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Wedge Sneakers

meloschic15@missjazzybby I've already reduced them they r brand new
missjazzybby@meloschic15 😔 aww man.. Ok I'll have to hold off.. I seen you offer them for $15 above n with shipping, that's as high as I could go... Thnx tho girl..
cassied23Are they comfortable? How high is the heel?
bernashawn@cassied23 yes they are, i would say 2 inches or less
cheslielynnwell If they are still available I would love to buy them!! (:
swjGrey and white?
kiaaani808is this true to size or does it run small?
panaprincesa@kiaaani808 they are true to size
alexa_bWould you trade? :)
alycetzueIs this true to size or a little smaller/larger? thanks! :)
queencookie001@lina2704 hi, just wondering if these are still available
npatrick1Still available?
gabuchona@drammaqueen I'm on the east cost!!! But email me mrx5aaaa22@msn.com
drammaqueenCan u text me 818-319-6018
marlenedillLove both pairs why don't you sell both I will buy now give me a good deal
mizzbritbratt@marlenedill I have three pair like this one is grey ill send u pics of all
b3ingericaWould you consider a trade, if you liked something in my closet? 😊.... I have a similar pair, but fits a lil big for some odd reason. Lol i would love these
essiej2008@b3ingerica hey girl... I'm not trading at this time as I need to downsize my closet. I would be willing to work on the price for you.. Let me know :)
katfashbookHi would you consider trade? Let me know. Thanks
katfashbookHi would you consider trade for the stuff you liked in my closet? Let me know. Thanks
brianne529@fashionable91 hey thanks for the like and share let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested no price is firm 😊
fashionable91No problem. & okay ☺️
pwalkerleggings@tcowley omg sorry just saw this . Yes I can ship them immediately . 1 day shipping I can do
tcowley@pwalkerleggings oh man! I wish. I settled for black when I didn't hear from you:-(
marinaturnerWould you consider a trade?
tijshweta@msdollye : would u consider 20?
b3ingerica@pebbleslove23 Hi, thanks for your like, if you have any questions i'll be more than happy to answer them :-)
b3ingerica@chey21 Hi, thanks for your like, if you have any questions i'll be more than happy to answer them :-)
rayyneJust added a pic of the bottoms, sorry it took so long @alacey1425
rayyne@shireen1 they are gold
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