Nike Frees in Hot Punch. Size 7. Authentic. Have small scuff on front and back but otherwise in perfect condition (will add more pictures later today). PRICE: $90 via PAYPAL (I have feedback, search under "other" category in my closet). Price is firm, these are a hard to get color and they go for way more on eBay. Please do not argue, price is 100% firm.
Seller Discount: 10% off 3+ Bundle
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
stacy2008Trade luv😊
May 12 09:11AM
May 16 02:19PM
May 21 05:58AM
krissiebCongrats on this being on the Poshmark Blog!
May 28 07:26AM
amandaphilia@krissieb wait what? I had no idea lol
May 28 07:30AM
krissiebYep! It's under today's post. http://poshmarkapp.tumblr.com/ you may have to scroll down a few pictures.
May 28 07:32AM
amandaphilia@krissieb oh cool! Thanks for pointing that out, I would've known lol!
May 28 07:33AM
amandaphilia@krissieb *never known
May 28 07:34AM
krissiebLol! No prob! I don't think they notify you when they do that, but I read the blog every day and sometimes try to send congrats...it's just an awesome thing to be highlighted on there. Congrats again!
May 28 07:35AM
angelgirl75I have been searching for these EVERY WHERE!!!!
Jun 02 10:49PM
amandaphilia@angelgirl75 lol well now you've found them! Let me know if you're interested
Jun 03 04:53AM
amandaphilia@angelgirl75 Also I do have two track jackets that match these shoes if you were interested in a bundle. I do take 15% off all bundles so it'd actually probably be cheaper to buy the shoes plus a jacket. This price is via payypal only though, if you bought through posh it'd be more since they take out so much.
Jun 03 07:40AM
angelgirl75Sorry phone died and havent been on here but still want these if u have them I know u cant hold so when Im ready to purchase if u have them I will send u a message!! Thank you so much!!
Jun 17 06:55PM
amandaphilia@angelgirl75 were you wanting to purchase via pyypal for $110 or via posh which would be $150?
Jun 17 06:58PM
barbieregia@amandaphilia trade??? Fossil watch maybe??
Jun 18 10:46PM
mmdavison2014trade?! 😍😍😍
Jun 19 02:02PM
ctate103Trade? Have Nikes or lulu
Jun 23 08:56AM
amandaphilia@barbieregia @mmdavison2014 @ctate103 sorry no trades. Posh or ppaypall purchases only
Jun 27 04:28PM
lindsaysutton09@amandaphilia I am very VERY interested. But I'd like pictures of the scuffs so I know what to expect also picture of the bottoms
Jun 28 08:36AM
amandaphilia@lindsaysutton09 uploaded! So the second picture shows the front where it's a bit darker. It's not noticeable but I tried to get a good picture of it. The second shows the little scuffs on the back right above the white part. And obviously last picture is the bottom!
Jun 28 08:49AM
lindsaysutton09Sorry I forgot to get back to you! These look amazing but I just realized that I'd need a 7.5-8 so these will be too small :-( thanks anyways
Jul 03 02:21PM
amandaphilia@heybecca_24 @gypsycowgirlbou Let me know if you're interested in these. Price listed is via ppaypall only, but a price for posh can be negotiated.
Jul 07 08:59AM
gypsycowgirlbouI'm only looking to spend $50 max for pre owned shoes.
Jul 07 11:18AM
gypsycowgirlbouI just got these BRAND NEW for $80 on eBay. Thanks
Jul 07 11:56AM
amandaphilia@gypsycowgirlbou These, like the Tiffany blue ones I used to have, are extremely hard to find. I checked prices on here and ebay and my price was lower. The only time I've seen them that cheap, they were not authentic and they had hundreds of pairs in every size. I charge based on rarity, current selling prices where they are available, authenticity and condition.
Jul 07 12:06PM
gypsycowgirlbouIt's alright, they're brand new & they have a receipt from the original purchase
Jul 07 01:13PM
amandaphilia@genesisc97 let me know if you're interested in these! I also do 15% off bundles if you liked anything else
Jul 12 08:34AM
kalicarringtonWhat's the lowest you can go?
Jul 15 10:38PM
amandaphilia@kalicarrington the lowest is $90 via ppaypall and that includes shipping.
Jul 16 06:00AM
kalicarringtonOk no thanks too expensive
Jul 16 11:09AM
amandaphilia@alohilani14 @supercheney17 Let me know if either of you are iinterested! Price listed is via ppaypall and includes shipping, a price for posh can be negotiated too if you'd rather stick through here.
Jul 16 11:19AM
amandaphilia@ashlee_ann @wsugirl @torimae30 @hhihjkl Let me know if any of you are interested. The price listed is ppaypall only but if you want to purchase through posh, a price can be negotiated!
Jul 17 08:59AM
asdfjoyce@amandaphilia would you want to trade with my lf pineapple romper?:)
Jul 20 06:03PM
amandaphilia@asdfjoyce sorry not interested in trading
Jul 20 06:14PM
asdfjoyce@amandaphilia would you do $75-80 p a y p a l?
Jul 20 06:16PM
amandaphilia@asdfjoyce yes id do $80 and that would include shipping. Did you want to do that?
Jul 20 06:17PM
asdfjoyce@amandaphilia could you possibly do $77 p a y p a l since there's usually a fee?? :)
Jul 20 06:24PM
amandaphilia@asdfjoyce the fee isn't for you, it's for me. Like if you click "friends and family" there's no fee for anyone but if you do "goods and services", there's a fee that gets charged to me. $80 is my lowest because it costs more for me to ship something like shoes as opposed to just clothes
Jul 20 06:26PM
asdfjoyce@amandaphilia oh whenever I make a payment on p a y p a l using f&f I usually get charged a fee because I use my card and not my p a y p a l balance so that's what I was saying haha
Jul 20 06:30PM
amandaphilia@asdfjoyce that's so odd! Yeah doing goods and services is the best option all around because you're protected by pPayPall, there's no fee for you because it's just like purchasing from an online store and the fee for the seller is a lot smaller than Posh's. But yeah let me know if you're interested for $80 and I'll give you my email. I can ship tomorrow morning before work
Jul 20 06:32PM
amandaphilia@jamieebolton @ibetori let me know if either of you are interested! Can ship tomorrow morning
Jul 20 08:21PM
amandaphilia@asdfjoyce were you wanting to get these?
Jul 21 05:50PM
asdfjoyce@amandaphilia yes! But I currently don't have enough money to purchase these :(
Jul 21 05:52PM
amandaphilia@asdfjoyce okay let me know whenever you are ready!
Jul 21 07:00PM
samanthamalaWhat's your lowest for these on Posh? I have credits on here so I would prefer that
Jul 22 02:16PM
amandaphilia@samanthamala it would be $100 They just take so much out. If you want to do that though let me know
Jul 22 02:38PM
samanthamalaEhh that's a little too much. I may just buy them on p a y p a l, are you still offering 80?
Jul 22 02:42PM
amandaphilia@samanthamala yes I am. If it's a credit from your sales you could just have it directly deposited and then it doesn't matter if you use ppaypall or posh!
Jul 22 02:44PM
amandaphilia@samanthamala Were you interested in purchasing these still?
Jul 23 07:13AM
samanthamala@amandaphilia yes! Are these true to size? And my email is shmalanowski@gmail.com
Jul 23 10:14AM
amandaphilia@samanthamala Yes they are a true 7. Ill send you an in voice right now
Jul 23 10:17AM
amandaphilia@samanthamala Okay I just sent it so whenever you pay, make sure the address you want it shipped to is the one you have on your ppaypall account and Ill ship it out as soon as the money is received
Jul 23 10:20AM
samanthamalaPaid! Just to confirm, the address you have is Ogle St correct?
Jul 23 11:01AM
amandaphilia@samanthamala Yep thats what I have! Okay I will get them packed up and dropped off at the post office. Ill tag you when I have your tracking number updated on there
Jul 23 11:26AM
amandaphilia@samanthamala I added the tracking number so you should be able to track on ppaypall now!
Jul 24 07:10AM
amandaphilia@samanthamala Hey it looks like the package was delivered! Just so you know, you do have to accept the package on ppaypall just like you do on here so if you could do that, that would be wonderful. Thanks!
Jul 26 06:06PM
samanthamala@amandaphilia oh thanks I didn't know. I love my new shoes, they're so bright!
Jul 26 10:14PM
amandaphilia@samanthamala yay I'm glad you love them!! And yeah it's where you go to track it I think, there should be like an accept button or something similar
Jul 27 10:11AM

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