Reserved: Classy White Quilted Crossbody

This classy crossbody bag is perfect for summer! Good condition, no stains. Approx. 7.5"x1.25"x5" with a 22" strap drop.
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection & Refund Policy
Mar 18 06:42PM
kdao87@shop2164 sorry I didn't see anything I needed from ur closet :/
Mar 18 06:44PM
shop2164I really love this! Would you consider lower through pp
Mar 18 06:47PM
kdao87@shop2164 I'll sell it to u for $25?
Mar 18 06:48PM
shop2164Can I buy both of them for 40?
Mar 18 06:48PM
kdao87@shop2164 the black and white one? Sure!
Mar 18 06:50PM
shop2164We would do it through PayPal right?
Mar 18 06:51PM
kdao87@shop2164 I don't have pp. I can do a bundle for u so u only pay $5 in shipping fees?
Mar 18 06:52PM
shop2164Aw man I only have 40 right now! Thanks anyways:)
Mar 18 06:53PM
kdao87@shop2164 I'll do $35 for both so that should be $40 even. Final offer.
Mar 18 06:53PM
shop2164Aw I feel bad:/ but thanks so much! Yes I'll take them both 35
Mar 18 06:54PM
kdao87@shop2164 I'll change the listing to include both bags and the price
Mar 18 06:55PM
shop2164By the way what brand are they
Mar 18 06:55PM
kdao87@shop2164 they do not have any specific brand
Mar 18 06:57PM
shop2164Ok I will buy them by tomorrow morning
Mar 18 07:06PM
kdao87@shop2164 lmk when ur ready to buy and I will change the price
Mar 19 07:31AM
kdao87@shop2164 let me know if ur still interested bc otherwise I'm going to list at the regular price again?
Mar 20 05:31AM
shop2164Ok sorry I'm trying to get the money ASAP somehing fell through with my paypal! You can change it back and then ill let you know once I get it fixed if it's still available by then of course
Mar 20 09:04AM
kdao87@shop2164 no prob I can hold it as is for u until ur ready if it won't take too long, maybe a few days? I just wanted to know bc if u def were not gonna buy I would put it back to regular :)
Mar 20 09:36AM
shop2164You can take it off hold and if it's still available in the next few weeks or less I'll purchase!
Mar 20 05:53PM
damc@kdao87 20?
Mar 21 09:11PM
kdao87@damc sure lmk when ur ready to buy!
Mar 21 09:12PM
summertyme13I'll buy it now for $20
Apr 08 05:12AM
kdao87@summertyme13 sure!
Apr 08 09:20AM
kdao87@summertyme13 hi! Were u still interested in this bag?
Apr 13 12:59PM
aguilarjessica2Can you do $7?
May 18 03:01AM
kdao87@aguilarjessica2 sorry I can only go as low as $10, this has already been marked down from $40
May 18 10:08AM
aguilarjessica2Okay!(: i can probably purchase this week
May 18 12:37PM
kdao87@aguilarjessica2 sure, let me know when u are ready to purchase and I will change the listing :)
May 18 01:54PM
kdao87@aguilarjessica2 hi! still interested in purchasing??
May 28 10:52AM
knvaught09Hi! Is this the same purse as the black one you have? I'm trying to get an idea of the size :)
Jun 04 01:51PM
kdao87@knvaught09 the black is slightly larger, I posted the measurements for the white one in the listing :)
Jun 04 01:59PM
knvaught09I should have read that! Haha. You said you would take $10 for it?
Jun 04 02:08PM
kdao87@knvaught09 yes I can change the listing to $10 for u?
Jun 04 02:12PM
knvaught09Yes! Will you hold it until I get home and can purchase on my computer?
Jun 04 02:28PM
kdao87@knvaught09 sure, lmk when u r ready to buy
Jun 04 02:30PM
knvaught09Thank you!
Jun 04 02:34PM
knvaught09I didn't forget about this, I'll be paying shortly!!
Jun 04 06:22PM
knvaught09Alright, let me know when you change the price and I'll buy! :)) Thanks!
Jun 04 06:36PM
kdao87@knvaught09 I changed it!
Jun 04 08:35PM
kdao87@knvaught09 sorry for the late reply but I just got home
Jun 04 08:35PM
knvaught09No problem! Just purchased :) Thank you!
Jun 04 08:52PM

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