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Fancy & Fabulous Party

thecute1@lexilou2010 Hi! Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer...I just listed it 2 days ago😘
katy344Really like this. I'll get back to you once I get paid.
galaxyfashion@kendlj Thank you for your purchase! I will ship this out by tomorrow! Hope your having a great week :)! Thanks again :)
kendlj@galaxyfashion thank you so much!! I know I'm going to love them!! 😃😃
dita07I got my necklace today, just beautiful. Nicely wrapped & fast shipping. Thanx!
karacruz@dita07 so happy to hear this, thank you and enjoy xx
dierks24@bastankowitz I lowered to the absolute lowest I can take if purchased today or tonight. Let me know if this works for you so I can pack them up and mail out. I leave in less than 40 minutes for the day.
bastankowitzI am buying now tks
cici122@jposadas2010 oh no 😱I'm so sorry to hear that! Next time if ur interested in something pls ask me for measurement first and we will make sure it fits u. And pls let me know and I will give u a good disc (even without bundling) on ur next purchase. I'm so sorry this happened...
cici122@jposadas2010 hi there, I just want to let u know that u should sell this top back on poshmark. Feel free to use my photos and sell at any price ur comfortable with 😊
vycat@yaya107 sorry no trades.
beautyb1This is so cute! I have some questions about it - what's your email address?
loclemI'll buy it for $20
vanillamelon@loclem I changed the price to $19 since I told someone else I would sell it to them for $19 ☺️
tinalalinaa@kristentwright thanks for you purchase Hun! Will ship out tomorrow! 💜🎉🌸
tinalalinaa@kirstentwright thanks for your purchase Hun! Will ship out tomorrow! 🎉💜🌸
brandi17I really like this dress. I worry about wearing dresses sometimes, though, because I tend to have a poochy tummy that pokes out and it's more noticeable in certain dresses =\
micheleve@brandi17 it's not a skin tight dress, but a pair of spanx under any dress is always a must no matter how "poochy" ones stomach is. But for 10 bucks you can't go wrong for a fancier dress!
laurenmaxwell31I love it! It's so cute just like the picture! Thanks so much!
ilysalena@laurenmaxwell31 great! I'm glad you love it! :)
dsaad814I'm not sure how the sizing works but would that be like a small medium or large ?
thepinkpolkadot@dsaad814 it would fit a large (or medium.) sizes 2-4 are amall, 6-8 are medium, 10-12 are large. Etc.
ndinapWhat are the dimensions? I would like a bag that can also function as sort of a briefcase without looking like a briefcase! Will this fit a larger laptop?
jackiieeee@ndinap It is 15" wide and 12" long. I can fit my MacBook in it comfortably.
lindseyl0u@princesslina20 I would be comfortable with $24
caitlinbrishellomg. I love your clothing items ✨💕💛 can you please check mine out too? I'm actually really new to this website, so if you have tips lemme know ☺️
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