Yellow double zipper walletNWT

Yellow double zipper wallet. Measures it with an envelope. 🙊
Seller Discount: 15% off 3+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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gaby01@sparklemeetspop hey girlie please let me know if you're interested in this wallet it's so cute perfect for summer.
May 02 05:34PM
jjnya09@gaby01 so pretty can you pls post more pics??
May 07 07:42PM
gaby01@jjnya09 yes if course
May 07 10:00PM
gaby01@jjnya09 sorry it took me a while to post the pictures but they're up now.
May 08 07:52AM
jjnya09Thx for pics...
May 08 08:18AM
gaby01@jjnya09 of course. Are you interested.
May 08 08:32AM
plvoshellHow many card slots does it have?
May 10 04:23AM
gaby01@plvoshell it has 12 spots
May 10 11:14AM
terwsaIs this the same as the Michael kors double zipper wallet
Nov 09 06:23AM
gaby01@terwsa similar but not MK
Nov 09 08:28AM
kbck89@gaby01 is there a tear in the middle or does it just look like it?
Jan 12 06:59AM
gaby01@kbck89 no tares at all. If you're talking about the last picture I can see how it can look like that I think it's just the shadow.
Jan 12 07:00AM
gaby01@kbck89 interested
Jan 12 06:42PM
gaby01@isabellemcleod interested??
Jan 22 11:15PM
pavcsposhmarkHello, I'm very interested in this yellow wallet, what are the measurements please?
Feb 01 02:14PM
gaby01@pavcsposhmark hello girly. So sorry I don't have a measuring tape. Could not find it. I hate when things go missing from my office. 😫 these kids of mine!!!! But I did take some other pics to see if they help.
Feb 01 03:36PM
pavcsposhmarkThank you, what type of material?
Feb 01 03:52PM
gaby01@pavcsposhmark its a faux leather.
Feb 01 04:10PM
rogitenyaSorry thought was the long one looks shorter
Feb 22 09:20AM
gaby01@rogitenya it's just a traditional double zipper wallet.
Feb 22 10:05AM
kbck89@gaby01 $10 and i can buy now?
Feb 27 05:13PM
gaby01@kbck89 sorry $10 is more than half off 😔 but I can work something out with you if your would like to use the offer button.
Feb 27 05:29PM
kbck89@gaby01 if u can do $12 and change the price then i could get the reduced shipping
Feb 27 05:37PM
gaby01@kbck89 oh yeah I have no problem changing it on here but I still want to take 12 that's way too low.
Feb 27 05:40PM
kbck89@gaby01 $14 would have to be my max, thats all i have in my account
Feb 27 05:41PM
gaby01@kbck89 I posted the lowest amount i can go. Hope it helps
Feb 27 05:44PM
kbck89@gaby01 can we meet in the middle at $17?
Feb 27 05:47PM
gaby01@kbck89 $19
Feb 27 05:48PM
kbck89@gaby01 cant go that high but thanks
Feb 27 05:50PM
gaby01@kbck89 👍
Feb 27 05:50PM
kbck89@gaby01 if you are still willing to change price to $19 so i can get lower shipping, i can buy now
Mar 06 10:46AM
gaby01@kbck89 ok done
Mar 06 10:58AM
gaby01@kbck89 thank you so much for the awesome rating....hope you love it.
Mar 10 04:35PM

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