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LIVE FROM LA: Spring Fling Party

nitarl@seam0nkey like new. No stains, no marks, no pilling. Functioning zipper
oxykfxStill have?
bigbridgeSo super cute! I love it! Thanks so much!!!
twiggypop3@bigbridge hi! Im so glad to hear you loved it! !! Thank u again!
brown_bekki@erikagannon This is Drop-Dead Gorgeous!!!! Sooooo wish this was in my size😢!!
onceuponathyme@brown_bekki - I wish it was MY size, too! :-) I thought about cutting the top off to make it shorter and wider . . . but hate to do that to this gorgeous piece.
finelife@flyinsassy Ok, sounds good! I will tag you in your listing.💝
finelife@dcgirl111 Hi, thanks for the like! let me know if you see anything else in my closet, I love to bundle & will give 20% discount. HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗
missnadine@brittonlott Thank you so much!!! Both fit perfect. I'm happy to say that the dress looks so amazing classy and super sexy on. And the little gifts were too sweet. I felt like it was my birthday. ❤️🎉👌😄🎁👏
brittonlott@missnadine Alright!! Glad you love :) Thanks for letting me know!
sassified@yoyo1968 Thank you! I will get this all ready now and ship it out ASAP Monday morning. Have a great weekend!
yoyo1968Ok, Thanks.
esthert22@alena03 Hi :) thanks for liking. were you interested in this top?
esthert22@brookedean thank you for liking. were you interested?
fabicase@mzpurplepassion oh no I am sorry, let me check for the earrings when I get home. I apologize I thought everything was in the same box. But the earrings maybe in a different box. Let me check when I get home. I am so sorry.
mzpurplepassionThank you so much for that beautiful necklace. It was a hit at my sister's wedding. Its ok about the earrings. I ♡ that necklace...
laurany2013@nstutman I'm sorry I thought I had shipped them! I will get them in the mail immediately, please excuse the oversight honestly I don't know how that happened.
nstutmanThank you! And no worries!
sorenkiThanks @tgw212 ! I know! Way too hot for me! I love to buy bebe, but I never have the nerve to wear it!
tgw212That is hysterical!
fat10lbcat@ishamaq Ok sweetie your bundle is ready ! Thanks so much and ENJOY❤️😻
fat10lbcat@ambrugioni Hello and thanks so much for liking all my JUICY JEWELRY .. They are all BRAND NEW and come in individual boxes and bags. If you are interested let me know and I will try and help , especially if you bundle . Thanks and be well❤️😻
jellis18@kcjst3 thanks so much! I will try to get home on my lunch and get this out for ya!
jellis18@kcjst3 i hope you like the dress!
ohwahineThe ones by the breast area(...clearly there are the snap pockets on the front😉😉)
rebeccar87@ohwahine yes those are! Kk let me know :)
finelife@ta_01 Hi, thanks for the like! let me know if you see anything else in my closet, I love to bundle & will give 20% discount. HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗 Also, all bundles are 20% off....feel free to make an offer with the new "Offer" button. 💗
finelife@lucy882 Hi, thanks for the like! let me know if you see anything else in my closet, I love to bundle & will give 20% discount. HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗
dansauI'll contact posh first and see what can be done.
jakkie@dansau okay sounds good! Hope they sell quick for you! They're beautiful shoes!
imakeushine@browns109 ok ive changed the price purchase when ready will ship tomorrow morning😉
browns109@imakeushine just purchased and thanks!!
cpiner09er@ezrdrdr aw well thanks so much! Glad u got it :) I will ship this tomorrow before noon for u 👌
cpiner09er@ezrdrdr so glad to see it got there quickly and that it fits ❤️ look forward to working with u again too 😊
allyd86Ha! I was just about to stop by and share 💜
ilovesunset@allyd86 Haha, great minds think alike *wink wink*
ananj@chandeeamber thanks! Brand new & leather flower is removable if u like - I do deals on bundles too if u like
ananj@sullengrl74 thanks! Brand new great too! If interested, let me know
arcysNice :( to much $$$$$:(
jbaby922You can tell by the material these have been worn. And I agree, too high priced.
beatrixwould you consider trading? pls check my closet and let me know.
rosieposie15@beatrix I'm sorry I don't trade
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