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White tutu.

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    White tutu.

    Extremely comfortable! Below the knee fit. Easy to wear.
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    abby1204Would u consider a trade?
    Jun 07 05:16PM
    susyslooksNo sorry @abby1204
    Jun 07 05:57PM
    krissiebCongrats on your closet making the Poshmark blog and Closet Crush!!!!
    Jun 24 03:28PM
    susyslooksThank you !!!! I'm so happy!!! 😃😃😃😃😃@krissieb
    Jun 24 04:13PM
    fab_fashionistaHi. May I have your height? :)
    Aug 31 03:06PM
    susyslooksI'm 5'1'' 😃 @fab_fashionista
    Aug 31 04:06PM
    susyslooksJust posted more pics that better show off the length 😃@fab_fashionista
    Aug 31 04:10PM
    fab_fashionistaThis is so pretty! Thanks for the photos. Is it a elastic waist or button/zipper? Any brand?
    Aug 31 04:12PM
    susyslooksIt's an elastic waist @fab_fashionista
    Aug 31 04:13PM
    loreena510Hi hun what's your lowest u will go :) I'm very interested
    Sep 30 11:05AM
    susyslooksHi @loreena510 😀. The lowest I can go is $29.
    Sep 30 01:18PM
    loreena510$25 ill but now
    Sep 30 01:32PM
    susyslooks@loreena510 sorry hun $29 is the lowest I can go
    Sep 30 06:41PM
    alk2222Where is it from?
    Oct 14 09:10AM
    susyslooks@alexkasper from Widsor
    Oct 15 10:01AM
    susyslooks@alexkasper I meant Windsor
    Oct 15 10:02AM
    tinipPlease decline my offer
    Oct 17 09:55PM
    tinipI want to make a better offer
    Oct 18 07:17AM
    little_owlI love this tutu but you sold it. I saw more pics on your insta and so much love
    Mar 02 01:02PM

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