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This is a listing for my Louis Vuitton Speedy that's in beautiful shape. There's a couple of small flaws which I tried to show in pic's- 1. The leather tab came off but I still have it2. Some of the piping has some staining ans small cracking 3. The lock has come off and I don't have it. Other than that I think it's in pretty good shape. The inside is clean and the handles aren't dry the leathers good! Thanks for looking!😃
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eriberry4everDo u steel have the lv ??
Apr 21 05:48PM
samantharemy@eriberry4ever - yes sweetie- I just listed this one last night😊
Apr 21 06:50PM
Apr 24 09:09AM
fashaddcoboTrade? Or partial trade check out my closet
Apr 26 11:53PM
samantharemy@fashaddcobo - hi- I can't trade this right now- I need the cash for another purse- lol! Thanks sweetie
Apr 27 10:30AM
fashaddcoboOk what's ur lowest? :-)
Apr 27 03:24PM
samantharemy@fashaddcobo - e-mail me at I'm at work so if I don't get back to u I will later! Thanks😀
Apr 27 05:12PM
fashaddcoboOk I did
Apr 27 09:13PM
samantharemy@fashaddcobo - hi- I work weekends really late so ill probably be sleeping all day- lol! But, I will get back with you sometime in the afternoon! Thanks sweetie
Apr 27 11:56PM
mztopshelf@samantharemy hey love I wanted to know why you have back the chanel bag topbrand sent you in a trade???? Please let me know😊😊
Apr 29 06:59AM
mztopshelf@samantharemy gave* sorry
Apr 29 06:59AM
samantharemy@mztopshelf - it wasn't authentic sweetie
Apr 29 07:45AM
mztopshelf@samantharemy lol thanks love she wanted to trade that and a old Gucci for my authentic Lv neverfull 😩😩😂😂 #thenerve
Apr 29 08:12AM
samantharemy@mztopshelf - it was my scariest and worst trading experience ever! Good for you for checking her out! Hey- I would trade for your neverfull - lol! Take care sweetie😉
Apr 29 10:44AM
mztopshelf@samantharemy oh that's too bad I hate when things like that happen to good people oh yes I had to especially with my expensive things... Haha lmk😊😊
Apr 29 12:23PM
samantharemy@mztopshelf - I got my stuff back- thank god! I threatened - lol!
Apr 29 01:30PM
mztopshelf@samantharemy that's the way you have to be with some of these crazy ladies! Your closet is to die for😩😩👀👀... Do you have anymore inspired fendi or authentic Lv???
Apr 29 01:38PM
vivasm@samantharemy that Chanel purse has been passed around a lot! Lol. She swore it was authentic and great and I bought it then she gave me a hard time about returning it. Glad I didn't trade and glad you got your stuff back!
Apr 29 04:28PM
ginakyoungHi is this still available??
Apr 30 04:25PM
samantharemy@ginakyoung - hi - yes it is available and if u have Paypal I can do 250.00! Thanks☺
Apr 30 04:39PM
ginakyoungWould you be willing to trade for my FENDI sunglasses in my closet??
Apr 30 04:40PM
samantharemy@ginakyoung - sorry I have alot of sunglasses- thanks anyway
Apr 30 05:03PM
amorde3Still available
May 01 10:40PM
samantharemy@amorde3 - yes it is and I can give u a better deal if you want to e-mail me☺thanks
May 02 05:53AM
amorde3Erivela00 @ Yahoo com
May 02 06:02AM
samantharemy@amorde3 - hi Erika - mine is I tried urs but it didn't work for me for some reason☺
May 02 06:18AM
roz27Hi. Wats the lowest u can go?
May 02 05:54PM
samantharemy@roz27 - hi- I can do 250.00 Paypal and 275.00 posh!☺
May 02 06:02PM
ltakelian@samantharemy do you have any idea how much it would cost to replace all the items that are missing ? I have no clue about stuff like that because if I were to purchase I would like to repair it
May 07 08:48AM
samantharemy@ltakelian - hi- i really don't know sweetie- I priced it low because of those coue of issues. I have the leather pull tab that came off which I put inside the bag. I think a shoe repair guy can fix that hopefully. Thanks!☺ Samantha
May 07 09:18AM
chickenpotpie@samantharemy what year is this?
May 11 03:43PM
samantharemy@chickenpotpie - hi- I'm sorry I actually have no clue-😀! But, it's really nice and I'm selling it for 250.00 Paypal if your interested! Thanks😊
May 11 03:53PM
chickenpotpieI just looked up the date code. 1998. If I purchase I will take straight to Lv to replace all leather. The canvas looks in good shape. Is it? Any scratches or stains, etc? It will run about 300$ for repairs I believe. Could you come down on price any more or are you firm?
May 11 03:59PM
samantharemy@chickenpotpie - hi- I tagged u on the speedys extra pics!
May 11 04:10PM
cyntcynt14@samantharemy trade??
May 12 09:20PM
samantharemy@cyntcynt14 - I'm having another baby soon and I love 3 bags in your closet I liked 3 of them. LMK what u would want to trade I was going to use the bucket bag for a diaper bag but I would trade another big bag with you.😀
May 12 09:34PM
cyntcynt14@samantharemy all those bags r a lot higher then your bag & in very very good condition unless u want to do a partial trade & add the cash doll
May 12 09:44PM
cyntcynt14@samantharemy the cheapest one will b the diaper bag which is $600
May 12 09:45PM
samantharemy@cyntcynt14 - i hear you sweetie my sale price is always different than my trade value but your right ur bags are super nice😘! Would u want to trade the diaper bag? If I don't answer back tonight I will definitely talk to u tomorrow ! It's almost 1:00 am in ny- lol
May 12 09:52PM
cyntcynt14@samantharemy yes we can do that partial, mine too, mine is $100 more for a trade, so my asking price will be $700 & whatever yours is u can pay the difference, ok talk with u tomoro, I'm in NJ
May 12 10:03PM
samantharemy@cyntcynt14 - okay sweetie☺
May 12 10:04PM
bernardo3Would you be up for trading?
May 13 07:59PM
samantharemy@bernardo3 - thanks for the offer but I have alot of jewelry right now.😊
May 13 08:36PM
bernardo3Yeah, me too! Lol!
May 13 08:38PM
samantharemy@bernardo3 - 😀😀☺
May 13 08:44PM
kirby0626Do you have additional pics of this bag?
May 15 10:11AM
vivasm@samantharemy I saw you've sold your bucket bag, congrats! I also saw that you might use it for a diaper bag. Can I make a suggestion? The lv saumur 35 is a perfect choice for a diaper bag. It is double sided and can be used as a cross body as your little one grows. I have one and LOVE it. My friend @denisatokosova is selling two different sizes. She is very trustworthy and a very dear friend of mine. All of her purses look brand new even the vintage and discontinued models. She takes very good care if her things. So that's my suggestion. There are a few others being sold on posh but the quality is not so great and it cost over a grand to have all the leather replaced. So just take a look and keep it in mind. Have a great day and congrats on the new addition! 👼👶
May 15 10:29AM
samantharemy@vivasm - hi sweetie- how r u? Does she trade at all? I can't buy anything right now! And thank you so much for thinking of me your soooo nice !!!!👏😘😉☺😊😊
May 15 11:10AM
shoegal329@samantharemy Consider a trade?!🙏🙏🙏
May 18 09:39PM
samantharemy@shoegal329 - hi- I would but everything I like is already traded- lol! Do u have any louis? Thanks
May 18 09:45PM
shoegal329@samantharemy No, sorry, I don't.😔 I sold my only LV awhile back and regret that I did it, I have an MK listed, brand new!
May 18 09:50PM
stacy2008TRade hun💐
May 20 03:08AM
samantharemy@iryna1978 - hi- I love ur black louis !!!! Where did u get it? I know it's much more expensive but if I can make sure it's authentic I would trade a few things for it!!! Thanks😊
May 20 09:58AM
stacy2008My husband bought for me many years ago and I want something new now. I posted pictures of authenticity as many as I could. Let me know if you have any questions
May 20 10:00AM
stacy2008If I would trade, I would do only for LV artsy or nice Chanel bag. Thanks. I can trade something else for your LV. 🌸
May 20 10:02AM
samantharemy@iryna1978 - thanks I usually only trade a louis with another one😊
May 20 10:21AM
gettumgirlAny cracks in the leather at all?
May 20 04:36PM
samantharemy@gettumgirl - hi Charm- I don't think so sweetie ill check later 😘😀 ! If the leathers good I would trade the Samur because I like a shoulder bag better especially with babies in tow! Thanks 😊
May 20 05:10PM
gettumgirlThe Samaur will have new rivets and new piping when she returns to me...and it won't be a fair trade because I would have to get both parts of the pull replaced on this because LV does not replace parts of have LV near you?
May 20 05:26PM
samantharemy@gettumgirl - I hear you sweetie- I just don't have the money right now to get her fixed- you know little ones are expensive! I'm always trying to put more louis up ill tag u if I put up anymore in better shape!😊
May 20 06:35PM
snoopyluver516Trade sweetie? ❤️💜❤️
May 20 08:27PM
gettumgirlOh I totally understand...I really do😘
May 21 12:36AM
samantharemy@gettumgirl - thanks sweetie! I'm sure well trade in the near future!!!😘
May 21 10:15AM
gettumgirlSee you finally have a price on it god job🎉✨💥🎊✨😘😘
May 21 11:14AM
samantharemy@gettumgirl - thank u sweet lady!!!!!☺😘😄
May 21 11:53AM
sandrameza200 dollars
May 24 10:01PM
samantharemy@sandrameza - hi- do u have Paypal ?
May 24 10:11PM
May 24 10:12PM
samantharemy@sandrameza - can u e-mail me at
May 24 10:15PM
samantharemy@sandrameza - I'm sorry that's too low you can e-mail me if you want to make a deal! But, I have to go to bed now its 1:30 am in NY. Thanks!☺
May 24 10:28PM
gab34@samantharemy do you trade?
May 29 06:40PM
May 29 09:29PM
kirby0626Sorry to just be getting back to you. Are you still interested in a trade for my Michele watch? Thanks- let me know?!
Jun 02 04:29AM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - hi- for this speedy?😊
Jun 02 04:47AM
kirby0626Yes:) Any chance you could post a pic holding it or of the inside of the bag?
Jun 02 04:29PM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - sure sweetie just give me a little while and ill make another post and if u like it we can trade tonight- I do most of my posh stuff after 9:30 when the kiddies go to bed! 😊
Jun 02 04:31PM
kirby0626Also, are you going to be posting any new items?
Jun 02 04:32PM
kirby0626Ok- great! Me too.. About to put the kids to bed shortly!
Jun 02 04:34PM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - I'm going to try tonight to list a few more louis if I'm not too tired- lol! There all nice but older louis! It would be after 10:00😊
Jun 02 04:52PM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - okay the extra pics are in my closet I'm getting the shower be around after 10:00.☺
Jun 02 06:21PM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - hi - r u still up?😉
Jun 02 07:36PM
Jun 02 07:52PM
kirby0626I just sent you a message on the other pics😉
Jun 02 10:31PM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - Good morning! Just getting up- I'm going to reserve for you and put 3.00 whenever your ready you can buy it!☺ I can mail it on Thursday ! Thanks☺
Jun 03 04:50AM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - hi sweetie- r we still trading? U can buy it whenever u want ! Thanks😀
Jun 03 02:57PM
kirby0626Yup!! Sorry- once I feed the baby and get my son to bed I'll be back on:)
Jun 03 04:48PM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - okay😊
Jun 03 06:34PM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - good morning
Jun 04 06:30AM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - hi- did u change your mind? It's okay if u did can u just let me know. Thanks☺
Jun 04 07:33PM
gab34@samantharemy if this falls through I think I'd like it better. The bigger the better for me.
Jun 04 08:45PM
samantharemy@gab34 - I hear you sweetie- I will give it just a couple more days and then we will make a deal!😘
Jun 04 09:14PM
gab34@samantharemy alrighty just lmk 😀
Jun 04 09:15PM
samantharemy@gab34 - I will sweetie
Jun 04 09:26PM
stacy2008Trade for my Tom Ford?
Jun 08 04:53AM
samantharemy@iryna1978 - hi - I'm going to be trading this one but I do have another one but the one thing I love is your black louis and I would trade 3 louis for that one! Thanks😘
Jun 08 12:02PM
stacy2008What do you want to trade only this bag for hun😊
Jun 08 12:06PM
samantharemy@iryna1978 - hi- I'm sorry there's nothing else I want!😀 Thanks though!☺
Jun 08 01:11PM
kirby0626I'm sorry. My daughter is really sick.. Hectic few data for me. I would still like to trade. Can we talk in the morning???? Thanks:)
Jun 09 01:34AM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - sure- I thought something was wrong- I really hope she feels better soon sick children is no fun😔
Jun 09 06:01AM
samantharemy@kirby0626 - hi - I have another speedy 30 that I'm willing to part with because I still love the watch! Let me know when your really ready to trade and ill list it! Thanks😀
Jun 10 07:32PM

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