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Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade & Tory Burch

fashionthreads@gordomom lol no worries, my phone always does that to me! & same here, your a wonderful person to work with! I'm actually thinking this may be a good sized "wallet" for now 😊. Soooo soft
gordomom@fashionthreads - totally!! Great clutch!! 🌺
xoxokim_Super interested please email me . Kimberly_0814@hotmail.com please comment back when you have .
fideziweziCan you please hulagirldc@yahoo.com
gordomom@fideziwezi - ok sure will! Will try to get those to you today or tomorrow. I just remembered I have an appointment after work so I may not be home until after dark. The photos are best in natural light because the flash will cause a glare on the sparkly part. Thank you!! 🌼
missaisha555@slaviol posted the shoes sole
slaviolPosted I received the items sorry did not know... First things I got from poshmark
gordomom@cutebabyboo - trying...been super busy in the last couple of weeks but hoping to get more listed later this week. U like MBMJ...what others? I have several Kate Spade, Sequoia, & Coach. Mostly MJ and MBMJ though. 😃
cutebabybooi like a lot haha never try kate spade though but most of mine r coach, but fall in love w mj lately. love those timeless chanel but ways too expensive :(
cmonaThe earrings are darling, and the packaging was so sweet! Thank you so much.
marithel@cmona I'm glad and you're so welcome. Haven't got yours in the mail yet, for sure ill let you know when it arrive.
angela60503@gordomom oh my gosh.. I love them!!! Thank you so much!!
gordomom@angela60503 yeah!!! So glad you love them!! Thank you so much for purchasing from my closet! 💐💐💐
savvycl4@praise626 I'm really sorry about that I honestly did not see anything wrong with the bag I always point out flaws, stains, wear on all my listings. Did you not want it anymore?
praise626@savvycl4 Let's chalk it up to an honest mistake. I'll see if I can get the stains off.
carole114This is awesome. It's great to just throw this over your shoulder and not go crazy trying to fine a purse your IPad will fit in. I love it and really enjoy carrying it......and no, you can't have it back . ;-))) haha!
almoyes@carole114 So happy you love it...I never gave it a chance and now I am thinking I need to seek it out in brown or black. lol
missaisha555@msubo sorry it's already sold
sheelagohSo I got home late last night and only just opened the two boxes from you, I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! @missaisha555
gmarisa@danimack Yes, I have one pair. I will tag you on them now.
asmithxx3Thank you for following. Take an extra 20% off one item of your choice in my closet (: Happy Shopping!
kel82@gordomom i actually thought first oh wow do they have instant messanger on here and i never knew? lol so stop it, if you're a dork then so am i! thanks for your email. writing it down on my favorite poshers email address list for safe keeping. mine is keldevine@gmail.com thanks again, kelly :)
gordomom@kel82 awesome! Thank you for making me feel less dorky!! Dork twins - lol! 😊
missaisha555@r862010 hi the black faux wrap the one that is listed for 15 that's the one I counted please let me know thanks
r862010Yes that's the one.. I didn't see it listed as reserved so I wanted to make sure
melissad1224Okay, first closet that I really am in live with want all of it!!!
vakorcha70@marithel - thank you so much for the quick shipment. It's a beautiful bag in great condition. And thank you for the thoughtful extras. You are a sweetie! 😊
marithel@vakorcha70 I'm glad! Thank you.
wbjagichIs this the lowest you will go? Please email me xo
wbjagichAt whitneyjagich@gmail.com
kmeeks08@gordomom yes, thank you and no rush!
gordomom@kmeeks08 - just letting u know the other listing is up. I tried tagging you but your name didn't pop up for some reason so I hope you received the tag. Thx!
dawnpeer💕🎀Thank You for the beautiful shorts and the free pair of shorts!💕🎀
cath_stylist@dawnpeer yaay! So glad they arrived and that you are pleased! I appreciate you letting me know. Thank you for shopping with me...Please visit me again sometime! Happy poshing!😊❤☀
lulabel5You need me to mail...call me later
gmarisa@lulabel5 Yes, I'm bout to call you in a bit. We keep missing eachother. (pun intended)! Lol
courtneykesslerSo I make personalized photo collages so if you tell me your likes and dislikes and I can customize an entire collage. If you want you can check it out on my closet I have a few examples posted🌻
courtneykesslerSo I make personalized photo collages so if you tell me your likes and dislikes and I can customize an entire collage. If you want you can check it out on my closet I have a few examples posted🌻
beautifulinpink@sbrya001: Awwww. By any chance, do you have anymore necklaces like this? I really like this! 😍.
sbrya001@beautifulinpink Sorry, I do not. However, I scored this and many other beautiful pieces on Ruelala.com. If you need an invite, simply send me your email and I will invite you. It's amazing.
emmequinnNo prob!! Now U have to make yours a bundle or something... Scarf and jacket so I can buy for 0 and pay for shipping...
emmequinn@cutekassie I am feeling awful over this! Didn't hear back! I will give I discount on anything if u want (except my SW bag... Still not sure if I want to sell)... Also have a few bags not listed... LMK!!
alecia@roobishimmer it's round. The front can be seen on the first and last photos
sexyitaliabebe🔴🔴BEWARE🔴🔴❌❌FRAUD❌❌ Do not buy or trade from her! The following ladies including myself were conned by her! @mochahonney @melrod @daniella she says my comments are bogus! Lol! Ladies she has conned more of us than u know!took my kindness for weakness. She either sends nothing or TRASH! I have proof ! Contact me! When we call her out she acts like a coward and deletes the postings! And then acts oblivious to what she's doing! I sent her these stunning Bebe heels- brand new & she sent me a purse that was was marked, broken & had FOOD stains in it!! Yes food crust! Others get nothing! Contact the ladies i tagged on top they will tell u their experiences! I have pics of the listing and comments that were exchanged to prove she is a fraud! - the listings she deleted! Be ware ladies! I'm NOT the only 1!! ❌
cairebear09@missioncloset Can you put BUNDLE for Cairebear09 and mention the Trina Turk top in the description? Makes me feel better. Lol. Thanks! 😉
cairebear09@missioncloset Done! Tag me when you mark the other top as SOLD in bundle. Thanks!! ❤👍
dreambigger@emmequinn and clearly we both love R Minkoff design! I carry the Nikki everyday and it's my fave! I worked with an artisan handbag designer years ago, she's still a great friend. I may list a couple of bags that were hers...just feeling like I need to let beautiful things be appreciated by someones who will love and use them :)
emmequinn@dreambigger ill try anything... I'm an awful mom with a pounding migraine!! :) I probably don't laugh enough!! Life is so diff without kids! I never knew how hard it would be... And to me babies are easy!!! It's the toddler age.. I have a newly 4 and newly 6 yr old and I spend most of my day yelling and playing referee! My one yr old is my angel! She was a surprise and born tiny tiny and she is just to die for! I think we are very similar.. I got my job to allow me to work from home and I moved to FL to be w my family... My Grampy was very old and sick and I wanted more time. Best thing I did. My mom is there and I missed her. I'm not from this shit hole NJ.. moved here to be w my hubby... He came w me to FL but didn't like it so we moved back! I wish I could eat better, sleep, go to the gym etc...
rachaelcbowersLove this bag ! Trade?
emmequinn@rachaelcbowers @jayla14 sorry girls... Per the description, this sold a long time ago and the girl is no longer on posh!
lagunabeachloveThat bag is gorgeous but I just ordered a brown minkoff this week, if you get anymore marc jacobs let me know
panela05Oh nice! You sold yours. Still debating if I want to get rid of mine.
emmequinn@panela05 I sold to my friend @lapdchick, that way if I ever miss it I can have her send it to me for a few days!!! I have never had a Chanel and want one.. And found a cute and diff one that I can use as a everyday bag!! I don't like fancy bags... I like nice leather bags! Now I need to find the name of my black bag similar to this but different style!!
liangot it today! so in love with it! thanks again!!!
emmequinn@lian I am so glad!!!! Enjoy!!! 💜💜💜
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