New Longchamp top ❤️❤️

colorful .pretty.cut the price.
Price Dropped: 40%
Shipping: $4.99 Priority
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lorilobBeautiful top! What is its condition and do think it would fit a S/M? Thanks!💐
Sep 13 12:48PM
xiongmao678321@lorilob S/M.
Sep 13 12:58PM
lorilobThank you, I'm sorry for the questions; is this new and what is it made of?
Sep 13 01:40PM
xiongmao678321@lorilob new.
Sep 13 03:09PM
lorilobWhat is it made of?
Sep 13 03:18PM
xiongmao678321@lorilob I am sorry.I am not at home. I can't see it.
Sep 13 03:19PM
lorilobNo problem, that's ok, please let me know when you can😊
Sep 13 03:29PM
xiongmao678321@lorilob I see it. Made in France.
Sep 13 03:45PM
lorilobSo bummed! Was going to ask you to bundle this with the Fossil bag and it sold!😟 It would have looked so gorgeous together. But, congrats in the sale!!💐🎉😃
Sep 13 04:15PM
xiongmao678321@lorilob so, do you want it?
Sep 13 04:32PM

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