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North Face vest! πŸŽ€

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North Face vest! πŸŽ€

Only wore twice. Like new.Comfy , warm down vest! Perfect condition !
Seller Discount: 10% off 2+ Bundle
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mpmichelle55Would you take 40 or trade for something in my closet
May 06 04:54PM
amandalwaters@mpmichelle55 I'm sorry I can't go that low it's like brand new. I do like your kids shoes but my boys to big :( Willing to go down to $60.
May 06 04:59PM
sheilaj17You still have it ???
May 07 10:16PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 yes I do :)
May 07 10:18PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 would you like to purchase? Tho is available
May 07 10:22PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 oops sorry yes this is available
May 07 10:31PM
sheilaj17Can you go any lower ??
May 07 10:32PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 maybe.. It's in perfect condition what were you thinking dear?
May 07 10:33PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 make me an offer and we can go from there :)
May 07 10:37PM
sheilaj1745-50 ?
May 07 11:03PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 marked it down to $57 for you.
May 07 11:12PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 Hey Dear let me know if you want this. I would like to negotiate but if you aren't interested id like to put back the original price :) thank you!
May 07 11:51PM
amandalwaters@sheilaj17 Hey! Let me know if your interested! I'm shipping another order out today and can do this too. Otherwise I'd like to change back to original price ☺️
May 08 10:19AM
egooteeCould you do this for $50?
May 09 10:58PM
amandalwaters@egootee Hi! I can go $57 :)
May 09 11:01PM
amandalwaters@egootee hows that ?
May 09 11:05PM
amandalwaters@egootee Let me know if you can do that dear so I can change it back if not :)
May 09 11:18PM
prettyinyellowIs it pink or more if a red?
May 10 03:45AM
amandalwaters@prettyinyellow Hi! It is PINK! 😊
May 10 10:33AM
prettyinyellowCute! I am into pink right now. Is it down filled? Sorry should have asked all the qs at once!
May 10 10:34AM
amandalwaters@prettyinyellow Yes it is! And it's okay :)
May 10 10:38AM
msblyss@amandalwaters trade?
May 10 04:17PM
amandalwaters@msblyss Im sorry trying to make some money and downsize ! thank you for looking and I can lower price if interested in buying :)
May 10 04:26PM
msblyss@amandalwaters I understand same over here. Thanks
May 10 04:29PM
amandalwaters@msblyss and thank you πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
May 10 04:31PM
amandalwaters@prettyinyellow Hello dear were you still interested in this ?
May 10 06:10PM
prettyinyellowIt's sooo cute! I looked at the specs and will need a medium :(
May 10 06:29PM
amandalwaters@prettyinyellow aww that's to bad. They fit pretty loose. I wear a small/medium.
May 10 06:33PM
amandalwaters@bcouturelove thank you for the likes 😊 I do bundle if interested
May 12 03:42PM
7saturdaysCute. If u see something in my closet, let me know. Thanks
May 13 09:28AM
amandalwaters@7saturdays thank you!
May 13 10:31AM
7saturdaysWELCOME :) :) :)
May 13 08:05PM
May 19 07:28PM
amandalwaters@kassybaby6 sorry I don't trade. Let me know if your interested 😊
May 19 07:36PM
amandalwaters@alicialara Thank you for liking! Please let me know if you have any questions !:)
May 25 12:07AM
alicialaraCould u do 50. I will buy it now
May 25 09:58AM
amandalwaters@alicialara here you go :)
May 25 10:00AM
May 25 10:06AM
amandalwaters@alicialara your very welcome and thank you
May 25 10:07AM
alicialara2 bad it's not for me... It's for my niece
May 25 10:09AM
amandalwaters@alicialara oh she will love it! It's like brand new :)
May 25 10:11AM

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