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Tory Burch flats

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Tory Burch flats

Pretty warm brown color. Authentic, worn once or twice. Excellent condition, one scuff that I'd not noticeable.
Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
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tmartin6306@9peaches can u hold until Friday and I will purchase?
Apr 01 07:49PM
tmartin6306@9peaches sorry forgot to ask does it come with box and would u take $115?
Apr 01 07:52PM
lanpham9812Can you do $110? Purchase right away
Apr 02 12:22AM
tmartin6306@9peaches if u will do $115 I will purchase now. Just let me know. Thanks
Apr 02 03:55AM
9peaches@tmartin6306 Sorry, I don't have the box. Also, I just listed these yesterday so I'm not ready to hold or discount them. Thanks for your offer :)
Apr 02 05:48AM
9peaches@lanpham9812 Thank you for the offer but I just listed these yesterday and will not discount them unless they don't sell for this price. I can tag you in a month or so if they don't sell.
Apr 02 05:49AM
tmartin6306@9peaches would u do $130 on pp?
Apr 02 05:52AM
lanpham9812Would you go lower?
Apr 02 06:02AM
9peaches@tmartin6306 I don't do PayPal on Poshmark.
Apr 02 06:30AM
9peaches@lanpham9812 not at this time.
Apr 02 06:30AM
lindabailey77Hi do these run true to size?
Apr 05 08:07PM
cprice94I have a tan/brown pair of Tory wedges. Would you trade?
Apr 05 10:39PM
9peaches@cprice94 sorry, I don't trade
Apr 06 05:26AM
9peaches@lindabailey77 I find my regular size a little snug but I understand from the reviews on nordstrom's website that they do stretch with wear. The style is not a structured flat, but meant to "hug" your feet.
Apr 06 05:34AM
lindabailey77Thanks for the infor 💕
Apr 06 07:18AM
midandelalion@9peaches hello! I have TB in silver do you want to trade?
Apr 07 06:05PM
lorib0303Would you do 110.00??
Apr 18 10:07AM
9peaches@lorib0303 thanks for the offer but these have hardly been worn. I'm firm at 130.
Apr 18 11:48AM
marionjamesCompletely authentic?
Apr 24 09:18PM
9peaches@marionjames yes, I'm selling them for my mom. She purchased them at Nordstrom.
Apr 25 03:51AM
cyablonskyWish they were a 1/2 size smaller!
Apr 28 03:38AM
bluet@9peaches trade
Apr 30 11:34PM
dominicsmamaWould u consider a trade!? I have good fd back/history. 😘😍
May 04 12:49AM
janelle7780$70? Can purchase immediately
May 04 10:37AM
gina4jobsHi! What's the lowest you will go on these?
May 04 02:51PM
9peaches@gina4jobs, @lorib0303 , @tmartin6306 ,@lanpham9812 I am lowering to 115 if you are interested.
May 04 04:34PM
gina4jobsVery interested! Does that include shipping as well? Thank you 👍😊
May 04 07:06PM
9peaches@gina4jobs no, you pay the shipping on your orders on posh
May 04 07:26PM
jenherjes@9peaches Hi! Just bought these; I have been following them for awhile! Any idea when u might ship? These are my Mothers Day present :-) Thank u so much!
May 05 04:49PM
9peaches@jenherjes oh, how great! I'll ship them first thing tomorrow :)
May 05 05:44PM
jenherjes@9peaches Oh thank u! That's great! Super excited to get them :-)
May 05 07:21PM
jenherjes@9peaches Thank u for shipping so quickly! :-)
May 06 07:28PM

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