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White lululemon half zip-up size 2

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White lululemon half zip-up size 2

NEW SOLD OUT white lululemon zip-up. Worm twice
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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ldbrown01You have some great lulu!! Do you have any speed shorts you are selling?
Apr 28 05:21PM
kelseyjean10@ldbrown01 thanks😊! sorry no I don't have any
Apr 28 05:25PM
hbokaieWould you consider a trade?
Apr 29 08:59PM
kelseyjean10@hbokaie sorry πŸ˜” no trades
Apr 29 09:08PM
abrawAny interest in trading for any of my lulu or other items? I need some smaller lulu ASAP. :)
May 14 10:25PM
kelseyjean10@abraw hi! Sorry just looking to sell my closet has no space! 😊
May 14 10:35PM
abrawI feel you!!! My lulus are all tooo big so I'm trying to sell and re buy!!!! Lol
May 14 10:36PM
kelseyjean10@abraw we'll let me know!
May 14 10:36PM
abrawIf you change your mind and want to trade anything I have let me know!!! :) thanks!
May 14 10:37PM
kelseyjean10@abraw will do! Thanks 😊
May 14 10:38PM
dajaneybree❀ JUST FOLLOWED. Please check out my closet! very negotiable pricing.xo πŸ’‹
May 15 07:45AM
May 20 05:07AM
Jul 27 12:38AM
katreenuhhi ! do you trade or do a partial trade ? and i can pay the difference ? let me know , thanks =)
Aug 12 05:49PM
kelseyjean10@katreenuh sorry no trades :( I don't have room for anything else haha
Aug 12 06:05PM
katreenuhaw , okay ! would you take $55 ?
Aug 12 06:23PM
kelseyjean10@katreenuh sorry no I bought it for a lot more and have only worn it once :/
Aug 12 06:26PM
katreenuhi understand ! what's the lowest you would go ? i'm really interested in this jacket and can't afford to buy a brand new one . lol broke college student ! 😜
Aug 12 06:28PM
kelseyjean10@katreenuh haha I know how u feel Hun! I could do $89 but that's my lowest cause I will just keep it if I go lower. I've went back n forth with un listing cause I do love it ha
Aug 12 07:15PM
katreenuhokie ! do you take πŸ…ΏοΈπŸ…ΏοΈ ? or just here ?
Aug 12 07:22PM
kelseyjean10@katreenuh on here :)
Aug 12 07:23PM
katreenuhsounds good ! i get paid next week , so if its still available by then i'll definitely buy it ! thanks 😊
Aug 12 07:24PM
kelseyjean10@katreenuh sounds good!:)
Aug 12 07:25PM
Aug 14 03:59PM
kelseyjean10@mirayaamariee I could do $89
Aug 14 04:00PM
mirayaamariee@kelseyjean10 would you do like a partial?
Aug 14 04:02PM
kelseyjean10@mirayaamariee no sorry
Aug 14 07:02PM
Sep 24 10:19AM
hannahh_gibsonIs this still available??? Because I would love to buy it
Nov 10 09:21AM
rachel_sue23@kelseyjean10 are you all moved in yet? ;-)
Dec 22 05:30AM
amandaphilia@kelseyjean10 is this still available?
Feb 11 06:29PM
beckymccormick@kelseyjean10 Hi there, if i bought this would you be able to send it over night to me? I'm leaving town and would need to have this by Wednesday. Thanks so much
Feb 16 02:33PM
Feb 16 07:46PM
elizavaTrade partial trade at all?
Apr 14 04:46PM
rkcamp5478Size 2 is a small or XS ???
May 19 08:49PM
ct7Trade?? I have a Define jacket size 2 in my closet if you would like to
Jun 12 11:49AM
ct7Is this still available
Jun 14 12:34PM
kelseyjean10@ct7 yes available! No trades sorry
Jun 22 02:54PM
Jun 25 10:20PM
kelseyjean10@alexis629 I could do $80
Jun 26 07:28AM
lexxxikittyOk thats good with me:)
Jun 26 02:01PM
lexxxikittyCould you lower so I can get .99 shipping hehe πŸ˜πŸ˜†
Jun 28 12:37PM

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