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Refined Leather Booties 6-6.5

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Refined Leather Booties 6-6.5

You might be wondering why F21 shoes are this expensive but this pair is from the Genuine Leather Collection. Just bought it a few weeks ago and it's too small for me but F21 is being difficult about returns (I took off the tag which btw bound the two shoes together to try them on and now they won't accept returns). Runs small bought as a 6.5 but would better fit a size 6 (couldn't zip it up at the back). One side is slightly creased, otherwise pristine.
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herparallaxYou will get the crease once you wear them. (And I tried a side on :/)
Apr 14 09:23PM
sadizzleWould you take $30?
Apr 25 02:38PM
herparallax@sadizzle that's too low sorry :(
Apr 25 02:43PM
tina66102002Why can't we have the same size? Ugh😭I have these in brown and I would love to have the black too. Great price!
Apr 26 07:10PM
herparallaxLol yea. So sad that they didn't fit me :/ @tina66102002
Apr 26 07:13PM
the1stclosetWhat a great HP! Super Trendy! You have an eye for trendy style :) Congrats & Woot~Woot!!!!
May 01 07:35PM
windylouuI am ENVIOUS of your TRENDY host pick! Lol! Congrats!! 👏👏👏🎉😊💕
May 01 07:36PM
May 01 07:40PM
anoliverCongrats on your HP!!💜💜
May 01 07:46PM
hopesparkles✨👑🎉💗Congratulations on your Trendy HP! 💗💐👑✨
May 01 07:51PM
May 01 07:52PM
star_gazer99@herparallax Congrats! So Trendy to Envy! 😈💚
May 01 08:02PM
sgmt@herparallax 🎉🎉🎉WOO HOO! YIPPY!!🎉🎉🎉 We can all agree your closet is 👑👑👑when it comes to HPs!!! CONGRATS ON YET ANOTHER FANTASTIC HP! 🎈🎈🎈💐💐💐👏👏👏👯👯👯👯👍
May 01 08:09PM
pamelam🎶🎤🎶I'm leavin on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again.....🎶🎤🎶leavin on a jet plane don't know when I'll be back again🎶🎤🎶 BUT.... Before I go, I want to 🎉🎈🎊CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR HOST PICK!!!🎉🎈🎊 (I'm really not leaving on a jet plane 😟😟)
May 01 08:22PM
May 01 08:33PM
katz2👏👏🎉🎉Congratulations on your Host Pick. 💖💖
May 01 08:33PM
lmbohanan👏👏Congrats on your Fabulous HP! 💕❤️ Lola
May 01 08:42PM
herparallax@windylouu Thanks girl!! :)
May 01 09:52PM
herparallax@anoliver Thank you Angela for always being there! xo.
May 01 09:53PM
erica34Great shoes too bad not my size but sharing!!!!😂😃
May 02 05:32AM
herparallax@katef Thank you for choosing this for last night's party! :)
May 02 01:43PM
anoliverIt's a joy!! Your beautiful closet deserves all the shares, cheers and attention it can get!😘
May 03 09:22AM
fashionjewelry0This one pretty aswell
May 03 01:38PM
dashingdarlenaI'm digging this. I wish you had my size 😢
May 05 05:24PM
herparallax@dashingdarlena they are still on sale on the f21 site I think!! Remember to buy a .5 size larger though!!
May 05 05:42PM
joyceandYou have such a nice closet!
May 09 05:53PM
herparallax@joyceand thank you 😊😊
May 09 06:00PM
sadizzleTake $35 now?
May 11 08:07PM
herparallax@sadizzle $38 is my lowest. It's a very good price for this pair of shoes.
May 11 08:08PM
sadizzleIt's fine :) thought id ask. Just purchased
May 11 08:10PM
sadizzleWhen can these ship?
May 11 08:42PM
herparallax@sadizzle I schedule for USPS to pick up all my parcels. These will ship tomorrow around 5-6pm when the postal service does its regular mail delivery. You should receive the shipping notification by tomorrow night or Tuesday morning depending on how backlogged USPS is. I know this weekend USPS was pretty behind in mail notifications because of Mother's Day. Hopefully it will clear up by Monday.
May 11 08:45PM
sadizzleOkay thanks
May 11 08:45PM
herparallax@sadizzle I've mailed these out! Just letting you know 😊😊😘😘
May 13 12:00AM
sadizzleGreat :) thank you
May 13 12:01AM
herparallax@sadizzle For some reason.. Posh isn't sending any of us the shipping notification. But here's your tracking # 9405510899359022640164. Just in case you wanted to see the shipping progress.
May 14 12:29AM
sadizzleThank you
May 14 04:31AM
sadizzleHey love...just picked up the shoes but these are actually a size 5.5. That's why they didn't fit you. There is a sticker on the bottom of both shoes that say U.S. 5.5. Haha gosh I was waiting on these too. I already contacted posh to see if I can return these to you b/c I'm not a 5.5. Sorry about that.
May 15 09:45AM
herparallax@sadizzle are you a size 6?
May 15 10:23AM
herparallaxSighs f21 has been really annoying with online orders recently. I'm sorry. I saw they came in a 6.5 box.. I just assumed f21 wouldn't have derped so bad 😣😣 @sadizzle
May 15 10:34AM
herparallax@sadizzle I was quite certain it would have for a 6 though. The zipper was my only problem and even so it wasn't gaping when I put the shoe on I just couldn't zip it up fully. 😣😣
May 15 10:37AM
sadizzle@herparallax yes I'm a 6, I can put them on and zip them but once you zip them they become really tight. They fit true to size. These are for a size 5.5. I tried them on in my house & tried to walk in them but they are just too tight, and I have narrow feet.
May 15 10:56AM
herparallax@sadizzle well that's the last time I'm buying from anything from f21 online lol! Sorry I should have checked the sticker. Just thought it ran small! 😭😭😭
May 15 12:34PM
sadizzleLol it's fine, I really wanted them but it was a mistake. I knew they looked really small lol and something told me to look on the bottom
May 15 12:36PM
herparallax@sadizzle anyway if you're intending to get this pair from f21 I'd still advise you to go half a size up. I've bought the size 7 in this and it fits my 6.5 feet perfectly! 😊😊
May 15 12:37PM
sadizzleOkay thanks :)
May 15 12:43PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp This pair!! :)
Jun 14 03:20PM
little_bit_hp🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 I love them!!!! Yes me wants LOLLLLLLLL do you want anything from my silly closet? LOLLL 😂😂
Jun 14 03:26PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp Send me your address via email. I will mail them out Monday with the kate spade bag lol! I can't have any new things until I get rid of what's in those unopened boxes that are taking up WAAAY too much space. haha!
Jun 14 03:29PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp I figured out you'd like them since they were similar to those Zara ones. ;)
Jun 14 03:30PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp one side is a little squished though! Warning in advance.
Jun 14 03:31PM
little_bit_hpOkay okay!! You're the best!!!!! OMG 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 they are so pretty!!! Are you sure? Should I buy them from you instead dear? I feel so bad LOLLL
Jun 14 03:34PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp don't be silly it's a gift
Jun 14 03:39PM
little_bit_hp❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️ 😘😘😘😘😘 thank you PFF!!! Early birthday gift for me LOLLLLL 😂😂 not even close hahhaha
Jun 14 03:46PM
little_bit_hpOMG PFF!!! How many did you share ?!!!!!
Jul 23 07:32PM
little_bit_hpI thought we were supposed to share only 50 in our first time slot? 😱 am I missing something??
Jul 23 07:33PM
herparallaxI shared 52 maybe @little_bit_hp. Marlana started like a couple minutes early.
Jul 23 07:38PM
little_bit_hpOhhhh you know what I figured???? It's that 5th co-host that shared!!!!!!
Jul 23 07:39PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp LOL I was wondering how come you managed to share 3 when I shared 1 LOLOLOLOL
Jul 23 07:40PM
little_bit_hpI was counting and couldn't figure out how we exceeded 150 HPs just the 2 of us!! Lollll 😂😂 I guess she is active 😘
Jul 23 07:40PM
little_bit_hpLOLLLLLLLLLLL we both got fooled 😂😂😂😂😂😂 LMAOOOO
Jul 23 07:41PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp I was totally panicking. I was like crap am I going too slow or something??!!?
Jul 23 07:42PM
little_bit_hpHehehehehehe okay we are cool!!! Let's warn Landry and Marlana LOLLL love ya 😘😘😘😘
Jul 23 07:48PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp lol my bf is sharing my stuff right now. He's like "how the heck do you do this every night.. this is so incredibly boring" LOLOLOL
Jul 23 07:56PM
little_bit_hpWHAT?!!!! Boring???? Lolllll my hubby went to poker night with the boys and said he was giving me private time LOLL 😁😁 the boys!
Jul 23 07:59PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp Helly you have anyone sharing your closet to the party?
Jul 23 08:35PM
little_bit_hpYea Jen a2z6 shared for me 😁 do you??
Jul 23 08:47PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp bf did. Was wondering cos if you didn't I'd make him share your stuff LOL
Jul 23 08:49PM
little_bit_hpHuh?!!! How did he share? He made an account just for you tonight? LOLLLL that's the sweetest thing
Jul 23 08:49PM
herparallax@little_bit_hp actually he made the account so he could be my 10,000th follower but LOL someone beat him to it. He was 10,001! hahaah! He says he won't miss the 20k mark this time.
Jul 23 08:52PM
little_bit_hpAwwww that's the sweetest ever!!!! 💕💕💕 I had so much fun with you tonight! Hope to do it again in the near future 😁😁👍👍 until then, nightsss 😘
Jul 23 09:35PM

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