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Tigerlily Interchangeable Flip Flops Shoes - Wholesale lot Tigerlily Changeable Flip Flops & ac

Wholesale lot Tigerlily Changeable Flip Flops & ac   


Tigerlily Interchangeable Flip Flops
$300 $900 
Retail Value $1,200 LESS THAN WHOLESALE Boutique LOT- 7 PAIRS of assorted styles of the interchangeable flip flops(black fur ones w/pk stones not included. 31 pairs of straps and 4 sets of bling. Their are glitter straps, ombre glitter straps, animal prints, vogue print, floral prints and more. Gorgeous blingy adornments- ombre glitter flowers, footballs, large lily flowers THE SECOND PAIR ON TOP ROW AND FIRST PAIR IN SECOND ROW HAVE SOLD AND BEEN REMOVED FROM LOT AND PRICE WAS DECREASED
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