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Tory Burch Skyler Quilted Sneaker♦️REDUCED

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Tory Burch Skyler Quilted Sneaker♦️REDUCED

Tory Burch Skyler quilted slip on sneakers in pewter and navy patent leather. Metal tips on bow detail. Worn for about an hour only. Size 7 but can fit also fit 7.5 snug. Just reduced for quick sale
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shoesandmore_Cute closet💕 Check out my designer shoes for less, I'm always willing to negotiate☺️
Jun 25 10:38PM
musicpassionThank you for sharing! 😘
Jun 28 10:20AM
erikame@musicpassion You're welcome! And thank you for all those likes! Lmk if you have questions 😉👍
Jun 28 10:20AM
musicpassionYou're welcome! Will do!
Jun 28 10:21AM
breensNew to the Poshmark community. Please share my listings. Much appreciated. :)
Jun 28 04:16PM
teejacksonnCute shoes! I'm new to poshmark ! Please check out my closet!
Jul 26 03:31PM
erikame@teejacksonn Thanks, they're still available. Welcome to posh
Jul 26 03:32PM
teejacksonnThanks so much!
Jul 26 03:33PM
sutchelle61Wish I could afford these. Beautiful!
Jul 26 11:14PM
erikame@sutchelle61 Thank you😘😘😘
Jul 26 11:15PM
erikagannonOopsie! Accidentally hit following and had to refill ow! Lol
Aug 29 11:25AM
erikame@erikagannon Hehehe😉
Aug 29 11:40AM
brat4life@erikame hi sweetie do her shoes run true to size? I heard they run small Lmk Ty
Oct 03 12:43AM
erikame@brat4life Tory Burch is all over the place in sizes. These are mine and I'm a 7.5 yet they fit snug (could be cus they need breaking in). Half a size up were to big on me though. These will fit perfect on someone who's normally a 7 / 7.5
Oct 03 06:45AM
erikame@brat4life Hi! What did you think?
Oct 03 08:57PM
brat4life@erikame sorry I took so long I ended up getting A pair on her TB website Ty
Oct 04 09:05AM
erikame@brat4life No worries. Glad you found a nice pair👍😊 Have a nice weekend
Oct 04 09:38AM
svalentine✨Congratulations✨I have chosen this as a Host Pick for tonight's Dress To Impress Party! Happy Poshing! 🎉
Oct 04 07:45PM
erikame@svalentine Thank you sweet Sara 😘💐
Oct 04 07:47PM
maureen888"What we learn only through the ears makes less impression upon our minds than what it presented to the trustworthy eye." - Horace 💬 Big, huge congrats on your unforgettable "Dressed to Impress" Party Host Pick!! 📷💥💃
Oct 04 07:53PM
anoliver👠Fashion has a lot to do with Confidence and making up your Own Rules- Kourtney Kardashian.👗 💄So Dress to Impress... Yourself!!!👢You have a style that is all your own, so OWN it😉 "Congrats on your Fabulous HP!!👏👏❤️❤️
Oct 04 08:32PM
pdxlamCongrats on your dress to impress host pick! 🎉💜☺️
Oct 04 08:33PM
lwschlprncss🎉👏🎉👏CONGRATULATIONS on your 💃👗👠👘 "Dress to Impress" 💃👗👠👘Host Pick! 🎊👏🎊👏
Oct 04 08:42PM
sweetbee17Congratulations on this gorgeous "Dress to Impress" Host Pick 🌹🌹🌹
Oct 04 10:21PM
neonsky🌹🌻🌺🐾🌷🍀Congrats on your HP!!!!!!!!!!!🍄🌵🌴🌲🌰🌳🌼
Oct 04 11:31PM
verocasadoCongrats on your Host Pick!
Oct 05 12:15AM
erikame@deannah89 Let me know😊
Nov 15 11:30AM
deannah89@erikame love these! Thank u!
Nov 15 11:50AM
erikame@deannah89 Thank you! You're gonna love them! And great price also😉
Nov 15 11:54AM
erikame@deannah89 Would you believe if I said you should have them by Monday?
Nov 15 12:09PM
deannah89@erikame really?? Omg? That would be awesome! How is that possible? :)
Nov 15 12:19PM
erikame@deannah89 I just shipped them and my Saturday packages usually arrive Mondays. But can't promise
Nov 15 12:21PM
deannah89@erikame well that would be great if I got them on Monday but it's alright if I don't. I live in a rural area in KS and we usually get our mail later then normal! Lol. Thanks for shipping so fast! You rock! :)
Nov 15 12:23PM
erikame@deannah89 Well let's see how fast the USPS works lol
Nov 15 12:25PM
erikame@deannah89 Yea! It did arrive today lol I was hoping you'd get em!
Nov 17 03:52PM
deannah89@erikame I didn't get them today! :( did it say delivered?
Nov 17 03:59PM
erikame@deannah89 on my USPS app it say delivered. I will upload a photo in a separate listing for you to see and then delete it 😉
Nov 17 04:09PM
deannah89I sorry I didn't get to see the delivery photo. I was feeding my daughter. Up load it again and I'll save it.
Nov 17 04:59PM
deannah89@erikame I haven't even got any emails saying it was shipped even tho I no u shipped it.
Nov 17 05:01PM
erikame@deannah89 I didn't get any emails either which is why I check the tracking number directly on my USPS app
Nov 17 05:06PM
deannah89@erikame so I checked it out on the USPS website and it says the information isn't available yet. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get the package tomorrow. We do live in a rural area so I might take another day.
Nov 17 05:25PM
deannah89@erikame I'm not sure why your app says deliver tho. Funny tho.
Nov 17 05:27PM
erikame@deannah89 Oh well. I was hoping you'd have them today. That is why I love Saturday shipping. Keep me posted😘
Nov 17 05:30PM
deannah89@erikame hopefully I'll get them tomorrow. It's ok. I'll keep u posted ;) thanks.
Nov 17 05:32PM
erikame@deannah89 Thanks😘
Nov 17 05:32PM
deannah89@erikame still no shoes today. I'll check the USPS website again.
Nov 18 05:19PM
erikame@deannah89 Ugh Great!😖 All my shipments before and after this I got the email. Rats! Keep me posted. I shipped them on Saturday morning if that helps when you talk to them.
Nov 18 05:23PM
erikame@deannah89 I shipped another pair of shoes on Saturday for which I did get shipping info and show in transit and those haven't been updated nor delivered yet. In my two years on posh, all my Saturday packages arrive on Monday. Should we contact posh or wait another day?
Nov 18 05:26PM
deannah89@erikame I'm sorry but I misplaced the tracking number! Lol my toddler daughter took the paper I wrote the number on and now I can't find it! I don't have snap chat or anything like that to save the picture. Would u mind giving me the tracking number again please!? :) sorry. I'll call them and see about the package. Then I'll let u know what we should do :)
Nov 18 05:31PM
erikame@deannah89 Ok I just posted it.
Nov 18 05:35PM
deannah89@erikame ok I just spoke to USPS and they said a shipping label with that number has been made but no other tracking information is available! I'm not sure what else to do. Is it possible for u to go back to the post office you sent it out of and ask them? Let me know what u think? Thanks :)
Nov 18 06:13PM
erikame@deannah89 Oh S$-&! Don't tell me that! I gave it to the mailman! And he wasn't my regular mailman!
Nov 18 06:24PM
erikame@deannah89 I'm sure they will arrive. Let's see tomorrow. My app said delivered, you saw. So weird.
Nov 18 06:26PM
erikame@deannah89 I went ahead and emailed posh telling them how my app says delivered, the websites don't have info and that you called your local USPS with no luck. I want to think they will arrive tomorrow but just in case, I want posh to help us as well. The shoes are so great and I was so excited that you were getting them Monday. Let's keep eachother in the loop. I will let you know what posh says when them email me. 😘💐
Nov 18 06:36PM
deannah89@erikame oh no! I hope the other mail man didn't lose it or even worse keep it! I really hope they show up tomorrow! I love them! Can't wait to wear them! :) I'll keep trying to track online. Oh good I'm glad u emailed posh, hopefully they can help too! :) thank you for trying too! :) I'll keep I posted
Nov 18 07:38PM
erikame@deannah89 I don't think he would risk his job and plus it's illegal. I'm sure you will get them tomorrow. It's just that they forgot to scan it.
Nov 18 07:42PM
erikame@deannah89 I called this morning and we have an open case with the USPS. Marsha, the customer service lady said most likely the system will update and you will have the package before they get back to me. Talk about positive thinking from the USPS lol I'll keep you posted. If you get them let me know
Nov 19 09:42AM
deannah89Oh good! I hope they can help find it! Still no package today :( I'll keep tracking :)
Nov 19 06:57PM
erikame@deannah89 Yay! We got the tracking email! Finally! They're at your local post office so I'm thinking they'll be out for delivery today or tomorrow. So much for 3 day shipping lol
Nov 20 08:37AM
erikame@deannah89 They're out for delivery!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👍
Nov 20 08:40AM
deannah89@erikame love love love these shoes! Super comfy and beautiful! Thank you! :)
Nov 20 06:22PM
erikame@deannah89 lol that took some effort to get to you lol. I'm so happy you liked them. Enjoy wearing them!😘
Nov 20 06:24PM
erikame@deannah89 Deanna Hope you are having a fabulous Valentine's Day❣xoxo Erika💕
Feb 14 01:23PM

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