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Tory Burch Turquoise Flats­čö╣Reduced Price!

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Tory Burch Turquoise Flats­čö╣Reduced Price!

Bright turquoise color. 100% leather, 100% authentic. Worn a few times last summer, show minimal signs of wear - TONS of life left in them. **They originally came with elastic ruching at the heel which I found extremely uncomfortable. I made small cuts (see 3rd pic) on the inside (not visible at all when wearing) to release the elastic which made them SOOO much more comfy.** ­čĺ▓price lowered from $99 to $85­čĺ▓
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bluet@raineyday67 trade?
Apr 09 01:20PM
raineyday67@bluet Thank you for the interest, however, I don't do trades. Too risky.
Apr 09 02:56PM
Apr 11 08:57PM
raineyday67@ashamarie1 No trades, thanks for the interest though :)
Apr 11 09:02PM
ashamarie1@raineyday67 ok thx if u change ur mind LMK . . Plz read my feedbacks
Apr 11 09:29PM
jjberkley@raineyday67 will do $75 right now?
Apr 18 11:14AM
raineyday67@jjberkley i will meet you in the middle @ &80
Apr 18 07:39PM
jjberkley@raineyday67 more royal blue or turquoise?
Apr 18 07:53PM
raineyday67@jjberkley they're really bright, like a peacock color. Not really royal blue.
Apr 18 09:58PM
katiiebI have these in green and I hate the back of them and it makes them not stay on my feet that well. Will it help that too? Btw I totally love these. Just won't have the funds until next week.
Apr 20 02:29PM
raineyday67@katiieb I couldn't wear them AT ALL before I cut them because they hurt my feet so much. I read on the Tory Burch website that it's recommended to order a 1/2 size larger which I obviously didn't do.
Apr 20 02:39PM
kelly_oo76@raineyday67 hi I really like this please check my feedback I would love to trade with you or do you have pp
Apr 22 08:43AM
neelugHa! I can't tell you how many times I wanted to cut the elastic on my I wonder how they would've felt if I did!
Apr 22 09:54AM
stephaniejoyner@raineyday67 ­čÄë­čĺúTick Tick BOOM­čĺą! I just dropped a HUGE share bomb (20+ shares per person)! ­čÄë­čĺúGood luck with your sales Raine! Don't forget to return the favor & share the love!­čĺâ­č弭čśÇ­čĺü
Apr 22 09:55AM
raineyday67@stephaniejoyner THANK YOU!!! ­čĹĆ­čÄë­čĹĆ I'll definitely return the favor ­čśä
Apr 22 09:56AM
kelly_oo76@raineyday67 would you take 80
Apr 22 10:25AM
kelly_oo76@raineyday67 also how's the shoes after you cut the elastic on the back do they more comfy now?
Apr 22 10:29AM
raineyday67@kelly_oo76 they are SO much more comfortable! I also did this to a pair of Coach flats & it made them perfect..! And yes, I will do $80 :) let me know when you'd like me to change the price.
Apr 22 10:32AM
kelly_oo76@raineyday67 ah ok I'm ready now. Also when you are gonna ship this?
Apr 22 10:35AM
raineyday67@kelly_oo76 price changed. I will ship these after work tonight! Thank you!!
Apr 22 10:44AM
kelly_oo76@raineyday67 ok great thanks! so excited­čśŐ
Apr 22 10:47AM
milts16these are amazing !!! so sad I'm just seeing them now after they've been purchased! whoever got them is a lucky girl! ­čśŐ
Apr 22 07:56PM
raineyday67@kelly_oo76 HI! These are in the mail!!
Apr 23 12:28PM
kelly_oo76@raineyday67 thanks Hun so excited ­čśŐ
Apr 23 01:03PM
jaqronI had to sell my reva exactly this color because they were uncomfy too! Had i known this trick i would have kept them! :)
Apr 23 10:42PM
katiiebJust thought you might want to know the girl that bought these from you is trying to resell them for way more than what she paid... Shady business here on poshmark.
May 09 07:24AM
raineyday67@katiieb Thanks for letting me know. Oh well, nothing I can do about. Thankfully the good poshers (like you!) outnumber the not so nice ones.
May 09 10:20PM
lchouser@katiieb I just saw that!! She even stole some of these pics! Wow! These are soooooo cute!!!
Jun 28 10:19AM

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