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Leopard print ankle strap heels

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    Leopard print ankle strap heelsNWT

    Leopard print ankle strap heels. 3.5" heel. Available in sizes: 6, 7, 7.5, 8.5. Please comment on size needed and I can make you a personal listing. Discounts when bundling two or more items from my closet. OS9500001232
    Seller Discount: 15% off 2+ Bundle
    $5.95 Expedited Shipping on all orders
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    ashley195Please tell me u have a 9 or 9.5
    Mar 29 05:26PM
    scanon@ashley195 no 😔
    Mar 29 05:27PM
    ashley195Now I'm sad
    Mar 29 05:31PM
    caramia10012Size 6!!!
    Mar 30 05:21AM
    scanon@caramia10012 sure, I can make you a listing if you're ready? I also discount bundles if you see anything else you like 😊
    Mar 30 05:28AM
    caramia10012@scanon just these, size 6 please :)
    Mar 31 04:45PM
    Apr 03 06:00AM
    latesha00Do you have an 8 or 8.5
    Apr 05 04:33PM
    scanon@latesha00 hi. Yes I have both those sizes 😊
    Apr 05 04:49PM
    sgmt@scanon Would you say these run true to size?
    Apr 07 07:26PM
    scanon@sgmt yes
    Apr 07 07:28PM
    sgmt@scanon I'm debating on size...I normally wear 6.5 but I've purchased this particular style before and they were a bit big. 😕 Not the these run the same... Mind if I ask what size you're modeling and what size you wear?
    Apr 07 07:37PM
    scanon@sgmt I wear a 6.5 or 7, usually a 7. I'm modeling size 7 here
    Apr 07 07:41PM
    sgmt@scanon Ok, I'll take 6.5 would I be able to exchange if they don't fit?😬
    Apr 07 07:47PM
    scanon@sgmt yes, I do exchanges when shipped back within 10 days 👍
    Apr 07 07:54PM
    sgmt@scanon Got it! They're so darn cute! 😆 Ok, so far three items. Black harem pants, khaki knit leggings, and these shoes....I may add one more item, give me just a few😊
    Apr 07 07:57PM
    scanon@sgmt sounds good 😊
    Apr 07 07:58PM
    sstancuIs there a leopard print clutch available as well?
    Apr 13 12:29PM
    scanon@sstancu hi, I'm out of the leopard clutch
    Apr 13 12:33PM
    scanon@gia1210 here are the shoes, I have sizes 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8 or 8.5. I can bundle the 3 for $65
    Apr 13 01:49PM
    gia1210How do they usually run?
    Apr 13 02:22PM
    scanon@gia1210 they seem true to size
    Apr 13 02:26PM
    gia1210Im trying to find a necklace to go with the outfit. Any suggestions? And I am interested in another outfit.
    Apr 13 02:36PM
    gia1210What is the lowest you can go on the shoes?
    Apr 14 09:35PM
    gia1210Can you take $20?
    Apr 16 03:28PM
    scanon@gia1210 sorry, price is set unless bundled
    Apr 16 03:59PM
    nataliemoonIf you have an 8 or. 8:5 I want them.
    Apr 23 12:55PM
    scanon@nataliemoon hi, I have an 8.5. Would you like me to make you a listing?
    Apr 23 12:57PM
    sigdeveraHow much for me This hills 71/2 and the lace short
    Apr 24 11:20AM
    scanon@sigdevera I can do $50 like the other bundle price
    Apr 24 11:25AM
    sigdeveraReally my dear okay deal 😘👍💋
    Apr 24 11:26AM
    sigdeveraIs Include the purse right
    Apr 24 11:27AM
    scanon@sigdevera would be $65 with purse
    Apr 24 11:29AM
    scanon@sigdevera would be $65 with purse
    Apr 24 11:30AM
    sigdevera😣 ouch
    Apr 24 11:33AM
    sigdeveraLet me see how. Much can spend
    Apr 24 11:34AM
    scanon@sigdevera before discount added together they are $86, I usually only do 15% off bundles, that would be $73. Sorry trying to give you a great deal
    Apr 24 11:36AM
    sigdeveraGive me the pink pants this hills and the lace bottom
    Apr 24 11:48AM
    scanon@sigdevera sure, I can do $75 if you're ready 😊
    Apr 24 11:53AM
    sigdeveraCan you do 70 🙏🙏
    Apr 24 11:55AM
    sigdevera👆do you have sums top match with this hills
    Apr 24 12:00PM
    sigdeveraI am ready to purchase toddy let me know you had top can match within this hills
    Apr 24 12:06PM
    scanon@sigdevera $75 would be the best I can do for the 3. I have a black and white striped one like the one I'm wearing with this outfit, I'm about to add. These go with so much. Bright colored tops look great too.
    Apr 24 12:08PM
    sigdeveraTag me please the top
    Apr 24 12:09PM
    sigdeveraPlease show me please the top
    Apr 24 12:14PM
    baylyreneeDo you still have a 8 in these?
    Apr 24 06:37PM
    scanon@yara001 thank you for the purchase. What size did you need in these?
    Apr 24 06:39PM
    scanon@baylyrenee no, I'm out of 8
    Apr 24 08:04PM
    baylyreneeWhat about 8.5?
    Apr 24 08:12PM
    scanon@baylyrenee yes 👍
    Apr 24 08:27PM
    h0ni_bYou have these in a 7?
    Apr 29 06:59PM
    scanon@yara001 hi, can you comment which size you needed in these? I will need to cancel order if I don't hear back. Thank you
    Apr 29 07:00PM
    scanon@h0ni_b yes 😊
    Apr 29 07:00PM
    h0ni_bOkay just checking, I plan to purchase this week
    Apr 29 07:07PM
    elc26please let us know if you have 7?
    Jun 03 12:00PM
    scanon@elc26 yes, I do have a 7
    Jun 03 12:06PM

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