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Rachel Roy Suede Ankle Boots

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Rachel Roy Suede Ankle Boots

Worn once burgundy Rachel Roy Ankle Boots. 100% Suede/leather lining. In perfect condition. No scratches or worn marks. Beautiful and comfortable! True to size. No box or dust bag.
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anhnle@nljorda1 😍
Mar 15 05:24AM
May 07 10:13PM
stellariaI am obsessing over your shoes
May 09 05:10PM
msmarianBass azz
Aug 25 10:51AM
churchchicGorge💋! Too small..😢
Sep 02 08:49AM
jnicolasqAre these available still? I am very interested in these. If so, do they fit true to size?
Sep 17 11:01PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq yes they are! And yes, true to size:)
Sep 17 11:02PM
jnicolasqThanks for the prompt reply :) One more question, how old are these?
Sep 17 11:15PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq it's from last years them at the end of last year:)
Sep 17 11:16PM
jnicolasqThanks girl! Just bought 'em. So excited to get these bad boys :) My first purchase on Poshmark too!
Sep 17 11:20PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq u r fast girl!😉...will ship them tomorrow!:) Thank u for the purchase and I really hope ull like them:)
Sep 17 11:21PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq haha hopefully won't be ur last!🙊
Sep 17 11:22PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq hello dear:) So, I have a problem. I can't find my box of shoes, we just recently moved. And I think I left a whole box of shoes at my moms place. I can go back there this weekend and get them. But if u don't wanna wait that long, I totally understand and can cancel the transaction for u. I'm sorry about that. I'm still opening boxes, so just starting to realize what I haven't picked up yet from moms. Let me know what u decide:) Thank u!
Sep 19 01:29PM
jnicolasqHey @anichka2013 :) Thanks for the update. I'm willing to wait til Monday for you to find them. Juat lmk if they don't pop up.
Sep 19 09:08PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq thank u! I will keep u posted!
Sep 20 01:14AM
jnicolasq@anichka2013 Any luck finding them?
Sep 22 09:20AM
anichka2013@jnicolasq unfortunately I still can't find them. I canceled the order for u. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I can tag u if they pop up, if u will be interested still.
Sep 22 11:22AM
anichka2013@jnicolasq I found them if u r still interested:)
Sep 22 05:42PM
jnicolasqYes, I am! Are they still in good condition?
Sep 22 05:43PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq yes they are! I checked once again before I texted u:)..But, unfortunately postal office is closed already, so I will have to ship them out tomorrow for u if so.
Sep 22 05:58PM
jnicolasqThat's fine. I'm excited you found them :) Can u reverse the cancellation or do I have to pay again?
Sep 22 06:49PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq Because I cancelled transaction today, they would have to give me a new label. Have u checked if u got ur money back? I'm not sure how long it usually takes to get ur money back. But yes, U would have to make a purchase over again.
Sep 22 06:51PM
jnicolasqI checked and no refund yet. But, I did get an email about your cancellation.
Sep 22 06:54PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq If u got an email, then it should be good. It just takes some time I would think.
Sep 22 06:56PM
jnicolasqK. How do you wanna go about getting another payment?
Sep 22 06:57PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq the same way as u paid the first time. I hope it lets u purchase though.
Sep 22 07:02PM
jnicolasqLmk when I can pay again. Thx
Sep 22 08:59PM
anichka2013@jnicolasq oooo I think u can pay once the transaction clears and then I'm gonna get rid of that "Sold" sign..cause it's not me that controls it...
Sep 22 09:11PM

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