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Handmade Other - ❌SOLD❌     🦋❤️Handmade Tuscan apothecary jar

❌SOLD❌ 🦋❤️Handmade Tuscan apothecary jar   


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Sorry for the glare. It’s difficult to get a great pic of clear glass. It really is a vibrant jar. I created this glass apothecary jar filled w/mini faux grapes, tomatoes, & lemons. A sunflower adorns the top & 2 colors of wired ribbon wrap around to the left. On the right is a hand painted wooden tag tied w/colored jute twine “Toscana Cucuna” or “Tuscan Kitchen” in Italian. Measures approx 8” H. Can only be bundled with clothing item(s). ❤️Price is firm. Posh keeps 20%