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New Zara Vamp Pointed Toe Flats w Heel - Red Suede

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New Zara Vamp Pointed Toe Flats w Heel - Red SuedeNWT

πŸ’₯🌟 REDUCED!πŸ’ƒβš‘Brand New! Never worn gorgeous Sold Out Rare Zara flats. Red suede leather shoes. NWT. NIB. Labeled size 9 / 40, but runs small so fits more like an 8 / 8.5 / 39 euro. I bought off Ebay & was just a tad bit too small / tight for me in the toes due to the pointy style. I'm an 8.5. This Zara pointed vamp shoe with heel back goes perfect with ur fav skinny jeans, leggings, cute skirt, or dress! Perfect for Spring! Blogger's choice! Zara Basic Collection. Leave email 4 PP. Thanx!
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justarnileI'm looking for these @jinwensi I saw that these run big. And you're saying they run small???
Feb 24 08:13PM
jinwensihey.. yes they run small.. at least these red ones do.. but in my experience all Zara shoes run a bit small.. all their 8s are a bit too tight on me.. and the 9s fit better. i'm 8.5.. no socks i can fit in their 8s but boots with socks def need 9s.. but these will fit an 8 / 8.5 best :]
Feb 24 10:28PM
jinwensi@justarnile hey.. yes they run small.. at least these red ones do.. but in my experience all Zara shoes run a bit small.. all their 8s are a bit too tight on me.. and the 9s fit better. i'm 8.5.. no socks i can fit in their 8s but boots with socks def need 9s.. but these will fit an 8 / 8.5 best :]
Feb 24 10:38PM
justarnileHmm ok @jinwensi what's your lowest??
Feb 25 04:07AM
justarnile@jinwensi I have a wide foot so I'm normally an 8W or 8.5 pointy toe heels I size up to a 9. I afraid that these maybe to long in the back & may come out of my feet as I'm walking... What do you think??
Feb 25 04:15AM
jinwensiHi @justarnile .. Thanx for ur continued interest! Can i email u pls?
Feb 25 12:30PM
justarnile@jinwensi let me think about it...
Feb 25 05:19PM
jinwensi@justarnile no prob.. But just to let u kno im gonna either put these on ebay or gift them away or just try to wear them keep them.. soon.. Thanx!
Feb 25 07:37PM
morgancaceresWhat's the lowest you'll go?
Feb 25 08:46PM
jinwensiHi @morgancaceres .. Whats the most ur willing to pay pls? I can bundle for discounts too.. More items to be posted tomorrow! Thank u!
Feb 25 08:54PM
Feb 25 08:57PM
jinwensi@morgancaceres how about we do partial cash n trade? I actually like ur adorable baby mocs.. They would be loved by my good pal & her baby boy :) i can do $70 plus ur mocs.. Lemme kno.. If yes then its a deal! But no returns pls.
Feb 25 09:29PM
morgancaceresThat's a super tempting offer but I just can't spend that much right now. The most I could do would be $60 plus the mocs.
Feb 26 12:08PM
jinwensi@morgancaceres im sorry but thats just too low due to the pm fees..
Feb 26 12:22PM
morgancaceresTotally understand!
Feb 26 12:23PM
jinwensi@morgancaceres but feel free to give me ur email if u want to work something out :) thanx
Feb 26 12:46PM
Feb 26 12:48PM
bravoe04Will these fit a true 9
Feb 28 09:58PM
nancypaguayI love these!!! Can I bundle?
Mar 04 07:01AM
jinwensi@nancypaguay hi Nancy.. Yes absolutely bundles welcome! I am in process of posting more stuff too.. Just lemme kno.. Thank u very much :)
Mar 04 02:21PM
Mar 06 06:30PM
idecided@jinwensi I really want these, can we figure out something. I've never PP before, but I will if it will lower the price. I am very interested.
Mar 11 06:23PM
jinwensiHi @idecided .. Im happy to work w u on a lower price :) pls kno that theres no returns.. Final sale.. And it will fit 8 - 8.5 .. If thats ok then whats ur email pls? Thank u very much!
Mar 11 08:11PM
lblack13I would be interested in trading for these shoes. You liked a gold bracelet I have and if there is anything else you'd want to do a trade for lmk.
Mar 13 09:53AM
jinwensiHi @lblack13 ... I didnt see anything in particular for trade.. Prefer $$$ but will let u know if i change my mind :) thank u very much!
Mar 13 02:11PM
Mar 14 07:29PM
jinwensiHi @goldhagens .. Sorry didnt see anything i needed right now.. Some stuff i liked were already in ur sold pile.. Pls let me kno if u ever want to buy.. Thanx! :)
Mar 15 03:50PM
kloveshopppp@jinwensi any lower? on these? ill buy right now.
Mar 15 08:06PM
kloveshopppp75? I am ready to buy
Mar 15 08:08PM
goldhagensOkay :) what's the lowest u would go paypal?
Mar 15 11:20PM
jinwensiHi @kloveshopppp .. $80 & its a deal.. Or pp ur price.. Just giv me ur email pls.. Thank u very much :)
Mar 16 12:34PM
jinwensi@goldhagens .. Someone else is interested now for 75 so $75 pp will work.. Pls give me ur email.. Or 80 on posh.. Thank u very much!
Mar 16 12:36PM
ellebee206Super cute!!
Mar 19 08:16AM
ellebee206@20somethingplus for our upcoming twin week? πŸ˜‰
Mar 19 08:17AM
ellebee206Hi @jinwensi I'm wondering if you're willing to accept $70 pm for these? Thank you for your consideration 😊
Mar 19 10:54AM
jinwensiHi @ellebee206 .. Thank u so much for ur purchase! I will mail these beauties out today :)
Mar 19 01:23PM
jinwensi@ellebee206 ... Please note theres no returns.. Reduced price means sale items are final sale.. Thank u very much :)
Mar 19 01:25PM
ellebee206Hi @jinwensi thank you, I can't wait to receive them!
Mar 19 02:19PM
jinwensiHi @ellebee206 .. Zara shoes shipped! I included a mini sample of L'Oreal BB Cream as a free gift :) Pls accept the package on posh as soon as u receive it so the $ will b transferred to me. Thank u & hav a great rest of the week! πŸ˜ŽπŸ’
Mar 19 06:25PM
hemojemo@ellebee206 - Woot!
Mar 21 11:36AM
ellebee206@hemojemo woot woot! triplet week?! πŸ˜‰
Mar 21 12:00PM
hemojemo@ellebee206 - I don't have these! I want them but haven't found them in my size...
Mar 21 12:03PM
ellebee206Hi! Love the shoes but these are a definitely a true 9 instead of an 8 or 8.5. These are made for narrow feet so my 7.5-8 are much too small. These would best fit an 8.5/9. Beautiful shoes & quick shipping, tho.
Mar 21 02:46PM
jinwensiHi @ellebee206 .. Oh no.. So sorry.. Yeah i listed as 8.5.. Perhaps a halter slip in or heel pad might help u? Thanx for ur compliments tho! I can give u a $5 credit towards any other future purchases.. $5 off anything in my closet! Ill post more stuff soon.. No expiration :) thanx for being a great customer!
Mar 21 03:15PM
ellebee206@jinwensi no worries, it's the Zara sizing, you were fantastic & I love the shoes!! I just wish my feet would fit haha!! Thank you for a great ramada room, I will find a way/make a way πŸ˜‰ you're a wonderful seller!
Mar 21 03:18PM
jinwensi@ellebee206 .. Ramada room? Lol.. Auto correct comedy.. Thank u for being so sweet!
Mar 21 03:45PM
ellebee206Haha! You have a wonderful ramada room!! Lol. I think I was trying to say transaction?! 😳 in any case, your transaction & your Ramada room are both amazing!!
Mar 21 03:51PM
ellebee206Wore my shoes last night, i love them!! Thank you!!!
Mar 22 08:30AM
jinwensi@ellebee206 .. Yay! Ur very welcome.. so they ended up fitting ok then?
Mar 22 01:12PM
ellebee206Yes, the other ones I had were way too tight. I have one foot bigger than the other so these are the correct size for me 😊
Mar 22 01:20PM
jinwensi@ellebee206 .. Cool.. So happy they worked out! Enjoy! Was confused cuz u said they were too big at first?
Mar 22 01:33PM
ellebee206Yeah that was when I tried one shoe on. Lol. My left foot is bigger & it fits great, the right one is a little too big but I make it work πŸ˜‰
Mar 22 01:46PM
jinwensi@ellebee206 .. Oooohhh i see now.. Thanx doll!
Mar 22 02:30PM

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