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Tory Burch - Julian Riding Boots Sz 6 1/2

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Tory Burch - Julian Riding Boots Sz 6 1/2NWT

Brand New. Gorgeous fig brown color. Runs true to size but the shaft runs tight/narrow. You need to have skinny calves (unlike me) to fit into these riding boots. I am 5'1" and the boot shaft height hits about an inch under my knees. Gift bag and box included.
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beatrixStill avail? Very int
Jun 27 05:12PM
kirstenkaye@beatrix hi! Yes, still available. Let me know if you need additional information. They don't fit my calves. πŸ˜”
Jun 27 05:15PM
beatrixWould you do trade? Or partial trade?
Jun 27 05:17PM
kirstenkaye@beatrix sorry, no. Don't need anything right now.
Jun 27 05:19PM
beatrixHi! Would you trade with my Prada heels. Its size 7 but fits perfect to 6.5 and very comfortable too
Jun 28 08:12AM
beatrixPls let me know if you can't
Jun 28 08:23AM
kirstenkaye@beatrix hi, sorry but i really dont need a new pair right now. Thanks for the offer! 😊
Jun 28 08:29AM
beatrixEven if I include a gift. I just posted my Reva. My husband bought it for me at Nordstrom to wear it on his graduation. So I only wore it once.
Jun 28 08:37AM
kirstenkaye@beatrix tempting, i love tory flats but i am a true 6.5 in TB so 7 will be loose.
Jun 28 08:40AM
beatrixMy TB is 6.5 and my prada is 37 in Europe size and 6.5 in US. I'm sz 6.5
Jun 28 09:05AM
beatrixPls pls consider it. I've been looking for these boots.
Jun 28 10:47AM
kirstenkaye@beatrix sorry to turn down your offer. πŸ˜”
Jun 28 11:43AM
meghanrowlandwould you consider any less?
Jul 18 04:56AM
kirstenkaye@meghanrowland hi! Thanks for the interest! Make a reasonable offer but please keep it super close to what I listed. 😊
Jul 18 07:25AM
meghanrowlandi have another pair of tory riding boots in a 7 but they fit kind of big on me, so i think this size would be okay
Jul 18 07:49AM
meghanrowlandhow much lower can you go
Jul 18 08:00AM
kirstenkaye@meghanrowland i envy you! The footbed is TTS 6.5 just tight on the shaft. My calves dont fit! 😞
Jul 18 08:01AM
kirstenkaye@meghanrowland i dont want to give a number in case someone is willing to spend as listed. I can't help to make it lower because of 20% that goes to PM.
Jul 18 08:09AM
tswifttt13See anything you'd want to trade?
Jul 27 12:33PM
xamphalynnx@kirstenkaye hi! Are these still available☺️
Jul 29 03:04PM
kirstenkaye@xamphalynnx hi, yes they are still available. Let me know if you need any additional info. ☺️
Jul 29 03:19PM
xamphalynnx@kirstenkaye would you mind emailing me to discuss pricing? we can still do the transaction via poshmark but didn't want to name a price on the listing.
Jul 29 03:20PM
kirstenkaye@xamphalynnx hi, the price is firm. Keeping at that price for now unless I really have to let them go. πŸ˜‰
Jul 29 03:22PM
xamphalynnx@kirstenkaye that's fair! As far as sizing, are they like the miller sandals- have to go up a size type thing? I'm between a 6-6.5.
Jul 29 03:24PM
kirstenkaye@xamphalynnx hi, not at all. It's true 6.5. I am a 6.5 in tb flats and this fits me well except the shaft. I am 7 in miller sandals.
Jul 29 03:49PM
xamphalynnx@kirstenkaye perfect then! I may be able to Give you your asking price. I'll be back in touch in about a week max. Hopefully they'll still be there. Perfect for ohio fall/winters☺️☺️
Jul 29 03:50PM
kirstenkaye@xamphalynnx okay, sounds good. I told myself I'll lose weight or do some calf exercises. If someone buys this before I can actually fit in them then it means they're not for me to keep. 😊
Jul 29 03:55PM
xamphalynnx@kirstenkaye omigosh you're too cute! I'll be in touch soon! Thanks for the information.❀️
Jul 29 03:55PM
kirstenkaye@jessivon hi, thank you for the purchase. I will ship it this week. I am trying to document this shipment just to make sure everything will go smoothly. I will let you know once I ship the boots. Have a great evening! ☺️
Aug 04 05:33PM
jessivonOk thanks :)
Aug 04 08:45PM
kirstenkaye@jessivon hi again! I stopped by the post office and they don't have a big box that will fit these boots. I will have to make one. Do you mind if i fold the gift bag in half?
Aug 05 03:53PM
jessivonNo not at all, just as long as the boots get here safely :)
Aug 05 08:29PM
kirstenkaye@jessivon hi, i am stopping by the post office after work to document and ship your boots! 😊
Aug 07 11:39AM
kirstenkaye@jessivon hi again! Sorry I missed the post office hours! Got caught in a bad traffic. Hopefully I will be luckier tomorrow. Worst case is to get stuck again and have to wait until Saturday morning before I can ship. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!
Aug 07 03:32PM
jessivonNo problem, im so excited to have them :D
Aug 07 09:07PM
kirstenkaye@jessivon hi! I shipped the boots! Documented, so hopefully it will arrive safely! Please keep an eye on it so nobody will take the package if you live in a place were anyone can just pick up somebody's mail/package. I was able to find a large moving box, so watch out for that. Have a great weekend!
Aug 08 04:35PM
jessivonOk thank you is much ^_^
Aug 08 05:20PM
kirstenkaye@jessivon hi! i am glad the boots arrived safely! Thank you for the 5⭐️ rating! I agree that they're gorgeous. I am jealous that they fit you!😊 Enjoy and hope you and your new boots will turn heads this fall! 😊
Aug 12 03:46AM
Sep 05 09:56PM
kirstenkaye@alba330 you helped me a LOT on this first big sale!!!! Thank you again from the bottom of my πŸ’–!!!! 😁😊
Sep 08 07:44PM
alba330You're welcome!
Sep 08 08:30PM

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