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Steve Madden "BBANDIT" Handbag

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Steve Madden "BBANDIT" Handbag

Black with white trim and gold hardware. Mint condition. Never worn.
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jennasexyasianHi I'm just wondering what the dimensions are please n Thanks! (:
May 05 03:40AM
michellelaurenn@jennasexyasian 17x10x5 i think?? Ill double check with a ruler when i get home. Do u want me to place this on hold for u
May 05 05:13AM
jennasexyasianYes please,(: Thanks so much! Oh! N one more question, does it come with a long strap to wear on the side
May 05 01:33PM
michellelaurenn@jennasexyasian 14x11x5 and im currently looking for the strap. Lol.
May 05 01:59PM
michellelaurenn@jennasexyasian hey girl i cant find the strap. If u still want it we can work something out! Btw-- the xbody u wanted me to measure for u has the exact strap that would have gone on that bag so it is interchangeable.
May 05 02:15PM
May 12 10:56PM
michellelaurenn@abrilp no trades- sorry hun
May 13 04:45AM
michellelaurenn@nicoleyoley thanks for the like! If your interested lemme know!!!
Jun 12 07:39PM
michellelaurenn@jennifer1002 thanks for the like! Lemme know if i can help
Jun 14 10:20AM
jennifer1002Would you take lower?
Jun 14 10:57AM
michellelaurenn@jennifer1002 whats ur best?
Jun 14 11:32AM
jennifer1002Hmm... $25? If that's too low I understand!
Jun 14 11:33AM
michellelaurenn@jennifer1002 thats a lil too low :( im sorry! Maybe we can work something out
Jun 14 11:37AM
michellelaurenn@briluvsclothes thanks girlie!!😘😘 if i can do anything to help let me know!! Ide love to work something out if your interested!
Jun 15 10:04AM
michellelaurenn@shahs4 thanks for the like!!😘 if i can be of any help, let me know!
Jun 16 08:20PM
Jun 23 07:49PM
michellelaurenn@celinegil thanls for the like! Lemme know of i can help!!
Jul 01 07:15PM
michellelaurenn@sydnieleeann thanks for the like!
Jul 01 08:32PM
michellelaurenn@dwalker76 😘😘😘
Jul 25 06:33AM
olivia_lane_Trade for anything?
Aug 17 06:51PM
michellelaurenn@olivia_lane_ sorry no trades:( hope we can still agree on a price! Would love to give this a new home!!
Aug 17 06:59PM
olivia_lane_Does it come with the big strap?
Aug 17 07:36PM
michellelaurenn@olivia_lane_ unfortunately i cant find :(
Aug 17 08:09PM
michellelaurenn@wpi 😘😘😘
Sep 16 12:48PM
michellelaurenn@lynseyjune this is part of the poshmark closet clear out sale with discount shipping!!
Sep 30 04:56AM
michellelaurenn@ruylehc thanks!!
Oct 02 04:41AM
penn1299Please do u still have this bag
Oct 03 04:20AM
michellelaurenn@penn1299 yes! I do
Oct 03 04:35AM
penn1299Inside of the bag is nice?
Oct 03 04:44AM
penn129930 for it
Oct 03 04:45AM
michellelaurenn@penn1299 yup the inside is clean. This bag is like in mint condition. Never used. And price is firm because its in great condition☺️.
Oct 03 04:49AM
Oct 05 07:39PM
michellelaurenn@olivia_lauren thanks!!
Oct 05 07:40PM
michellelaurenn@princessbaby thanks!
Oct 05 07:41PM
michellelaurenn@cbullock54 thankyou!!!😘
Oct 18 12:35PM
drewsannieIs this soft or more sturdy of a bag?
Oct 18 12:47PM
michellelaurenn@drewsannie hey! This one is soft, whereas my other black Steve Madden is sturdy!
Oct 18 12:50PM
drewsannieGreat! I don't like sturdy! I might be back later this wk when I get paid!!
Oct 18 01:01PM
michellelaurenn@drewsannie great!! Looking forward to it!
Oct 18 02:28PM
drewsannieThank you so much!! 😊
Oct 25 02:01PM
michellelaurenn@drewsannie your very welcome!!!! Ill drop off tomorrow, even though they arent scanning it until Monday
Oct 25 03:43PM
drewsannieOk, thanks!!! β€οΈπŸ‘œ
Oct 25 03:48PM
michellelaurenn@drewsannie your very welcome!! Wear it in good health!!😘
Oct 29 02:15PM

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