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TRIANGL rose gold neoprene bikini

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TRIANGL rose gold neoprene bikiniNWT

TRIANGL rose gold bikini in neoprene. SiE large top and bottoms which would fit a C-D and approx size 6. Hottest bikini brand of the summer!
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kristengodsey1Do you have anymore pictures of the actual bikini?
Jul 11 07:59PM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 yeah let me take some. It's brand new
Jul 11 08:09PM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 added another, let me know if you want to see something specific 😊
Jul 11 08:10PM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam thank you so much! Would you mind measuring the bottoms and let me know how many inches across they are... Everytime I contact triangl and ask about sizing they give me different answers about whether I should get a medium or large. If this fits I'll probably purchase tonight! :)
Jul 12 04:10AM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 no problem, happy to measure! The bottoms lying flat are 15" across and they have a bit of a stretch but since it's neoprene it's not as much of a stretch as a typical swimsuit.
Jul 12 09:14AM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam okay then I definitely think it'll fit! And are the straps on the top adjustable? It looks like they are I just wanna make sure :) also does it come with the bag? 😍
Jul 12 09:27AM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 the top measures 15" across as well and the straps adjust like typical bra straps. And yes it comes with the rose gold bag as well! 😊
Jul 12 09:28AM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 and if you're set on the bikini, I can wrap it up and ship it out this morning
Jul 12 09:33AM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam AHHH I'm so excited.. I'm at work until 5:30 tonight and I live in NY so I can pay for it tonight! Stupid question but it's definitely authentic right? (Just had to ask lol😊)
Jul 12 11:32AM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 absolutely authentic! I'm serious about the Poshmark rules 😊
Jul 12 11:39AM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam would you please take $70? I'm ready to purchase right now!!!
Jul 12 03:06PM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 changed 😉
Jul 12 03:07PM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam Just purchased... Thank you so much!!!
Jul 12 03:12PM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 my pleasure! It's packed up and ready to get sent out
Jul 12 03:18PM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam Okayy! It's probably too late to send it out today right?
Jul 12 04:08PM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam hi! Could you please let me know when you ship it out 😊
Jul 14 12:21PM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 I put it in the mail this morning
Jul 14 12:22PM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam 😁 okay! Is there a tracking number for it?
Jul 14 12:26PM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 it's USPS 9405 5108 9025 5072 97
Jul 14 01:18PM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam is that the whole number? It's not coming up on the website I feel like it's missing a few numbers haha
Jul 15 07:15AM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 tracking says it will arrive Thursday! 😊
Jul 16 12:18AM
kristengodsey1@justaddglam got it!! I love it thank you so much 💜
Jul 17 06:16PM
justaddglam@kristengodsey1 yay! It's really cute and I love the little bag it comes in 😊
Jul 17 06:17PM

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