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Conceptual Subculture Jewelry - Shungite Pendant Silver Leather Necklace EMF 5G

Shungite Pendant Silver Leather Necklace EMF 5G   


Conceptual Subculture
$38 $76 
Thank you for looking at this one of a kind handmade genuine leather pendant necklace. I used a genuine piece of Shungite from Russia to make a casual orgone energy healing device, because Shungite protects against EMF and 5G 30" chain, 2 x 1" is the pendant. Rustic, tribal, primitive, healing, wicca, wiccan, crystal, burning man, energy, festival, shamanic, Pyrography, reiki, , unisex, mens, mans, men,, natural, real, boho, bohemian scalar, nano, orgonite,