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L.A.M.B. Oxley Pumps

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L.A.M.B. Oxley Pumps

For sale or trade for smaller size. Worn twice, they still look brand new.
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mrsjones__Trade? 😍😍😍
Mar 27 04:01PM
miamarshallI don't see anything I can fit :/ @mrsjones__
Mar 28 02:44AM
Apr 11 11:19PM
miamarshallI don't see anything I could use right now, but thank youuu :) @kitten323
Apr 13 01:59PM
Apr 13 02:20PM
kitten323I have a pair of lamb heels that I just posted size 8 if your intreated :)
May 06 04:47PM
terliz99What color are these?
May 20 12:16PM
miamarshallBlack with gold buckles @terliz99
May 20 12:20PM
terliz99Is the price negotiable?
May 20 12:23PM
miamarshallYes it is! What are you thinking? @terliz99
May 20 12:24PM
terliz99Or how low would you go?:)
May 20 12:38PM
miamarshallHaha, I can do $180 @terliz99
May 20 12:43PM
terliz99@miamarshall hi I am sorry for the delay in getting back. If by the end of May the shoes are still available would you sell them at that $175 to me? :)
May 21 12:08PM
miamarshallthat should be fine @terliz99
May 22 04:23AM
odethvalenciaahave a rechargable case . lmk
Jul 21 04:38PM
Aug 01 10:02AM
fashion_chanelcan you take $90
Aug 01 04:06PM
miamarshallThey were over $200. Can you do $150? @fashion_chanel
Aug 03 07:37PM
fashion_chanelCan you trade or partial trade
Aug 03 08:53PM
miamarshallI don't see anything i would want to trade for at the moment but let me know if you list anything else @fashion_chanel
Aug 03 08:54PM
fashion_chanelI listed new items, please take a look for trade
Aug 11 05:25PM
yasminfleitas@miamarshall trade
Aug 11 07:21PM
miamarshallI don't see anything I need at the time. But thank you! @yasminfleitas
Aug 11 07:22PM
pfavyrThese are pretty sick!!
Aug 31 05:44PM
miamarshall@pfavyr interested?
Aug 31 06:09PM
Sep 02 08:41AM
pfavyr@miamarshall - these are so sick- honestly, I liked so I coo keep track if they went down a bit. I don't expect you too really, but I want to keep track! If I'm up against a wall, I might just snatch them up!!! Gorgeous.
Sep 02 08:42AM
miamarshall@pfavyr would you want to negotiate a price?
Sep 05 02:28PM
fashion_chanelI will take it for $90
Sep 09 08:34AM
miamarshallHi, still interested? @fashion_chanel
Sep 28 04:23PM
fashion_chanelYes I'm for $90
Sep 28 04:24PM
miamarshallWould you want me to change the pricing now?
Sep 28 04:25PM
miamarshall@fashion_chanel ^^^
Sep 28 04:25PM
Sep 28 04:25PM
miamarshall@fashion_chanel it's changed!
Sep 28 04:26PM
fashion_chanelIs it true size
Sep 28 04:30PM
anyasunshineHow tall is the heel
Sep 28 04:31PM
miamarshallYes, they fit true to size. Thanks for purchasing! I'll be shipping these sometime between tomorrow and Tuesday! :) @fashion_chanel
Sep 28 04:34PM
fashion_chanelI bought it , I still want to know if it is true in size, I wear 8 or 8 1/2. Do you think it is big. I know Lamb makes there shoes a little small.
Sep 28 04:34PM
miamarshallI found them to be a little big for me but I usually wear an 8. I just like a bit more space in my heels so I decided on the 9. @fashion_chanel
Sep 28 04:36PM
fashion_chanelOk thanks
Sep 28 04:45PM
miamarshallHi, can you mark that you've received this please? :) @fashion_chanel
Oct 07 02:20AM
nymooreHi @fashion_chanel just curious I'm an 8.5 did you find that these worked out for you?
Mar 03 07:28AM

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