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Street Style Party


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supersaenz@christenmascik visit our webstore Audacitech.com for more options and cases.
love2shoppe2hose are beautiful by the way I'm having 50 percent off sale right now check it out!
coralryley@katienicolexo Thank you so much, you should receive this by Wednesday the latest! ☺️
katienicolexoGreat thank you!!!
shirl319@kweliketae thanks for the like, interested in buying? I can bundle both pants and give you a nice discount :)
shirl319@justinkaye05 thanks for all the shares hun!!!
jaxx17@keyshadenae Thanks so much for liking! Let me know if you have any questions!😁
travelgrl@theshoetramp I can do $35. This is the lowest I can go since I still have to pay Poshmark 20%. 😊
gladis1207OMG love this skirt!!!!
vanillamelon@surgtech2009 no problem, Let me know if you have any other questions!
vanillamelon@lorianna hi! You can purchase this listing :)
florence79Ok so I hit the buy button today because I put cash on my card yesterday and it didn't go through so I checked my balance and noticed my godaddy account, for my Poshmark tips website, charged me this morning and took the cash I had for these shoes. I'm gonna run back to the bank today and put the cash back on and buy this afternoon. I apologize for the inconvenience!
florence79Alright, heading to the bank to put more money on my card, will buy in an hour.
jbh8291it depends, @abby1204 , how tall are you?
metaphobe@jbh8291 what are the bust, waist, hip & length measurements? thanks
supersaenz@samaruda well thanks you very much!!❤️❤️❤️
supersaenz@samaruda and you have a beautiful closet as well!! So many nice items!! ❤️
mia282$60 i Will get it right now 👏☺️👍
gabrielle1030Hi @mia282 The lowest I can go is 65 since it`s still new w/ tag. Let me know if you're still interested okay Sweetie.
nkhob🎉CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome Host Pick! It is FABULOUS for the BACK TO BASICS PARTY! WHOOT WHOOT!!!👏🌹🎊
swissmistressWoohoo! Congrats on your awesome Host Pick!!🎉👏❤️😊🎉👏❤️😊
leannboerckel@sparkofheart I'm sorry I can't :/ but I will lower the price to $15 if you're interested
nilsashah@dreamieneptune no problem! Just contact me and I'll bundle it for you! I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! 💐💝
dreamieneptuneThank you. Have a wonderful night🌺 @nilsashah
cocoamyLove it!!! Thank you for the extra gift it's super cute. My daughter saw this and is trying to steal it from me but this sweater I'm not giving into her on lol... You are a great honest seller :-)
curtecho@cocoamy you are very welcome! Lol we are in the same boat! My daughter keep stealing my clothes!! That's not fair! Lol
shoptildrop7If these are the beauties you are selling and they are gorgeous, the ones you have kept must be delightful!
onceuponathyme@shoptildrop7 Yes, I have some pretty amazing pieces... My favorites are some rubies. Some may end up here, just because there's a limit to how many you can wear . . . I have four ruby necklaces that are each more incredible than the next. My mother's birthstone is ruby, and it's her favorite stone - that may have something to do with my preference! Or that I have a friend with a ruby mine in the business and he's found me amazing deals . . . :-)
w112961Is it nwt?
bbjadore@w112961 Hi, it's not NWT - I've wore it twice. Any other questions just let me know :)
mailemmy96@tiffnovember hey I didn't really see anything right now but I can always bundle and reduce!
mailemmy96@gaspedal @tiffnovember I am willing to go down to 6 if ou purchase today through pp
clutchnshoesOhhh!! No its totally fine! Im so sorry ive been really busy with work! You snooze you loose right? The dress will be perfect! Im sorry i missed it! But thank you for the heads up and all the trouble you went through to change it :)
lindseytodd@clutchnshoes thank you for understanding 😉 I hope you love the dress! 💜
bevinmHow large is the purse? Like large enough to hold notebooks?
berenice714@bevinm it is a medium size definitely fit a medium notebook😊
kamilak80What is your lowest?
dizzyy@kamilak80 I just reduced these so this is my lowest! Thanks
apowell14332Bundle this
apowell14332How much is all of that do I get a discount on bundles ? And let me know when u feat the bundle listing
wowilovethis@lmarie403, So glad they got you taken care of😄 I have gotten so many compliments on this bag it's not even funny😳 everyone absolutely loves it! Including me😜 Thanks again Doll for the great items from your closet!
lmarie403@wowilovethis you are very welcome!
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