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Tory Burch, Kate Spade, J. Crew & Madewell Party

prettypre89Do you have anymore like this
gordomom@prettypre89 no, sorry. Will keep my eye out but I think I picked that one up last summer. Thanks for browsing my closet though! 😃
sgtjojoWhich collections are these from? And can you take a photo of the care label :)
jbrown13@sgtjojo I'm sorry. These items have already been SOLD. They were both from J.Crew.
jbrown13@suzannemcginnis Great!!! Email me at jodibrown@carolina.rr.com and I'll get all your Paypal info. :-)
jbrown13@suzannemcginnis I mailed the top today! 😉
jbrown13@jleebean11 Thank you so much for your purchase! Yes, I'll get the skirt packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow! ;-)
jleebean11Wow thanks!!!
gordomom@carriemichelle oh crossed wires!!! So glad you received it!! 😰
rayraynayI know it's been awhile but would you be able to send me the list also? ajnwis@yahoo.com
jbrown13@girlgotglitter Thank you for your purchase. I'll get this swim top packed up and hopefully shipped out to you today! ;-)
girlgotglitterYay thanks! :)
andrea72281@loverlyk I'm sorry but I'm not selling the necklace :(
andrea72281@loverlyk the skirt sold in a bundle, but check my closet for more j crew items. I have another j crew skirt in the same size in purple :)
sallyroman@hollyprobably Sure. Do u want the jeans too?
hollyprobablyYes, please. Sorry, I should have said that. 😳
jamieh23@nancyrg I am willing to take off the $5.50 for the shipping cost
jamieh23@nancyrg Nancy...I know you're new at this but you need to go into your purchases and accept the shipment you received. Thanks!
chloek@blakleydanielle - hey doll grey closet but I dont see anything in my size! Feel free to make me an offer I'm really looking to let this bag go! Xx
lavishlookHello. I just added new items and reduced a lot of items by 50% off! Please go check out my closet & follow me! I don't mean to advertise on your page.. but just need the support and help as I recently got laid off and must sell everything! Thank you and Merry X-Mas! :)
lauragreshop@jamie024 I just had to have this for spring! I'm excited to get it.
jamie024@lauragreshop it's perfect for spring!! 🌷🌺🌻 I'll ship it out today!
jamie024Np @gordomom I'll ship it out today!! 😁
gordomomThank you for the prompt shipping! I just used them as props in my KS iPad case listing!! 😘
km_bagloverThis is only $50 off the brand new in store bag, plus shipping which is free with new bag? That doesn't seem like a very good price on a used item.
dawn_suberThese bags are fantastic!! Worth the price. You will carry it forever.
cancun_gal@andi72 thank you for your purchase, the top will go out in tomorrows mail.
mcnubbin@julaeda sending it out tomorrow! You should receive it in 2-3 days
julaedaOk... Thank u! :))
hershey@hunnybee02 yaayy!!! *high five* thanks love!!!
hershey@tinaly29 hi! Pls email me at hspitiquen@yahoo.com.
brickenhallow@holly_has_it You're welcome! I'll ship them tomorrow.😘
brickenhallow@roxyjane ❤Thank you for the SHARE, & welcome to my closet!❤ Please continue to browse, & if you like what you see, then FOLLOW me!👠👠 🎉TOMORROW is the LAST DAY of my SUPER AWESOME HOLIDAY SALE🎉: 🎁BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF (excludes Mary Kay) or FREE SHIPPING ON $25🎁 😃Every item in my closet is backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!😃 🎄Happy Holidays, & Merry Poshing!🎄
brickenhallow@gorgeousgail38 That sounds great! I'll change the price for u now.😃
gorgeousgail38@brickenhallow hey girl, I ❤ the kate spade sandal... Thank u for trading... Ur awesome 😘
brickenhallow@divastyle1234 I could add in these.
brickenhallow@bellasusan 💘Thx so much for the like!💘 Please let me know if I can answer any questions or put together a bundle for u.😜
jheatherI just got the wallet! Thank you SO much, it's beautiful!
cjtang@jheather Awesome! Glad you like it and thanks for letting me know! :)
mcnubbin@lindacappas hi there! Just wanted to let you know that these Kate spade shoes are still available! :)
dmjadesWish these were my size!! They are lovely
skiesareblue@cjtang just tried my boots on. I love them! Thank you!!
cjtang@skiesareblue Yay! Glad they arrived and you like them! About to list another pair of Joie ankle boots if you're at all interested ;)
angela60503@gordomom oh my gosh.. I love them!!! Thank you so much!!
gordomom@angela60503 yeah!!! So glad you love them!! Thank you so much for purchasing from my closet! 💐💐💐
juliepointer1"@malibug 😊just emailed you measurements and addit info;) hope they help;) if you have any addit info, jlmk;)"
juliepointer1"@malibug 😊just sent it to you,email too;)"
juliepointer1"@kristenkearns 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
juliepointer1"@handmedown 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) feel free to let me know if you see anything you happen to like:)"
billsdcgirlI did and love them both! One suggestion, for a leather bag you should ship in a box that fits the item - I have a crease in the side of the bag that's going to take forever to come out. 😡
cheuy3060@billsdcgirl I'm sorry 😞 but I'm glad you like them otherwise
juliepointer1"@beccamv23 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
lnp916Julie ok I'm telling you this bc I care but in your closet delete sold items like this bc if you want my help and a lot of shares I need a clean closet
juliepointer1"@heatheruphold 😊it's on it way to its new home:) lol!! Should be there by fri/sat:) thanks so much again!!;)"
heatheruphold:) :) :)
juliepointer1"@adkelly 😄Ty for the like😄these sold around Xmas:( but I've got tons of goodies still available and am listing new stuff all the time too:) everything in my closet is getting a discount rt now:) Lmk if you see anything you like:)"
juliepointer1"@2we 😄and these?;) I loved these shoes but bought them too small:( if you ever see a 7.5 in them or maybe even a 7 I'd love to know:)"
kleerussellLowest you'll go on these? So pretty!
juliepointer1"@laurenhoulik 😄thank you for the like:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) these are bnwot & so fab:) & all jewelry is $2 off too:) or $5 off 2 jewelry items over $25;) feel free to let me know if you'd like any addit info or pics:) talk to you soon:)"
cheuy3060@jrussell824 everything is buy one get one half off!!!
cheuy3060@kimbereid ok changed now we will buy each others and pay $7 shipping then print shipping label up and send out😃😃
juliepointer1"@titan 😊thank you so much!!;) getting ready to drop them off at the post office so that they'll go out first thing tomorrow am:) so they should arrive Friday-ish:) please be sure to hit package received in your posh acct when they arrive:) thanks again and again!!;) hope you enjoy:)"
juliepointer1"@titan 😄😄yea!! Woo hoo!!😜looks like this should be delivered today:) be sure to hit package received in your posh acct when it arrives:) thank you so much again and again!!;) hope you like them:)"
juliepointer1"@jacielowe 😊Lmk if it came thru ok:) or if you have any questions:)ttys:)"
juliepointer1"@jacielowe 😄back up and running:) just wanted to let you know:) hope you like all your new goodies:)"
buttons_pockets@herbst the lowest i'll go is $30. Major discount for pants that were only worn a couple times
herbstI do really like them...will think about it and check back to see if still avail. Thanks!
juliepointer1"@imherrera 😄thank you for sharing:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) let me know if you see anything you like:)"
juliepointer1"@hkole 😄thank you for the like:) everything in my closet is getting a discount right now:) these are $5 off too:) let me know if you'd like any addit info or pics:)"
bearbot@bluebubblez14 no trades, but I can do free shipping thru Pp if you are interested :)
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