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Pretty Pastels & Florals Party

mytrinkettes@innababina it might not be for awhile since its out of stock :(
coltEarrings are beautiful! So is the model!!!!
ijasminejewelCan u post clearer pics?
qt4less@ijasminejewel sorry for the delay but I have added a new pic of this dress. Let me know if ur interested. 😊
thyknWould u sell the jean jacket
sofichan@thykn - Sry! Jean jacket is not for sale. I just bought it. It's Paige Premium denim and they still carry it on zappos.com if you're interested.
blondiec33I am very interested! Would like to buy the black and peacock ones just waiting to make some sales so I can shop! Keeping then in my like list in hopes they'll still be there 😉
brittainyheron@blondiec33 okay. Awesome!! Let me know when you're ready to purchase so I can bundle the two! :)
mitsybabesHow Do these feel? Like velour!
aecraw02@mitsybabes they don't feel like velour. They feel more like fleece. Very soft 😊
emilyann11Do you have anymore?
cathlyn@emilyann11 : yes, we have the one we used for shoot left. Do you want us to create a listing for you?
ohitschelle@pookiebeau Hey girl! I just want to apologize for what happened with these shoes! I'm so glad that you got them sold and I still love seeing your posts! 💗
pookiebeau@ohitschelle Thanks! And no worries😊
sbellringerHow much for this if I bundle it with a bag? Also which were the 2 bags you added and can you go lower on the black cross over bag?
angie608Just browsing atm :)
van85@weedy_wendy hi 😊 thank you for the like if your interested I can bundle your likes for a better price
cathlyn@vivianmaried : sry but the top isn't for sale. I am not sure where you can find similar item... Maybe places like Zara?
vivianmariedOh okay thank you
missuga8fanLooks like it could be stainless steel . If it is please tag me !
klynn@missuga8fan sorry, was away for a week. Yes
rwinters7612Sounds good but i cant do anything til the 15th
ananj@rwinters7612 I can reserve in a week for a week - just tag me if you still want - the new with dress with tags can be $30 btw
gordomom@rajwilliams I'm so glad you like it!! Such a great bag! I have the smaller, older version and its so convenient & cute at the same time!! Hope you enjoy it and you're welcome to stalk my closet anytime! 😃
ms_78babeDo u know when would u get some more purses in like the pic u have on here.. I like that color pretty purse.
sugarmagnoliaCan you take a close up of the print? Thanks!
lexy24109Such a beautiful pic
van85@pinkpearlz Hi there 😊 I just wanted to let you know that your package has been ship out today.
pinkpearlzGreat thx!
khey@rommellyn me too! One of my fave, which reminds me, I've got to save me one before its gone :) thanks ;)
beautifulbdawnWould u do a bundle deal with this purse and one of the snake skin clutch with gold chain for cheaper?🙏🙏🙏 Its my birthday so I want to treat myself. But love your fashion! I can't stay off the page with so many great things.lol
nicolecouchmanOkay, thank you sweetie :) I'll get it for $32 just let me know when it's ready to purchase.
rozzyb@nicolecouchman all set hun. ;)
klemzbabyygirl@becca1769 alright. you should get them real soon cuz I shipped them out right after you bought them.
becca1769Got them! They're great!!!
van85@moosofruity Hi let me know if you have any questions thank you
van85@itsjuanitahh Hi 😊 interested or any questions? Let me know thank you
marypalI just purchased these shoes I need a 5 1/2
khey@marypal we'll have to cancel your order, could you please email gift_finder07@yahoo.com. Thanks
slaviol@melle me too just getting involved again... Buying more than selling as usual lol
melle@slaviol - haha.. That's definitely what's going to happen to me too!
tahoetini@cathlyn If you interested in dropping the price to $33, let me know and i will purchase!
cathlyn@tahoetini : price changed!
aecraw02@arielmonkey no problem! I was out of the country or I would have asked sooner. Sorry!
arielmonkeylol no need to apologize.
yolo6389How fast is shipping?
cathlyn@yolo6389 we ship priority so depending where you are it'll be there in 2-3 days. We are in California
dancer285Hi! Interested in bundling this and the teal maxi! How much discount could you give me? Thanks :)
iamblessedSorry to hear that but fit great thanks
pookiebeau@iamblessed Great, I'm glad! If you wouldn't mind, could you leave a comment on my feedback post! Thanks😊
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