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Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver/ 18k Gold Bangle

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Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver/ 18k Gold Bangle

Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver & 18k Gold Heart Clasp Bangle - Authentic! Purchased from Tiffany & Co. Ships in Tiffany soft bag and box (with original Tiffany white bow if you like)
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kim3984@paris799 what size is this? I have a really small wrist.
Aug 14 11:18AM
paris799@kim3984 At it's widest point it's slightly under 2 1/2 inches... And from too to bottom it's 2 inches... It's the standard smaller size Tiffany bangle.
Aug 14 11:22AM
flair14Hi sweetie, I am wondering how you can tell that the clasp part is 18k gold, is it stamped? Is it white or yellow gold attached to the Sterling Silver? Is the bracelet stamped 18k and. 925? Thanks so much love. 💝Kim
Aug 14 12:36PM
paris799@flair14 Hi Kim :) It is stamped on the base if the clasp with T&Co. 925 (Sterling Silver) and 750 (which means it's 18k gold) and the date 1990 (vintage!) The gold is on the top of each heart, on the clasp. I am adding a few more pics (as close as my phone will take them) to my closet for you to see in greater detail in a separate listing. Thanks for you're interest!
Aug 14 01:05PM
flair14Trish ~ Thank you so much for the quick, well written, and informative response💙Please tag me if you can remember when you get the additional photos taken. Thanks again! Kim
Aug 14 04:03PM
yumi28@paris799 hi, is this price firm?
Aug 16 11:27AM
paris799@yumi28 please feel free to make an offer :) thank you :)
Aug 16 11:30AM
yumi28@paris799 $115?
Aug 16 11:41AM
yumi28@paris799 hi, I can buy now for that price. Thx for getting with me. I will understand if too low. 😊
Aug 16 11:56AM
paris799@yumi28 Yes I can do $115, but I am away this weekend so cannot ship until Monday. Is that ok with you? Thank you.
Aug 16 12:58PM
yumi28@paris799 your awesome! Just purchased. 😉 Thx for this beautiful buy!
Aug 16 01:00PM
yumi28@paris799 Monday is fine!
Aug 16 01:00PM
paris799@yumi28 Thank you :) Enjoy it! I will pack up now and ship out first thing Monday morning! :)
Aug 16 01:06PM
paris799@yumi28 Shipped today! Enjoy it:) :)
Aug 18 03:57PM
yumi28@paris799 thanks so much! Can't wait!
Aug 18 09:23PM
yumi28@paris799 such a beautiful piece, I love it! Thanks so much.
Aug 21 02:07PM
paris799@yumi28 So glad you like it! :) Enjoy :) :)
Aug 21 02:14PM

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