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Mahogany riding boot

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Mahogany riding boot

Mahogany dark rich brown classic riding boot. Leather upper. Great condition!
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jmorrison06❤❤❤❤❤how wide at the top. Hun. They look very wide
Apr 11 08:54PM
jbomb9@jmorrison06 it's just the camera angle hun! They are avg sized opening. 7".
Apr 11 09:15PM
jbomb9Its jus bc they weren't zipped up in the last pic
Apr 11 09:16PM
bubblysmilesTrade? :) or willing to lower price?
Apr 18 11:23PM
jbomb9@bubblysmiles sorry no trades and I can do $35 😁
Apr 19 09:17AM
laurat4424Love these! Could you do $30?
Apr 21 10:43AM
laurat4424Still wondering if these are still available?!
Apr 23 03:29AM
jbomb9@laurat4424 yes!
Apr 23 05:17AM
laurat4424$35? Or would you take $30? Ill be purchasing them today if you can do $30. I absolutely LOVE these!
Apr 23 12:21PM
livelaughlily25What brand are these?
Apr 27 08:18PM
jbomb9@livelaughlily25 Tahari hon. Lists it on the right below the top line
Apr 27 08:25PM
jbomb9@laurat4424 hey girl sorry didn't see your comment til today. I will split the diff and change the price to $33 for you, when u are ready Lmk! 😊
Apr 27 08:53PM
livelaughlily25Could you take pictures of yourself in the boots? Id be easier to see how they look.
Apr 28 07:30PM
jbomb9@megsbs yep thy are for sale hon looks like u found the main listing. The other one just shows additional pics! ☺️
Apr 29 05:07PM
megsbs@jbomb9 Yes I saw original listing! What is the wear like now?
Apr 29 06:50PM
jbomb9@megsbs fine! Still the same. We're too tight on my feet is all. But I love them 😞
Apr 29 07:07PM
megsbs@jbomb9 Gotcha. Ok well I will purchase if you can relist for same price you bought them at Let me know 😊
Apr 29 08:38PM
megsbs@jbomb9 Actually just realized you raised price prob bc you paid the shipping so I will do for $30 and buy now if you can change the price. 😊
Apr 29 09:27PM
megsbs@jbomb9 Ok love you will see I went ahead and purchased for your asking price as I didn't want to loose them. I was wondering if either when you see this message if we could either cxl this order and make it for less $? OR if You could possibly throw something in for 'free' since I did pay the full asking. I thought the mint and pink owl top was cute. Let me know. Thanks!! 😊
Apr 29 09:48PM
jbomb9@megsbs hey there thanks for shopping my closet! The lowest I was wanting to go on the boots is $33. That's $5 off asking price to make shipping free. I went up a little bc of shipping yes and cleaned the boots really well. So I will throw in some thing worth $5 for you of that's ok. The Henley top is 13 and I'm not willing to let it go for that much less bc it's free people brand and was pretty expensive. 😁 Lmk
Apr 30 05:43AM
megsbs@jbomb9 That stinks, didn't see anything else. 😞 Thanks anyways just send boots than. Thanks
Apr 30 09:04AM
jbomb9@megsbs sorry girl ok I'll throw in a lil surprise for ya. ❤️ I'll ship tonight 😊
Apr 30 09:18AM
megsbs@jbomb9 Ok sounds good, thanks love! Btw- I had no idea the shirt I like was Free People- it's not labeled love, you should label it and higher the price, it's worth more if it's FP. 😘
Apr 30 09:31AM
jbomb9@megsbs hey sweets sorry for delay in shipping!!! They went out today 😎
May 05 11:05AM
megsbs@jbomb9 Thanks for the update! Can't wait to get them :))
May 05 02:12PM
megsbs@jbomb9 Just got these in- they're great! Thanks again! :))
May 07 05:56PM
jbomb9@megsbs Yay! Cool babe so glad you love em! Happy Poshing!
May 07 07:13PM

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