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Street Style Party

michelleannette@kleinlori can you give an inseam? Thanks so much!
brandnames4lessSeriously...u have one of the best closets on pm!! Gorgeous....everything!
vanillamelon@surgtech2009 no problem, Let me know if you have any other questions!
vanillamelon@lorianna hi! You can purchase this listing :)
susan_nah@lorazybeth hun I will write email to poshmark now to see which person has ur item because no other people are saying they got a wrong item now. Please be patient and sorry about this mistake!
lorazybethOk thank you
florence79Ok so I hit the buy button today because I put cash on my card yesterday and it didn't go through so I checked my balance and noticed my godaddy account, for my Poshmark tips website, charged me this morning and took the cash I had for these shoes. I'm gonna run back to the bank today and put the cash back on and buy this afternoon. I apologize for the inconvenience!
florence79Alright, heading to the bank to put more money on my card, will buy in an hour.
chloe810How many of these do you have and do you have any of the brown with black sleeves oversized sweater left?
susan_nah@chloe810 I have a couple of these and yes I still do have the brown top. Lmk if u r interested ;)
haha2120Love these ! Thank you so much, and you shipped them so fast, I appreciate it ! 5 stars!!
wendac@haha2120 so glad you like them. Thanks for the rating. ❤️
shoret411would this be too big if i normally wear a small? I'm 4'11 and about 125 lbs
blossomingmami@shoret411 Hi and thanks for your interest! Honestly, I think it would be too big and maybe too long for you. My sister is the one in the picture and she's 5'4" and a large. It fits her well. I think it would be a better fit for a Medium, almost a Large.
joey1234Thanks much!!! Have a nice weekend!!😊
gabrielle1030Thanks again, Sweetie. @joey1234 I'll have it ship out to you tomorrow okay. You have a wonderful weekend, as well.
lealkyour closet is absolutly adorable!
skoepfle@lealk thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
rheadcsellerI"'d like to get this and the lime.. Which amounts to a total of $28. So how much can you give it to me? Can we do $18?
nilsashah@rheadcseller that's fine 😊 listing is all set for you!
cocoamyLove it!!! Thank you for the extra gift it's super cute. My daughter saw this and is trying to steal it from me but this sweater I'm not giving into her on lol... You are a great honest seller :-)
curtecho@cocoamy you are very welcome! Lol we are in the same boat! My daughter keep stealing my clothes!! That's not fair! Lol
onceuponathymeThis is Deco. I'm in the hospital with my father right now, so don't have the details with me, but if I remember correctly it's about 7 ct. of stones. They're set in platinum. I'm not sure what else you want to know. :-)
bbjadore@alimystik Were you still interested in this?
bbjadore@alimystik Gosh, wish I wore same size shoes as you- you have some great pairs in your closet!! 💝
clutchnshoesOhhh!! No its totally fine! Im so sorry ive been really busy with work! You snooze you loose right? The dress will be perfect! Im sorry i missed it! But thank you for the heads up and all the trouble you went through to change it :)
lindseytodd@clutchnshoes thank you for understanding 😉 I hope you love the dress! 💜
missjphillipsHello! What's the brand? The retail price is so expensive and I was wondering what it is,,,
dsdc@missjphillips hello ad thank you for visiting my closet. I always add great discount when buyers bundle and I'm happy to extend the offer to you. This purse is from The Worth collection. Worth is a private label of collections sold exclusively through private sellers. The materials and quality if their collections is equal to brands like Escada, or Max Mara. Check it out online.
wowilovethis@lmarie403, So glad they got you taken care of😄 I have gotten so many compliments on this bag it's not even funny😳 everyone absolutely loves it! Including me😜 Thanks again Doll for the great items from your closet!
lmarie403@wowilovethis you are very welcome!
tara_picks@marissa0726 I could do $20 would that work? Make an offer and I'll see if I can do it
tara_picks@lorazybeth Thanks for your purchase! I will ship it out tomorrow 😊
punkyprincess82I so need this!!! I just got this years super model edition Umbrella!! <3 Throw this in with the hat and headband And we're good one the 2 hoodies. I'll tag you in the other one in my closet.
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