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NWT Floral Skater Skirt

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NWT Floral Skater SkirtNWT

Shipping: $4.99 Priority
Buyer Protection: Included
yamiletmejiaWould you include that top? Lol
May 01 12:36PM
alynicole17@yamiletmejia it's just a basic tube top I can get you one but it'll be extra.
May 01 01:58PM
yamiletmejiaIs the skirt stretchy? Does it have a zipper?
May 02 08:22PM
alynicole17@yamiletmejia it's stretchy
May 02 09:02PM
samantha5874Still available?? Very interested 😄💕
Jun 01 08:10AM
alynicole17@samantha5874 yes!
Jun 01 08:45AM
samantha5874When will you ship it by???
Jun 02 04:42AM
alynicole17@samantha5874 today
Jun 02 08:07AM