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⚡️flash sale! True Religion Shorts

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⚡️flash sale! True Religion Shorts

Reduced from $70 for a short time. True Religion Joey Cut Off Jean Shorts. Worn 4-5 times. Very short. Perfect for summer at the beach!
Seller Discount: 10% off 3+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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haleyyawwLove these
May 04 02:04PM
jenna1228@haleyyaww let me know if you have any questions 😄
May 04 02:57PM
haleyyawwPretty expensive for me right now, but thank you anyway !
May 04 03:04PM
jenna1228@haleyyaww if you are interested, feel free to make an offer!
May 04 04:33PM
margiemillaCan I see more pics of the shorts, like the color pls
May 04 11:06PM
kimsarahDo u take $50??
May 06 01:41AM
jenna1228@kimsarah no I'm sorry. My lowest at this time would be $65. Let me know if you are interested
May 06 04:03AM
kimsarah$60 through paypal ???:) Will u ??
May 06 08:44PM
jenna1228@kimsarah sorry I don't do PayPal
May 07 04:41AM
mjkae369Could you measure flat across the waist in inches for me :)
May 08 07:57PM
jenna1228@mjkae369 they are about 12 inches. Are you interested?
May 09 06:46AM
mjkae369Are you sure they're 12" flat across the waist? I have these in a 24 and they're 13.5" across the waist ..
May 09 08:16AM
mjkae369See anything you would trade for ?
May 09 08:17AM
jenna1228@mjkae369 i couldn't find my measuring tape so I estimated about 12. Maybe 13-14 inches. They are a true size 25. Sorry I am not interested in trading at this time although you do have some great items!
May 09 09:01AM
mjkae369Could you hold these til Monday?
May 09 09:47AM
jenna1228@mjkae369 I normally don't hold things but I can if you are planning to buy on Monday
May 09 10:20AM
kimsarahCuz I'm interested in it so I ll pay $65 right now.. Let me know wat to do ok hun
May 09 10:14PM
jenna1228@kimsarah price reduced for you
May 10 07:38AM
jenna1228@kimsarah are you still interested?
May 10 06:11PM
kimsarahIn so sory hun I just have time now to reply My friend is just show me another same short but size 26 will be fit me more .. So ... I was actually love ur short... Sory about that n thanks again for ur waiting...
May 10 09:16PM
jenna1228@dsmima06 thanks for the like!
May 10 10:11PM
jenna1228@mjkae369 still interested?
May 12 10:35AM
mjkae369Yes but I can only trade right now sorry!
May 12 10:36AM
haleyyaww45 right now ?
May 13 05:40PM
haleyyawwSince these are an older pair ?
May 13 05:40PM
margiemillaAre these stretchy?
May 13 06:27PM
jenna1228@margiemilla no
May 13 06:37PM
lizzz4492Hey 40$ and I'll buy right now. Love these!
May 14 05:35PM
jenna1228@lizzz4492 @haleyyaww I will take $45 now if still interested!
May 14 06:13PM
lizzz4492I just realized I don't get paid until midnight... 3 hours ( probably won't be awake but I want to purchase these in the morning!) can you hold until the morning ? I will message you and buy as soon as I get up
May 14 06:16PM
jenna1228@lizzz4492 I will hold until the morning!
May 14 06:56PM
lizzz4492Thank you!!
May 14 07:07PM
lizzz4492I didn't realize shipping was $5. If you could do $35 I'd buy now. If not let me know if you change your mind
May 15 09:05AM
jenna1228@trang0314 let me know if you are interested! On sale for a short time!
May 15 10:13AM
trang0314Would u take $40. I'll buy them now.
May 15 12:04PM
jenna1228Sorry $45 is lowest @trang0314 let me know if you would like me to change the listing
May 15 02:49PM
kimsarahOk I'm back @jenna1228 :) I'll take these size 25 too for my cousin n I already got size 26 .. :) so let me know when u reduce the price then I will purchase thanks
May 16 01:35AM
jenna1228@kimsarah done! :)
May 16 05:11AM
jenna1228@kimsarah thank you!
May 16 09:07AM
kimsarahWen will u ship out @jenna1228 ??
May 17 07:36AM
margiemillaAw man someone beat me to it
May 17 12:32PM
jenna1228@kimsarah Monday, sorry could not ship today. Wasn't home! But they are packaged and ready to go
May 17 06:20PM
kimsarahHow come I haven't received shipped email from poshmark yet??
May 20 01:00PM
May 20 01:00PM
jenna1228Probably because I shipped it today around noon. Maybe hasn't processed yet @kimsarah
May 20 02:30PM
kimsarahCuz u did tell me it would be out on Monday that's why I was confused ... But anyway thanks @jenna1228
May 20 03:01PM

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