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Louis Vuitton Handbags - ➡️ @lvoechic ⬅️ So much more to see on Instagram!

➡️ @lvoechic ⬅️ So much more to see on Instagram!

Louis Vuitton
$99,999 $0 
Photo1: Hand painted by me Sac Plat Photo2: Hand painted by me key pouch Photo3: What’s in my bag... Front Row- DE Zippy Compact Wallet, Mono Pen Holder (lipgloss holder)•Middle Row- Mono Etui Lunettes glasses holder, Mono NM Bucket Pochette (larger than Mini P)•Back Row- DE Key Pouch, Mono Round Coin Photo4: Reverse Pochette Métis Photo5: Boite Chapeau Souple Photo6: Very Messenger Photo7:Reverse Triangle Softy Still growing my IG following and appreciate everyone’s support💕
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