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Peach and Mint statement necklace NEW

Jeweled statement necklace with gold chain and lobster clasp! NEW!!!
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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Apr 04 10:49PM
chicish@bethheart sorry i dont do trades!
Apr 04 11:30PM
asorokina@chicish would you be able to do $12? I will buy it right now
May 13 06:04PM
chicish@asorokina $15
May 13 07:39PM
asorokinaWill buy this one for $15. Please change the price
May 14 09:24AM
chicish@asorokina done!
May 14 09:27AM
asorokinaThanks so much love! Can't wait to wear this little beauty!
May 14 09:35AM
chicish@asorokina thanks for your purchase! I'll send it out tomorrow!
May 14 09:35AM
nallely_cast_Any more??
Jul 21 12:40AM
chicish@nallely_cast_ sorry no more!
Jul 21 12:42AM
nallely_cast_Is there a way to get this ?
Jul 21 12:49AM
chicish@nallely_cast_ no I'm sorry if i find so something similar will let u know!
Jul 21 12:50AM
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