharing really means a great deal!! 😘😘
vinsam@alexislovebee you're very welcome!! 😘😘😘🍷🍷🍷
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