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RESERVED.Neon tropical romper

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    RESERVED.Neon tropical romper

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    mresceloI need it!!!!!!!!
    May 23 09:57PM
    mresceloCan u hold until tomorrow?
    May 23 09:58PM
    bananerzz@mrescelo ok Hun :)
    May 23 10:09PM
    hipstergirlxo@bananerzz is this for sale?
    May 26 11:59AM
    doyceeIs this still avail?
    May 27 09:55PM
    bananerzz@hipstergirlxo @doycee it is! I don't think the other girl is going to purchase it
    May 28 07:50PM
    doycee@bananerzz what is your lowest?
    May 28 07:50PM
    nicolet613Do you pp?
    Jun 01 12:48AM
    bananerzz@nicolet613 ya I do
    Jun 01 12:30PM
    tiffanyluvWhat's Ur lowest on p
    Jun 04 05:44PM
    bananerzz@tiffanyluv $40 including shipping
    Jun 04 08:55PM
    tristezaHey Hun will u take $30??? I can pay any way U prefer
    Jun 10 10:01PM
    bananerzz@tristeza I can do $33 here babe
    Jun 10 10:14PM
    tristezaWhat about outside PM
    Jun 10 10:16PM
    fashionable329Would you take $33? I will buy it right away
    Jun 12 11:25PM
    bananerzz@fashionable329 ok Hun
    Jun 13 01:43AM
    bananerzz@tristeza no p sorry
    Jun 13 01:43AM
    tristezaOk well if she don't buy it I will hun...I just don't want to b rude & take it๐Ÿ˜Š
    Jun 13 03:17AM
    keahniDo you have anymore Of these?
    Jun 18 05:32PM
    bananerzz@keahni ya I'll post more soon
    Jun 19 01:21PM
    gatrgrl@bananerzz is this still available?
    Jul 01 09:04PM
    keilalizzetteLove this, would you mind telling me where you purchased it?
    Sep 25 08:29PM
    yrobertscan you please tell me where you got this jumper from??
    Oct 28 11:32AM
    yrobertswhat was the brand name?
    Oct 28 11:33AM
    bananerzz@yroberts mollyla babe
    Nov 09 12:36AM

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