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Zara burgundy jeans

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Zara burgundy jeans

Burgundy jeans never worn
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emilycchapAre these stretchy? Do you have actual pic? Thanks!
Feb 16 07:46AM
jessicajung@emilycchap there is a little stretch but not alot. It's not like a jegging. Lmk if ur interested I'll add more detailed photos for u
Feb 16 08:15AM
queen27@jessicajung trade for my likes💟
Feb 19 11:03AM
csnow_momof2Do they fit like a true 2? @jessicajung
Feb 21 12:22AM
jessicajung@csnow_momof2 yes they fit true to a size 2 around the leg but if ur waist is on the wider side I do not recommend it won't fit. If ur waist is on the smaller side it will fit nicely. I hope this helped
Feb 21 07:30AM
csnow_momof2I have a small waist so they should fit! @jessicajung do u take pp?
Feb 21 01:51PM
jessicajung@csnow_momof2 sorry I only do pm for our protection.
Feb 21 03:06PM
odongXan I do 1 I can pay fast
Feb 23 04:34AM
shaykunWhat size waist do you think these would fit?
Feb 23 07:08AM
jessicajung@odong hello :) yes u can buy one item
Feb 23 10:00AM
jessicajung@shaykun hello :) for this pants the waist is 25 inches
Feb 23 10:10AM
mermaidsongsWhat's the inseam
Feb 23 11:07PM
jessicajung@mermaidsongs hello :) the inseams are 30 inches
Feb 23 11:11PM
mermaidsongsI love these but I'm worried about the fit since I've never had Zara jeans
Feb 23 11:13PM
jessicajung@mermaidsongs I know what u mean. The waist is 25 inches and the length is 37 inches. Lmk if I can answer any questions to help u out :)
Feb 23 11:15PM
donnidThanks for sharing
Feb 23 11:57PM
Feb 26 09:51AM
jessicajung@booitsuzy hello! Sorry I'm not interested in trading but thank you for ur interest :)
Feb 26 09:53AM

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