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RAYBAN Special Series Wayfarer, NWT

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RAYBAN Special Series Wayfarer, NWTNWT

Authentic ray-bans
Seller Discount: 5% off 3+ Bundle
$5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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ncat35@tgehrke70 Thanks for all the shares! Lmk if you're interested in any of your likes! I can do great bundles!
Jul 29 07:46PM
ncat35Thx for the like @latestcraze
Jul 30 09:28AM
ncat35@shaewang thx for the likes! Lmk if interested 😁
Jul 30 09:59AM
ncat35πŸ‘Lmk if interested! @skytart 😁
Jul 30 10:12AM
Jul 30 10:47AM
ncat35@jmcater nothing I'm interested in to trade right now. Sorry! Lmk if you'd like to purchase or make an offer 😁
Jul 30 11:22AM
chandalier@ncat35 what do then outside sides look like? Is it black or have the same design as the inside?
Jul 30 07:54PM
ncat35@chandalier the outside sides are black just like the fronts
Jul 30 08:00PM
felixlyn@ncat35 possible trade
Jul 30 11:37PM
ncat35Thanks for the likes @felixlyn Nothing I'm interested to trade for at this time. Sorry! Lmk if interested to buy 😁
Jul 31 12:13AM
ncat35@chandalier lmk if you'd like more pictures ;)
Jul 31 12:14AM
chandalier@ncat35 can you bundle my likes for $125?
Jul 31 08:21AM
ncat35@chandalier I can do $140 for bundle. That's $20 off individual prices plus these were just reduced.
Jul 31 08:26AM
ncat35If interested, I posted for you @chandalier
Jul 31 08:39AM
ncat35Hey! Lmk if interested 😎 @littlejj
Jul 31 09:36AM
ncat35@kellerss thanks for the likeπŸ’œ lmk if interested! 😎
Jul 31 10:52AM
marinaturner$50 and I'll buy right this second
Jul 31 10:35PM
ncat35@marinaturner sorry $50 is way too low for these.
Aug 01 04:37AM
ncat35Interested? @portlandiashay
Aug 01 04:44AM
ncat35Bundle? πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ’Έ @tayyrayy
Aug 01 11:31AM
ncat35@laura_rojas2011 interested? 😬
Aug 01 01:04PM
browneyesmeare the not too big for a woman's face? may I see them on please?
Aug 02 05:02PM
ncat35@browneyesme I look horrible in this style but I posted for you!
Aug 02 05:18PM
browneyesmethank you and no you don't look horrible. :) I love them can you do $55 please?? all I can afford
Aug 02 05:27PM
ncat35No I'm sorry @browneyesme price is firm
Aug 02 05:30PM
ncat35@gail_ashley30 interested in these also? I can bundle!
Aug 03 12:39PM
ncat35@carolina_15 interested?
Aug 04 09:23AM
ncat35@eisenhowerca interested? Last special series pair! 😎
Aug 04 02:41PM
ncat35@highclashh hey! Thx for the like-lmk if interested or any questions! 😎
Aug 07 07:01AM
ncat35@camicamille interested?
Aug 07 09:09AM
camicamilleyes but not for that price.
Aug 07 09:09AM
ncat35@camicamille ok sorry but that is the price. They are brand new authentic Raybans in perfect condition. Did you have a number in mind?
Aug 07 09:11AM
Aug 07 09:11AM
ncat35@camicamille I'm sorry I can't help you 😒. That is too low
Aug 07 09:12AM
ncat35@andiemartinez12 interested?
Aug 08 10:30AM
ncat35@katmallard interested?
Aug 09 01:22PM
ncat35@staciapples interested?
Aug 10 07:33AM
ncat35@kaitlingoodsell interested?
Aug 10 08:42AM
ncat35@lalachica interested?
Aug 10 12:30PM
ncat35@mandylayllen interested?
Aug 10 04:08PM
ncat35@studio116 interested?
Aug 10 06:19PM
diva2015@ncat35 55?
Aug 10 07:26PM
ncat35@diva2015 interested? 😎
Aug 10 07:26PM
ncat35@diva2015 no I'm sorry price is firm as these are BNWT and in perfect condition. 100% authentic.
Aug 10 07:28PM
ncat35@brookewelch interested? 😎
Aug 10 07:33PM
diva2015@ncat35 I am, but lower than $75
Aug 10 07:34PM
ncat35@diva2015 ok I'm sorry but price is $75
Aug 10 07:37PM
mandylayllen@ncat35 hi. Do you know if these are the larger wayfarers? Thank you. πŸŽ€
Aug 11 03:18AM
ncat35@zombiequeen73 interested?
Aug 11 04:43AM
ncat35@yinelizpaola interested in any of your likes?
Aug 11 04:47AM
ncat35@mandylayllen I can give you the serial number-would that help? I'm not sure
Aug 11 04:49AM
ncat35@mandylayllen The # is 2140 1088. They are 50mm
Aug 11 04:59AM
ncat35@mandylayllen lmk if you have any other questions :)
Aug 11 07:17AM
ncat35@hayhay40 interested in your likes? Bundle?
Aug 11 03:34PM
ncat35@mo79 interested?
Aug 11 03:34PM
ncat35@lilliandenise interested?
Aug 11 03:35PM
hayhay40Just looking but I'll let you know
Aug 11 03:35PM
ncat35@hayhay40 πŸ‘
Aug 11 03:36PM
ncat35@abbeydearest interested?
Aug 11 07:35PM
ncat35@kyra_griffith interested?
Aug 11 08:27PM
ncat35@salexandrat interested in your likes? Bundle? 😎
Aug 12 08:54AM
ncat35@holly33079 interested?
Aug 12 01:38PM
ncat35@keishab8 interested?
Aug 12 07:08PM
keishab8@ncat35 I am looking for a pair for my husband.
Aug 12 07:15PM
ncat35@keishab8 I think these are too feminine but I have a bunch of others in my closet for men. Ill tag you.
Aug 12 07:17PM
ncat35@ragsrocks thx for the ❀. Lmk if interested in your likes!
Aug 13 05:12AM
ncat35@connie1208 interested?
Aug 14 07:21AM
taylerjoyalI can buy today for 55? Are these 100% authentic
Aug 14 10:55AM
ncat35@taylerjoyal these are 100% authentic, brand new with tags, and in perfect condition-which is why I cannot accept $55. Much too low. Sorry
Aug 14 10:56AM
ncat35@alynduuh92 interested? 😎
Aug 14 04:52PM
ncat35@apoole98 interested?
Aug 14 05:14PM
ncat35@lexkerr interested?
Aug 14 07:57PM
ncat35@abigailtayte interested?
Aug 14 08:44PM
ncat35@alanijoi interested? 😎
Aug 15 05:47AM
keishab8@ncat35 yes they are too feminine. I like them! Still searching.
Aug 15 09:30AM
ncat35@keishab8 oh for you!? πŸ‘ Ok lmk if u want to purchase or bundle anything 😎
Aug 15 09:36AM
ncat35@mslovely0614 interested?
Aug 15 06:37PM
ncat35@summertime87 interested?
Aug 17 04:33PM
ncat35@nallu interested?
Aug 18 04:58AM
ncat35@lovegarcia91 hey girl, lmk if interested in likes! Or bundle! πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Aug 18 06:10AM
kesparzaDo you have any masculine wayfarers new for this price?
Aug 19 07:40AM
ncat35@kesparza only the glasses in my closet 😒. Did you see the other back Raybans? Or the MK or lacoste ones that are similar to wayfarer Ill tag you
Aug 19 07:43AM
kesparzaI'm looking specifically for ray bans for my brother. Can you tag me in the other RB?
Aug 19 07:45AM
ncat35@kesparza ok sorry I couldn't help 😒
Aug 19 07:47AM
goodangie$50 ?
Aug 19 09:04AM
ncat35@goodangie price is firm-sorry! These are brand new, perfect condition. 100% authentic with case and cloth. And they are a special series so they are rare
Aug 19 09:08AM
goodangieI can do $65 please
Aug 19 09:10AM
goodangiePlus I am going to buy more from you today
Aug 19 09:11AM
ncat35@goodangie when you know what else you would like, I can give you a bundle price for sure. But I cannot commit to $65 I til I see what else you'd like. 😎
Aug 19 09:14AM
goodangieSure let me show your collection to my Daughter I will get back ASAP I might need more than 2 thanks :)
Aug 19 09:27AM
ncat35@goodangie sounds good
Aug 19 09:29AM
goodangieHow much for this one and my other like the silver rayban aviator ?
Aug 19 04:02PM
ncat35@goodangie $150. I have to get at least $60 for each pair. So I can take $5 off of each price to get $150.
Aug 19 04:04PM
goodangieI'll buy these right now for $65!!!
Aug 19 05:19PM
ncat35@goodangie I'm sorry Hun. I can't sell these for $65. $75 is the price. I apologize but that is a very good price for these.
Aug 19 05:21PM
goodangieI got these thanks :)
Aug 19 05:28PM
ncat35@goodangie Great-Ill ship tomorrow 😎
Aug 19 05:30PM
goodangiePlease do so :)
Aug 19 05:48PM
ncat35@goodangie shipped!
Aug 20 09:22AM
goodangieThanks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Aug 20 11:45AM
goodangieI just received the Raybans how come these cake in red case and red box ?
Aug 22 09:52AM
ncat35@goodangie they are a "special series" so they come in a special series case.
Aug 22 09:58AM
ncat35@goodangie You can read about them on the rayban website. They are limited edition.
Aug 22 10:00AM
ncat35@goodangie do you love them!!? 😍
Aug 22 10:16AM
goodangieIn the picture there is brown case how come I got red case and red box ?
Aug 22 10:36AM
ncat35@goodangie the brown case is the standard case. I sold over 10pr of raybAn so I used the same case in every picture to make it easier. The glasses you bought are SPECIAL SERIES glasses-meaning limited edition-so they come Ina special case
Aug 22 10:38AM
goodangieI don't think I want to keep these ..thanks
Aug 22 10:43AM
ncat35@goodangie Because of the case color?????? Is there a problem with the glasses?? I guess I don't understand what the issue is.
Aug 22 10:47AM
goodangieI don't think these are real ...the stitching on the case isn't smooth ...I cannot accept these
Aug 22 10:48AM
ncat35@goodangie lol ok. They are 100% authentic. You can take them to any raybAn retailer and they will confirm but ok!
Aug 22 10:51AM
goodangieSo if I take these to sunglass hut they will confirm ? Ok I will do it today please give me couple of hours you know some one sent me a fake LV bag that I paid $1550 I have contacted PM it's clearly fake I seem to be in limbo ...few weeks ago I traded my daughters or dress for a Kate spade bag the scammer sent me a cloth dirty torn smelly old walmart type bag so for the heck of it ...I might have to delete me poshmark account please go on my " sold " items and see how honest I am ...i feel bad for people who do such things for minor gains ..
Aug 22 10:55AM
ncat35@goodangie I understand you are weary because of your past experiences and you don't know me from a hole in the wall but I can assure you that I do not sell anything fake and if you bring it to any raybAn store they will confirm. I could've sent you the brown case but these are a special edition pair so they come in a special case. I guess I should've shown the actual picture but I honestly didn't think it was a big deal. For that, I apologize but again these glasses are absolutely authentic.
Aug 22 11:12AM
goodangieOk I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I love the glasses, they are amazing! Thankyou!
Aug 22 12:53PM
ncat35@goodangie it's ok. Like I said, I understand-I'm just defensive bc they ARE real and I am NOT one of those scammers πŸ‘. All is good 😎. I hope you get your $ back for that other stuff ❀
Aug 22 12:56PM
goodangieI couldn't sleep last night cause of the woman who sent me LV bag with no serial number and nauseating smoke smell ....I hope Poshmark will be able to get me my money back ...
Aug 22 12:58PM
ncat35@goodangie it's disgusting. I hope you called her out on here so everyone knows. That is why I never trade!
Aug 22 01:02PM
goodangieI sent them an email to release the funds did they get in touch with you
Aug 23 07:56AM
ncat35@goodangie no unfortunately it still says case under review.
Aug 23 08:02AM
goodangieI feel so bad know my $1550 still at stake Poshmark as I told you this women sent me replica LV this last Thursday you know the bf looks real but me and my whole family have failed to find the date code even googled to see where the date code for this particular LV would be the lining seems rough it comes out of the bag can be pulled inside out ooops fake sign came in nylon bag eeeowwww plus horrendous cig smile smell I feel robbed mentally now hard to trust people I told you another scammer sent me cloth torn bag you can see on the prom dress in my listing ....I pray now Poshmark refunds me my $$$
Aug 23 08:11AM
ncat35@goodangie I understand. Hopefully everything gets cleared up. Don't really know the process as this has never happened to me before
Aug 23 08:15AM
goodangieI am glad you got your funds released .I gave you five star rating too ...
Aug 24 01:23PM
ncat35@goodangie thank you! Wear them well!!
Aug 24 01:42PM
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